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  1. I'd like to draw common attention to the following: Mercy. Shouldn't there be more restrictions, against which models it can be used? What can be a mercy for daemons or golems, for example? I can't see another SA than Berserker or Undead, that allows automatic Dis check, thus cancelling mercy. That would be more logic, although in this case mercy will be weakened. A cumbersome list of allowed models is hardly a solution, but may be something like SA Willpower, that wouldn't allow to take a model under control? That needs not to cost points. It's possible to create other means to subju
  2. Yes, with RC08 much changes. I'm also thinking of an possibility to invest in shooting, may be even to snipe down the queen, what is but impossible with magic. The intention was to use fluff-wise melee/cleric heavy army. That was devastating against Razig (Holy Light) and would also do good against Overlords, using of bursts of speed to get handy charge at the rear of phalanx. There was Gideon instead of Ian, latter was taken only against spawn, all that with changing of speed bursts for blessings/lights. Ian had familiar, in fact. This army proved almost helpless against flying units
  3. How to deal with darkspawn? Example 1500pts: queen + ice storms/fireballs/chain lightnings with fodder keradaan with pinners rauthuros + fireballs/counter spells guros + counter spells + imps Pretty tournament variant. I didn't however take only spawn into consideration, and made something like that Duke Gerard blessing, GMA,GMW Halbarad Blessing, Vigour, 2*Holy light, Holy Symbol Finari Hospitalier 4 Templar Knight 2 Templar Ironspine Sir Broderic GMA Ian 4*Counter spells Hospitalier 3 Templar Knight 2 Templar Ironspine Sir Brannor 2 Templar Unforgive
  4. According to definition (RC07) familiar can be given to any model. Does it give bonus to power of innate spells for a non-mage/cleric? In strict sense cannot because it gives +1 to CP, but ordinary model doesn't have one. What was the intention? Before RC07 there was a huge Warlord FAQ somewhere, may be on reapergames. Am I right that it hasn't still been put into conformity with RC07?
  5. What about 25% mercenaries rule (and still not loosing faction SA's)? Is it coming a bit closer to existence?
  6. What about making something with morale, as it barely visibly works now. Shaken for all-alone? No retreat within command radius? Check Dis to attack fearsome? Few spells making shaken? That's but all. Not much difference, do such things exist or not, they don't really affect anything. Especially with overall high Dis. It's quite possible to make mechanics more vivid and rich. 1. Drop overall discipline, cut command radius. The models will use leader's discipline, while he's alive. 2. Make more necessary tests. To charge not only fearsome, but also undead/uncorporeal, beast on a gian
  7. Somehow feeding barely affects the course of events. In a melee after initial round both sides have enough additional non-combat actions and enemy sucessfully loots own models to prevent feeding. Free of combat knight has to pay much time to walk around collecting corpses and will arrive to crucial place often too late. The question is in the price of feeding in points. Now knights are extremely effective for their price and provoke often much thinking from the opponent. On the other side, SA Healer for good melee model, like angel or gerard is less effective, because they have to ch
  8. As a primarily WHFB player I'd like to second those posts, which warn of making Warlord closer to WHFB. Unique flavour of Warlord concept makes it a really outstanding game, that should be preserved. Crusaders: 1. I'd like to second the idea of paladin concept. Whether that would be heroes/solos or adepts, doesn't really matter, but I see for this role something based on Templar knight with heavily increased MD (may be also DV and other stats) and may be innate blessing, healing or something like that. Powerful heavily protected melee warriors on a par with Crimson knights, because cru
  9. Ah, ok. In principle some announcement like "we are working on that" or we are "midway to release" etc. will do. But that's of no huge necessity, anyway.
  10. Thanks. AB3 confused me in its way to make outrider model solo.
  11. I feel I've missed something. Rogue is a hero, not a solo, right? AB3 confuses me...
  12. Sure that was said, but... 1. More cavalry models of any type, even for already existing steeds. Athough better on exotic mounts like big lizards, again big wolves, rhinos, boars, spiders. Especially elves, barbarians and undead. More centaurs with various weapons/shields etc. Reaper makes mounted models of wonderful proportionality, but they are few in comparison with innumerous foot variants. 2. War machines!!! Especially for Warlord. There can be an unimaginable number of various types for all the factions, with historical roots or not.
  13. Huge thanks! Time to try that in combat.
  14. Mostly I agree with you. Moandain has to cast only 3 things: 2xMinions at the start of the game and finish that with fireball, if enemy will set something too densely. Others work defensively, although no great need of counter spell. It's really impossible to rely on magic to kill things, but even a few archers can give enough 10s in the case of tough guys like giant, for example, to soften them a bit. I admit, that for Railor bolts are near useless. So the way is to multiply the number of models (minions) and take as much from the combat support bonuses as possible. Also the suppo
  15. Having already tried nasty rosters with vampires (I love feeding ability!!!), I have some thoughts about crypt legion sublist. What would you say about that: Moandain (11#, 730 Pts) 1 Moandain @ 269 Pts 1 Spell - Bolt @ [5] Pts 1 Spell - Bolt @ [5] Pts 1 Spell - Counterspell @ [10] Pts 1 Spell - Fireball @ [20] Pts 1 Spell - Summon Spectral Minions @ [30] Pts 1 Spell - Summon Spectral Minions @ [30] Pts 1 Sir Dauron, Deathknight @ 146 Pts 1 Lesser Magic Armor @ [15] Pts 3 Wraith Harvester @ 87 Pts 6 Zombie @ 228 Pts
  16. Ah, one more question... In the description of First Strike SA "activation" is mentioned, but whose one? Do we get this First strike only when charging or also when being charged?
  17. Let's assume we have a size 2 open hill with size 3 building upon it. 1. How many movement will take it from goblin beast rider to get to any floor of the building? 2" to get to the top of hill and +1" for each floor? 2. Does ridge-runner help here or building causes movement difficulties? 3. Does model flying above a ruined building (without roof) never receive bonus against shooting for obstructed LOS? We can't estimate in any way the height of flight, even if that is possible to fly in few millimeters above the last floor hiding behind the walls, right? Burrow 4. Is that p
  18. Ок.. Let's compare to Reaper's. For example Hound of Judgement? Reaper horses are bigger than GW and it's clear, that all above mentioned DHLs are somewhat between Crusader war dogs and a horse, right?
  19. If someone once held them in hands: 3021 2806 2897 2710 2776 2649 How are they in comparison to GW elf steeds/cold ones? I've got a pair of mad conversion ideas for new High Elf chariot. Might something else be recommended...? Thanks
  20. Thanks for the answers. I got used to place large orders at reaper online to minimize shipping cost per model and getting all the things at once. So it seems a bit more complex to order only a couple of trays somewhere. Alas, there is no store in Saint-Petersburg to deal with Reaper.
  21. I mean those from Accessoires in Online Store, especially that thick 4" one. What had happened to them? Will they be once again available?
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