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  1. Where did this Succubus warrior by the awesome Chaz Elliot come from? This is a great must buy. Why you guys kept this out of the previews or greens shocks me. You don't even have a link to the picture from the new releases on the Home page. Just curious I went to the store and typed it in the description. Normally I wouldn't have bothered. Glad I did though.
  2. Well then I am not getting this one. Sorry but I just don't like this dragon at all. I will have to look elsewhere for my Broodmaster. I expected more from Reaper, especially for a mini constantly being pushed back. Wasn't it supposed to be a Reptus warlord riding a big dragon? Oh well, save some money I guess...
  3. I just checked out the previews and saw this Brood Dragon. IS THIS THE FABLED REPTUS BROODMASTER MINI?
  4. Any chance someone at Reaper could post a preview pic of the Broodmaster green? Pretty please...
  5. The frost giant king is just plain awesome!! A must buy for me. Now all I need is that damn Reptus Broodmaster that I have been waiting for more than a year now to even see a glimpse of. The green was supposedly seen by someone already. Can't wait to see that one!
  6. OK, so Reapercon is over....Dare I ask, did anyone see the Reptus Broodmaster at the show? Can I get a description of some sort? Any news?
  7. You might get a peek of it at Reaper Con...I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'... RR ReaperCon just got very... very... sweet. I am not going to Reapercon unfortunately. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to post what they see, if anything.
  8. Once again I am asking for an update on my most anticipated model, the Reptus Broodmaster. Last I heard that it was releasing June/July. Is that still a possibility? When can we finally even get an idea of what it will look like?
  9. Kind of a strange topic, but Valentine's day is coming. My girlfriend likes my miniature painting, but showing off demons and warriors doesn't exactly "do it" for her. I want to paint something up for her as a gift to impress. Any suggestions, either Reaper minis or other line? Obviously no nudity or ravenous monsters, maybe an angel or unicorn. Please help, suggestions wanted.
  10. I have asked this before, but its been a while. Any info at all on when we are going to see the Reptus Broodmaster? Last time it was said to release by the end of 2009. My reptus warband has been eagerly anticipating his addition.
  11. The ghoul witch on cauldron is insane! Must buy!
  12. I love the Frost Giant Princess, hopefully she will fit well next to Manor's newly released Frost Giant. Still waiting on the Reptus Broodmaster though.....
  13. I guess I am the only one that thinks that this is stupid. An echidna warrior model?
  14. I absolutely love the Frost Giant! A must have! Still waiting for the Reptus Broodmaster.
  15. Sorry, but I have to say no thanks to all of these. I have been finding it harder and harder to find anything that catches my eye lately from Reaper. Still waiting for that "that's so awesome I have to have that" moment. **Reptus broodmaster**
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