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  1. The more I look at him the more I like him (and I've done plenty of looking). I love the sculpt and the paint job, although I do agree he'd look cooler with bigger wings.
  2. I like the snake comaprison as the assassin is posed much like a snake ready to strike. You did a good job painting up the little critter, also.
  3. Let's see. I've got a cd-crate for my paints, and a box for my unpainted minis, brushes, etc. I just set them up on a table (along with my Ott Lite) when I'm going to paint. Not much of a workspace, but it is tidy. Hey Mousekiller, you keep finding yourself in the middle of these birth conspiracy theories.
  4. Don't sweat it, you're definitely showing improvement, which is always a good thing.
  5. Right, and if she was holding the ale a little lower, you never would have noticed it. ...Which, by the way, she probably should be doing since it's foaming into her breasts.
  6. You're certainly on the right path to Master status. You did a great job on him!
  7. It's nice to see a different rendition than what you'd usually expect, it helps to open the mind to other alternatives. Doesn't hurt when you pull off a sweet paint job, either.
  8. Ahh, the classic male warrior masquerading as a female, stunt. Gender issues aside, the paint job looks great.
  9. OUCH!! I gotta say, she handles it with grace, though. Aside from that, very nice paint job.
  10. Nice, I love the stone and the wood looks great also.
  11. Lots of cool stuff. I especially like the darker version of Tox, the flames are awesome there.
  12. I like this guy. You've put out a bunch of cool stuff the past few days.
  13. Trophy Hog Seriously though, these are all great and seem very worthy. Congrats Flynn.
  14. Looked pretty good the first time around but the new version looks great.
  15. I love the Smiley guy in the back! Nice work...I don't think I could stare at her long enough to finish painting her.
  16. I've always liked this sculpt. I think it came out well, drybrushing and all!
  17. Man, the freehand on that cloak is incredible. As I believe I mentioned last time around, the rest of the mini looks great also.
  18. Nice job on all the fur and I love the colors you used.
  19. Awesome pics everyone, thanks for posting! Now I finally have some idea what Reaper land and the Con look like. Looks like everyone had a great time.
  20. Looks good, nice cloth work and coloring.
  21. Looks pretty good. I like how Judas' sword came out. Just a warning, it looks like Judas got some hairs stuck to his cape and sword. I have two dogs and get that all the time.
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