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  1. Beagle, not sure how customs is working over there, but here in Oz, it is based off the value of what is listed. Reaper earlier stated that the value would be listed at what we paid for things, not the retail costs...so might not get hammered very hard.
  2. Very cool. Congrats everyone on keeping up discussions about Reaper for 10 years!
  3. Hey Baphomet, I may take you up on that one......to an extent at least perhaps....anything you are looking for specifically?
  4. That may also have something to do with my Zen period..........
  5. I have been feeling very Zen the past few days. I am clearing out about 3/4 of my closet of shame due to rationalising what I will realistically actually be able to paint and play with. Took a good look last night and I had no idea the amount of stuff I had in there! Ebay/wargamerau here I come. Hopefully someone else will benefit from my shame.
  6. Wheee.....over the 200k mark...keep up the good work!
  7. I love the lil' death's current thought bubble, "What's DB Cooper doing in there?" Had to look that one up, but very cool reference.
  8. Why, oh why do you guys constantly tempt me with more goodies!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!
  9. Plan for the month (and yes I know this is pathetic), build my new marine biker army (all customised designs), paint the Knight Models Daredevil model. Modest, I know, but I don't have much time these days.
  10. As a 40k and fantasy player I have tended to collect bits and pieces of semi started armies and never gotten around to painting them all. I am going through a big clean out this weekend and hope to whittle down from the several thousand models sitting in storage boxes in my closet and get to a more reasonable number... My Shelf of Shame is more of a Closet of Shame that I keep closed and try not to think about....ever.....
  11. I tend to measure my painting backlog in kilograms rather than anything else. Once it reaches tonnage I think I might have to stop buying miniatures for a while....
  12. $40,000! Keep it up! I want to see what the rest of the stretch goals are!
  13. Hmm,..I like the sound of this standard substandard contract. Sign me up! And someone get me a bowl for those spare brown M&Ms.....
  14. Thanks mate. Got the request. Nearly at 10th level now I think..just a few quests more and I will be there.
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