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  1. Thinking on his studies, Tolan comments to no one in particular, "Someone wanted to keep people out of here, that's for sure." He moves into the next room, pondering the movement of the central pillar as Heleger shifts things around.
  2. Tolan takes a closer look at the dead cobra after he has caught his breath (Knowledge Arcane check - 12 +1 = 13), trying to recall if he has ever seen anything like this before or read about it in his father's library. Once he has finished studying it, he moves in behind those entering the darkened chamber, peering about with his enhanced vision.
  3. Tolan bends over, exhausted from unleashing so much power over so short a time. "What WAS that thing??!!" he asks the group.
  4. Did not get a whole lot done. Managed to paint a small Viridian force for Urban War (don't have pics yet though) and a decent sized FoW Russian Winter Campaign army.
  5. What march? March is gone man. Time to move on. Why have I not posted on here in 3 months?
  6. Very cool work mate. I think you stuck some pictures up a year ago when you did the first one. They look fantastic!
  7. Just like to add my welcome to this growing list! Great to have another member on the boards!
  8. Happy Birthday LCS! Hope you have a great one!
  9. Very cool work Froggy! I love these! I need my own horde of anklebots to help around the house!
  10. Very cool. I would love to have a bayonet at the end of my telescope. Does it come as a separate attachment or do I have to order a new telescope?
  11. Rd #3 Action: Tolan, encouraged by the effect that his last blast had on the cobra, unleashes another blast at the thing. (Attack roll: 10+2 = 12 if successful dmg - 4) Rd #4 Action: Getting more and more frustrated with the cobra, Tolan looses another blast of energy at it. (Attack roll: 12+2 = 14 if successful dmg - 1)
  12. Wow. That really sucks. Man....has wrecked my day now.
  13. 1. Disengaging is a special situation. The model is so scared of the critter it is trying to get away from that it just keeps runnin'! 2. All other situations, cohesion matters. 3. Nah, scare is good where it is...see above.
  14. There is definitely a market out there for bits. I know that I have gotten various bits boxes over the years for conversion and basing options more than anything else. It is tough when you need a specific shield or are looking for a corpse if you have to shell out to buy a whole regiment box just to get that one little bit you are looking for. They do tend to sell relatively well, but you can get some good deals if you are willing to hunt around.
  15. Feeling the painful bite (Save - 15 + 2 = 17), Tolan responds with another blast of eldritch energy at the creature (Attack roll: 20 + 2 = 22 (crit roll - 19), damage roll - 4 - yes I was shocked to see those dice rolls!!!!).
  16. Voladilk


    Medic ok? Has some relevance to my current line of study.
  17. Voladilk


    I would love to be a part of this. I don't happen to have the d20 modern rules though, so I dunno if that discounts me from playing. Let me know if I can play! I would love it!
  18. Wow Meg! That sucks. You have always been a voice of help and appreciation as far as I could tell. You will be missed on these boards for sure!
  19. No Worries mate. Attack roll - 18 +2 = 20 Damage - 5
  20. Tolan unleashes a blast of eldritch energy at the snake, hoping to do some damage to it. (OOC are you wanting us to roll for attacks and such or do you want to do it? I am happy either way)
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