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  1. Yeah used your code. Looks like you have a full fellows list at the moment though so I can't add you as one of mine.
  2. Hey mate.. Looks good so far. Player name Voladilk. cheers.
  3. I am on a week of night shift this week, so my sleeping has gotten all mucked about. Fortunately I have not gotten to your stage yet Dargrin, but I did have a heap of trouble speaking the other day. I kept forgetting important words like of, the, and, to, and things like that. A lot of sentences made absolutely zero sense! I have done one bad one a few years ago where I put my keys in the freezer instead of the frozen waffles. Took me ages to find the keys when I was trying to go to work!
  4. Hell Dorado minis are 28mm scale from memory. They would be appropriate size for tabletop D&D.
  5. Alas, for me stuck down on the bottom of the Earth in the early throes of winter where the Reaper convention-ness does not shine it's holy light upon us. For lo, we must gaze upon it's reflection on these, the holy boards of Reaper-ness and weep that we cannot partake in it's awesomeness. Hope everyone up there is enjoying the con. One day I will make it there!
  6. Add another 2 here! I want one of these, but living 10000 miles away it is too far to go!
  7. 14 is my favourite, then probably 13 and then 5, but they are all pretty neat.
  8. +1 to everyone's comments. That's how it is intended and how it can work. Also keep in mind what Sinden said..you don't HAVE to use the first strike if you don't want to.
  9. good to know for those of us on the other side of the world...lets us know when you guys swap so we can make more appropriate phone calls...hehe
  10. that's how I always thought it would work as well....
  11. mmmmmmm...bacon.....
  12. You did, but the act of threadnomancy prevented you from realising it before. I wish it was easier to swap my sleeping patterns around for night shift.
  13. Australia has a nice policy for repeat DUI offenders...firstly you lose your license for a while...then you lose it for longer...then you get a mandatory fitting of a breathalyser device that is linked to your engine. You have to blow 0.00 to even turn the car on, and then it makes you test randomly while you are driving or else it turns the car off.
  14. Nice work Froggy. Always a treat to see what you come up with!
  15. Because nobody told Kit about it yet. Did you tell Kit to add one in?
  16. What usually works for me is shooting my keyboard...perhaps I should stop though...too many keyboards with holes in them in the back yard....
  17. "I think Arwin has it right. We need to cover our backs." Tolan agrees.
  18. "Works for me," Tolan replies. "If he continues to be this careless, he should be easy to find. I can't wait to give him a piece of my mind. I HATE dark dank caves full of undead!"
  19. Tolan rubs his bleary eyes and drinks down a couple glasses of watered wine with breakfast. Getting his head straight he says, "Don't much matter to me what we do first. I am pretty easy." He then tucks into the simple fare as if he had never eaten before.
  20. Glad to hear you had a great day Cheryl! Hope the rest of it goes well too!
  21. Tolan watches the others head off to either bed or on other errands. He drowns the noise in his head with a few more pints before heading to his room to renew his incantations and get some sleep.
  22. Red Ted? Red Ted you ask? Isn't he sitting in the cask?
  23. Awwww...c'mon, nuthin wrong with the cabbies in Shadowshore....some of us grew up there! hehe
  24. Wow. I thought he was going to live forever...wow...that sucks....
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