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  1. Tolan listens to Kavik's story and passes him his backpack and bedroll in case they can help even out the load for the group. He has not seen any traffic past the shrine yet, things being quiet up top.
  2. I thought everyone did. I knew it.... Why doesn't anyone tell me anything?
  3. Tolan settles in for a bit of a rest and to keep an eye out for the group as they travel back for the chests. He finds a corner in which he is somewhat comfortable, but also able to keep an eye on the tunnel and the exits. (sorry about the lack of replies of late, but work has been nuts!!!)
  4. Tolan looks around at the group and then the tiny passage, "I don't want to go next, I hate small spaces. I will bring up the rear if you guys want."
  5. Nah, just the ones that people want to buy. When was the last time you asked a question in here?
  6. "Hmm, interesting love note there," says Tolan dryly. "I wonder what the Lotus is? Some sort of cult?"
  7. "Hmm... anyone bring a big hammer? I could try to blast it, but it might take a bit to do it." Tolan looks around at the others.
  8. "Well, we are already soaked and covered in gore and grime, what's one more smelly door to add into the mix," Tolan remarks with a smirk.
  9. Tolan turns at Heleger's spluttering, wondering whether the dwarf will sink or swim. "You ok?" he asks.
  10. Tolan follows Anny into the water..."and I already had a bath recently....don't need another one this week!" Swim 11 Swim 16 Balance 18
  11. Tolan looks to Heleger, "Lead on oh fearless leader" he says with a smirk.
  12. Recovering from the fight with the crabs, Tolan looks around at the others, his devil granted vision allowing him to see clearly. Nobody appears to be too hurt, not that he cares much, but having people around keeps him safer at least. He responds to Arwin's comment, "I suppose our only choice is those tunnels. I hope they are not too long....I don't much like the prospect of drowning right now."
  13. Not right at the moment. I just finished a night shift and need some sleep...but when I wake up I would love to be there! Or do I need to go work in the ED again tonight?
  14. I suppose we would. Would those tacos contain the guy's liver?
  15. I am still in for the long haul guys. If you run it at the con, Randy will have to run Tolan since I am 10000 miles away hehe.
  16. Happy birthday Randy! Hope you have fun!
  17. Perhaps. If you had we would know who was being blown up. Will we ever know now?
  18. Tolan watches as the crabs come out of the water and comments, "Sheesh, we can't go 5 minutes without something trying to kill us eh?" With that, he launches a blast of energy at the nearest crab. "Hmm maybe we can have roast crab meat for breakfast....or is it dinner time?" (init roll: 13+2=15)
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