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  1. Anything handy. Got something handy to blow up?
  2. Woo Hoo Kim! Welcome to the crowd of over 30s!
  3. Yay! hehe. Happy birthday mate!
  4. No thanks, they just keep trying to tell you the same stories over and over and how it was much better back before the war.... Am I too cynical?
  5. Tolan chuckles as well at Heleger's joke and says, "So, anything else in here with us?"
  6. With a satisfying sigh, Tolan blows on his fingers as if to blow ethereal smoke away from the tips. "Now that's more like it!" He looks around the room at the others and asks, "Anyone got any idea WHAT that thing was? Other than ugly?"
  7. Tolan grunts in frustration about the lack of room, but then shrugs and thinks, "At least if I can't get to it, it can't get to me!" He then instantly regrets thinking that, knowing that the odds are always stacked against him thanks to the curse of his birthright. Shrugging, he launches another blast at the creature, hoping to find an opening to exploit.
  8. Wow. That is a hard blow. I remember as a child on our way to church (back when I still went to church), we listened to the radio in the car. Shortly before getting to church (same time every week) we would hear Paul's commentary. I always enjoyed listening to "the rest of the story" I will miss hearing him.
  9. Happy birthday mate! Hope you have a fun day!
  10. Tolan swears as his blast hits the remains of the door, 'Blasted debris, get out of my way!" he shouts as he launches another blast at the creature.
  11. Nah, the party is just about to begin. Did you bring me a present?
  12. Tolan sees that Kavik's shots may or may not have hurt the creature and launches a blast of energy at it, hoping to harm the thing in some way.
  13. Just to let everyone know here. I live in Ballarat, Victoria, but so far the fires are not near us. There are some to the north, east and southeast from us, but still a fair ways off so we should be safe here as long as things don't get too out of hand. I feel for you Brushmaster. These fires are nasty. They are much bigger than the ones a couple years ago in the Grampians (that did affect some of my family - nobody died, but lots of property was lost). The cooler weather here this week should hopefully help the firefighters, but the wind is not helping at all. The land is very very dry and that is not helping either. It is good to know that even people 10,000 miles away know about what is going on down here and are thinking about everyone.
  14. With his devil's sight granting him darkvision as well, Tolan sees the figure, and as it raises its head he groans, "Not more undead...I hate undead." (Initiative - 11 + 2 = 13)
  15. Tolan yawns wide as he wakes up, his strange eyes taking in the room as it stands. He looks around and asks, "Any food left?"
  16. She will be in my thoughts as long as she is needing them!
  17. Tolan, recovering from the exertion of the battle (I don't think he took any hits, but that amount of channeling HAS to drain someone a little bit...hehe), listens to the conversation. He says nothing, but sits down and munches on some stale crackers he has in one of his pockets.
  18. Tolan shares around what's left of Vieta's equipment to those that need it most. We might need it more buddy, he thinks to himself. He then focuses on the conversation with the newcomer, wondering what possibly could happen next!
  19. Gasping from exertion, Tolan takes a moment to rest before examining Vieta's body for any signs of life, and anything useful to the group that might remain....
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