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  1. Hey guys, I will be here off and on for the next 3 weeks. My parents are flying in today from the US and I am taking them around a bit since they have never been to Australia. Randy, just run Tolan as you need him while I am gone. Will try to drop in as I can and post when I am here. Cheers guys!
  2. "Take that you foul gravespawned mistake!" Tolan cries as his blast hits home. Seeing the zombie turn towards him, Tolan backpedals a few steps and launches another blast at it, hoping to end its foul existence before it gets to him.
  3. Watching in horror as the zombie eats the rest of Vieta's face, Tolan cries out, "Eat this you shuffling pile of goo!" and launches another blast of energy at it.
  4. He's probably busy or something. I am sure he has not forgotten us! hehehe... Tolan's kinda getting soggy feet at the moment though....
  5. Thanks for all the posts guys. Gives me someplace to start looking and seeing what I can get. Will give a ring to toyworld tomorrow and see whether they have it. If not, I might see what I can find for the other options. If I crap out, I will get you to send me some Smithmeg.
  6. Awwwwwwwwww...soo ccuuuuuuuttttteeeeeee!!!
  7. I would mail order it, but since one of the chemicals in the Dull Cote was labeled as carcinogenic in Europe, to be able to get it here, I have to have a license to import toxic chemicals.....at the low low price of 700 bucks....not worth it. I might have to have a look at that mix of Jester's. Will have to see what we can get here that is similar to Future. Dunno if we can get it at all here.
  8. Hey guys, Due to several things, we cannot get Testor's Dull Cote here in Australia anymore. We also cannot get GW's purity seal here either. This leaves me in a predicament. I need a good matte varnish. I am happy to use a brush on one if I have to, but would prefer spray due to the large number of models I need to varnish. Anyone got any advice??
  9. Fruit....well it was bad when I was a kid...I wanted candy! Best treat you ever got while trick-or-treating?
  10. That's just plain wrong Froggy..... I LOVE IT!!!! Nice work mate!
  11. "Let go o' him you foul, rotten creature!" Tolan shouts as he unleashes another blast at the zombie that has just taken off part of Vieta's face.
  12. Hearing Vieta's cry, Tolan turns and unleashes a blast of energy at the zombie crouched over him.
  13. Nice work on this. I like the colour choices and the gradient on the dress. Very neatly done!
  14. Tolan continues to blast away at the nearest zombie, lending his aid as he can.
  15. (For round 2 and any rounds that happen in the next couple days as I will be away until Monday. If the combat finishes before I return, Tolan will go along with whatever the group plan is.) Tolan continues to blast away at the zombies as openings provide themselves. He seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit as he blasts parts of the zombies flesh away.
  16. Tolan moves beyond the corner so that he can get a better shot in and launches a blast at the nearest zombie that he can see easily.
  17. If the opportunity presents itself, Tolan launches a blast of eldritch energy at the nearest zombie. (go ahead and roll for me)
  18. Tolan, not wanting to get in the way, given the hallway is not overlarge, hangs back a bit, firing off a blast of eldritch energy if space permits. (Initiative - 11)
  19. Looking around the room and the passage, Tolan comments, "Well, given that the route we came in is closed to us, the only way forward would be through that door ahead. Looks a bit swollen though, so it might take a bit of effort to open."
  20. After Anny has her slip down the rope, Tolan is a bit wary of following after. With his devil granted vision, he manages to see the bottom of the shaft and slides down easily. (Climb check - 16)
  21. Tolan listens to what Shefton has to say and then, letting some sparks dance across his knuckles and a bright gleam in his eyes, says, "I am game. I would like to get to the bottom of what is going on here."
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