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  1. Quick little thing about Tolan: A dark, brooding young man, Tolan stands at 6’1” with sandy brown hair and a sallow complexion. His dark blue eyes seem to have a faint red tinge to them most of the time and he seems to be able to find his way in dark corridors more easily than most. Perhaps this is part of what he learned in the dark alleys of Shadowshore, or perhaps there is more to him than he lets on. His clothing is somewhat ragged, merely a faded, filth covered blue tunic and muddy brown pants. His boots are soft leather and make barely a sound as he moves about a room. At his waist is a small, light mace and a light crossbow hangs from his back, ready to be whipped out at a moment’s notice. If he seems a bit jumpy, it is more likely due to his life in Shadowshore than any paranoia he may feel. His eyes constantly dart about a room, while he never leaves his back open to anyone. When his ire is raised, a faint crackling can be heard around him and his right hand tends to drip sparks.
  2. Tolan watches the exchange quietly, enjoying the sensation of the magical release. I am getting too used to that feeling, he thinks to himself. "Well met, Anny. My name is Tolan Darkshadow." He turns to Vieta and says, "So matey, what have you found here? Let's see what he knows."
  3. Tolan looks at the man that pointed at him and replies, "She may not be innocent, but then who of us really is? I think that in any situation where the odds are not quite right, someone needs to come and even those...if for no other reason than it would be interesting to see how it turned out!" With that, he unleashes a ball of energy at the thug. (Init - 6+2 = 8) (attack - 15 + 2 = 17) (dmg - 5)
  4. No Obi Wan was a Jedi...Je-di.... Why are there no Himmicanes?
  5. Hearing the noise behind them, Tolan turns and sees the three men approaching the half-orc. Having had no luck at this point of finding their quarry, he is a bit distempered and spoiling for a bit of a fight. "Excuse me gentlemen, but this lady seems to be disinclined to acquiesce to your request that she relinquish her dagger."
  6. "You know this guy Vieta?"
  7. Here is one that is not mine, but done on one of the bases. ] When the dullcote dries on the models I just finished, I will post pics of them as well since they are on the bases.
  8. I use these bases all the time. Heck one of my 40k armies is entirely based on them. They are a high quality product and I have yet to have any issues with them. I usually either superglue directly to the base or do a pinhole to mount the model on. Heck, one of my models is actually mounted via a magnet that I inset into the base. They are quite simple to work with and the company is fantastic and always expanding their range of products (can you tell that I have talked to the owner a couple times). They are based in Adelaide, SA, Australia so shipping to the US might be a bit more than your usual shipping, but these guys prices are pretty good for what you get. I have always been satisfied with how models turn out with their product. Let me see if I can find a pic or two of stuff I did on their bases... And here's the one that I did the magnet thing with:
  9. "I agree. I could use a drink about now. Hopefully that friend of yours is still around, Yarrin," Tolan replies. (Spot check - 18)
  10. Tolan thinks for a moment and then says, "We could try Honest Branks. He is a moneylender in the area and if Vanthus was short on cash to buy a new boat he might know something about it. Otherwise we could head down to the docks and see if we could find this ship. The docks might be a bit easier, Branks usually requires a bit of lubrication to get his tongue to waggle."
  11. Happy birthday Vince. Hope it is a great one!
  12. Not particularly, but they are revolting. Have they always been revolting?
  13. Tolan scarfs down a few mouthfuls quickly and rises, downing a bit of watered wine before he says, "After you mate."
  14. Something irritating to the general populace. Why does populace look funny?
  15. "Not so much as a relative in that district, but I know my way around well enough," Tolan replies. He then adds quietly, "And there are a fair number of people that don't want to cross me."
  16. Interesting. Thanks for that post Joe. Makes more sense now.
  17. "Looks like I was right on the money. Ah well perhaps next time he will fare better," Tolan whispers to Heleger. He continues with breakfast, enjoying the meal. Between mouthfuls he asks, "So, what's the plan boss?"
  18. Second base. Hang on...are we really going to do this?
  19. From what I can remember it is due to a box quantity change. You actually end up paying more for the same amount as before, but it hurts less if you don't need 20 models. GW will never lower their prices or make it easier for us.....hehe.... Still..some of the new models are pretty nice.
  20. Coming along quite nicely mate. Will look really good when you finish it. The highlights are not too bad at this point. Just a bit of blending and it will fall into place.
  21. Watching Vieta approach the elf, Tolan leans over towards Heleger, "Two gold says she shoots him down." He grins. "Have you made a decision as to where we will go today?"
  22. That's what I was thinking Toad. I was expecting a few splotches here and there, but she still looks cool!
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