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  1. I agree with you Froggy on all counts. Not sure what happened there with your skintones. The rest is quite good though!
  2. Flashing the innkeeper's son a brief smile, Tolan says, "I would love some breakfast. Feels like I haven't eaten in days."
  3. Played a bit with it today. Looks kinda cool, but will take a LOT of getting used to. I think that overall the changes are good. Streamlined a lot of the things that made 4th ed so awkward.
  4. Tolan looks up from the table and says, "I had a bit of luck down in Shadowshore. That might be a good spot to start. The ship should not be too hard to find. That dwarf was a bit gruff, but it might be a decent lead. Either that or that girl you guys found out about might be a good place as well." He wipes the sweat off his brow. "You're the boss Heleger, I go where you go."
  5. No, he retired. The one that lives over on Park St. Know him?
  6. Having been the judge in the comp, I got to see this model up close and personal. It was far and away the best model on the table presented at GenConOz. In person the colour of the shirt and the skin don't seem to be that close. They are both pale, but the shirt did not disappear to my eyes. It might just be the photo, but I can agree a bit with you CBP. This model took the best in show prize as well for the comp. I will be posting up pics of the winners somewhere here in the next day or two once I get over the travel lag.
  7. Very cool work mate! And the mini's are great! They do their job and add to the vision of what the situation is. Most of the time my encounters are a squiggly blob here and a liney thing there....so you are at least a hundred steps up from my place!
  8. "Ah well, thus ends that line of thinking," Tolan thinks to himself. Tolan wanders down to the docks to see if he can find a ship that matches the description that the dwarf gave him of the one he sold to Penkus. If he can't find anything he makes his way back to the inn where they have been staying.
  9. "Mate, I am the kind of trouble you get by tossing coins around. One last question and I will leave you in peace. Know where I might find Penkus these days?" Tolan asks the dwarf.
  10. Hang on... I forgot what we were talking about. Now where did I leave that?
  11. Tolan takes in all the dwarf has said to him. As he turns to leave he says, "That would be all I need at the moment. Thanks for your time mate. If'n you hear of any work let me know." He tosses the dwarf a gold coin and starts to walk away. As he takes a few steps he stops and asks, "Just one more thing mate. Do you know what they named the boat and where it be docked?"
  12. Not sure what it is either, but it looks wicked mate!
  13. Only if you stop looking for it once you have found it. Are you an idiot if you keep looking?
  14. "If you'd be Panchi then you might be of some assistance to me matey," Tolan replies to the dwarf's brusque manner. "I am looking for some work and heard that an old acquaintance of mine might have bought a boat from you. Goes by the name Penkus. Ever heard of 'im?"
  15. It depends. Did you use soap whilst in the rain?
  16. Yes, but thankfully it is breakfast time and I can eat! What did you have for breakfast?
  17. "That's right! Daemon cursed I am! Run like you have never run before!" Tolan shouts at the thug's back as he runs away. He then continues on towards his previous destination, used to such events and no longer disturbed by them. He does pause briefly to search the dead man's pockets for anything useful or valuable. (search roll: 14)
  18. Wow. Does your city actually have a law as to how high the grass is allowed to be??? Or is it one of those neighbourhood things? That just sucks that someone wants to be that anal about something. I feel for you mate. I can totally understand how life can get in the way of the everyday tasks. Here's hoping you figure something out or you just send some of your extra rain to my house so I can mow my lawn instead....hehe
  19. "Well mates, I see you have had one too many pints today and that reason might not sink into those tiny little minds of yours," Tolan does little to hide his sneer at the two thugs. "I offered you assistance, but since a large sum of gold is not preferable to the few measly coins in my purse, we will have to do this the hard way." Tolan widens his eyes so the two fellows can see the deep red glow emanating from their depths. He then launches a blast of eldritch energy at the nearest one. "Say hello to the little curse that befouls my life!"
  20. I am planning on not attending any of the GenCons that are not in Australia this year. Does that count?
  21. Yeah I kinda figured something along those lines. Still looks cool the way it is though!
  22. I have a cold at the moment so I am not doing a whole lot. Although I AM playing indoor soccer tonight, which is my exercise for the day.
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