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  1. That's great! The bad part is it has given me a bunch of ideas. The model looks good and the blood has come out pretty well. Only thing I might change would be that it looks like the ripper has come into the body from the back and out the head....wouldn't it be covered in blood itself? I mean, like the whole body, not just the mouth....dunno how it would look though if you tried it.
  2. Personally after a long and drawn out association with EQ, I think all MMORPGs are overrated. And yes, I definitely need the money! Are you going to come to GenConOz 2008?
  3. Who says she has to be riding it at the moment? Maybe she is just sitting there in a heavy wind!
  4. Very nice! I want most/all of these!!!!
  5. Out of curiosity, where'd you get the bike??? I think this is a fantastic idea and will look great when finished!
  6. Nice work! He has come up quite well!
  7. Only thing I have managed to paint this month was a 40k Manticore that I built most of....
  8. I would suggest that in that scenario, yes the model would have to retreat. Not only has he seen the last of his friends get slaughtered, but someone has made him even more scared of the situation. I would have to double check the rules, but I would most likely play it as he would have to retreat.
  9. No, WoW would not make me nearly as much money. Do I really need the money though or is eating overrated?
  10. hehe nice idea FH. I am slowly working on getting down a bit. Just under 90kg at the moment, looking to be around the upper 70s to low 80s if possible.
  11. You are too busy playing WoW obviously. How much painting will I get done this week?
  12. Always. Why did I not get my Wannabe entry finished in time?
  13. As Tolan dodges their strikes he says, "If Penkus has some coin of his own mate, then why don't I distract him with talk of work while you guys sneak into his place and relieve him of some of his extra coin?"
  14. Probably. Think I will finish my Wannabe model in time?
  15. Tomorrow...always tomorrow. Why is May 13 special this year?
  16. Oh yeah! What Haldir said. That would be really sweet.
  17. Nice work on him. I like the reds and golds of Khorne very much and you have done a nice job here.
  18. Maybe that was an important day for pirates. Favourite day of the year?
  19. "Mate, I don't have very much at all. Hence why I was asking about work," Tolan tells the man. "How much would it take to prevent a confrontation here?" Tolan asks as he readies himself for a fight. (Initiative - 16)
  20. Wow. That's a lotta birthdays! Happy birthday everyone!
  21. Cracaw!!! Cracaww!!! Did that make as much sense to you as it did to me?
  22. As always mate, fantastic work! Love them all!!!
  23. "Well mate, I appreciate the tip. I could use a nice trip back out onto the briny again. Might just have to see if I can find them before they cast off. But that can wait a few minutes." Tolan slugs down the remainder of the beer he has and says, "Pour me another one. That was pretty good." He tosses the halfling another gold to cover the cost of the beer.
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