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  1. Perhaps. Why did you have to hit him with your glove though?
  2. I have heard nothing but good reports about this movie so far. I have also heard that you should stay until the end of the credits. I do not know what happens, but have been told to wait until the very end.
  3. Congratulations! Now what will you give us for electing you?
  4. Tolan eyes the bartender and says, "Really? I am looking for some work at the moment. Perhaps they might need my help with whatever is going on. Any idea where I can find them to offer my services?" He slips the bartender another half dozen gold coins as he asks.
  5. Yes! Go and try one right now! They are best eaten raw, although some prefer to poach them. How was it??
  6. Wow. Sounds like a pretty good bloke! I am sure that you have many great memories of time with him around with such a long service record to the gaming community. My thoughts and those of my family are with you mate. Let us know if you need anything at all.
  7. Tolan leans over to the bartender and says, "Me and a couple of my friends are wanting to know what kind of things are going on and perhaps a bit more if it is available." As he says this he slides 3 gold coins across the bar to the bartender. (Gather info check: 15 +2 (Cha) = 17) Tolan also tries to keep an eye on the fishermen's reactions to his conversation with the bartender without seeming to look at them.
  8. Back2base-ix is who I would recommend myself. They are an aussie company as well. Pretty good quality bases and a really affordable price.
  9. Out back working in the garden. Did not expect that one did ya???
  10. Tolan looks at the bartender and says, "Gimme a pint of that swill you call beer. It's been a hot day and I am looking for something wet to cool me down a bit." He tosses the bartender a gold coin to cover the beer and the insult and then turns to look over the patronage of the bar. "What's been going on here lately?" he asks the bartender, tossing him another coin.
  11. Perhaps CuCulain42 will, perhaps not. Does it really matter?
  12. Upon hearing Yarrin's comment, Tolan says, "I know a few people that would not like a whole group showing up at their doorstep. I can ask a few questions and see what I can learn."
  13. "I very rarely dealt in names, but those that I did know the names of are no longer hanging around. Occasionally 'accidents' occurred around them that removed them from the underbelly of this city."
  14. "I have had some contacts with the more unsavoury types of people in this city, more from necessity than preference, but I will do what I can to help find your brother," Tolan adds to the remarks of the others.
  15. Cleaning and painting up some mini's for my Imperial Guard army. Sound like fun?
  16. Having had many restless nights where even the smallest sound could mean death, Tolan almost jumps out of his skin when Lavinia breaks the glass bottle. As she is searching through the other alcoves, he wanders over and inspects what is left of the bottle, trying to figure out what it was and if it had anything in it. He turns a bit when she finds the chests full of treasure, but does not pay a great deal of attention, merely happy to have gotten the job done.
  17. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day!
  18. Upon hearing Vieta's comment about which way north is, Tolan comments, "Not sure about which way north is at the moment, I tend to get confused a bit when underground, but I do see where you are going with this Vieta. Sunrise would mean turn to the east and sunset would be turn to the west." He thinks for a moment and then says, "The Cyclops only has one eye, so that's our second point. The rest I am not as certain about, except I am pretty sure a basilisk only has 2 eyes."
  19. Nope. Not going due to the price of plane tickets internationally. Buy me a ticket so I can go?
  20. Depends upon the application. See that one coming?
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