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  1. looking good mate. always a pleasure to see the ones you do! the NMM looks good too!
  2. OK I must be missing something...how do you guys know about these new ones so fast? do you constantly check the datacards or what? man...I MUST be missing something.
  3. Same here guys. The halos are great when you are just starting out, but if you want to have everything organised nicely and be easy to access and make sure you know which models are in what troop and show players quite quickly then having a spreadsheet with all the details stuck on it helps heaps. I know how much trouble Tommy has with things that are complex (hehe) and he is not alone in that. I definitely find it much easier when I want to know the stats for a model to be able to just look down at one sheet and get all the information right there and not have to shuffle through cards to find the one I need.
  4. Thanks guys. i got it sorted out the way you mentioned shakandara.. thanks heaps!
  5. Hey guys, I just hit the reference library that was pinned (http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13963) and tried to hit Gus's website, but i keep getting time out errors. Is it just me or is the site down? either way, i can't get the pdf's that he has there for all the data cards. I was primarily wanting the complete set one. Can anyone link it or email it to me? Thanks guys, Voladilk
  6. Looks great mate. I definitely think that the rapier looks better than whatever was there before.
  7. darnit! now the squirrels have the guns! we need bigger guns. or anti-squirrel mines or something! what happened to our first strike policy??? darnit who was in charge?????
  8. very wicked sculpt and nice paint job on him mate! looks great! i would fear a smirking snrk in a dark alley any day!
  9. Sweet job froggy! love the work you have done on this one. looks great!
  10. Nice work Frosch. Very nice work!
  11. I agree. This just goes to show that a lot can be accomplished in a short time and still look fantastic. Nice work Froggy!
  12. Very nicely done Frosh! I share your pain with models. Having never done this one I will make sure to avoid it. You have done quite nicely with the basing and the painting. Looks great!
  13. I agree. Very well cone miniatures and as Qwyk said it, thanks for the comment there. I originally just thought it was dirt or something until I looked closer and saw how Anne did it. Absolutely amazing. Great to see the new pics.
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