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  1. lukash

    Muller Skeletons

    The skeletons in the previews are great. I especially like the guy with the scythe.
  2. lukash

    Dungeon Dwellers Returns in 2018

    I'm sort of a fanboy of the old Heritage Miniatures range of Dungeon Dwellers, so I'm very intrigued by these models. I hope there will be some multi-model sets, kobolds for example, in the future.
  3. lukash

    Ogre Guard 77456

    Great job. I love the skin color.
  4. lukash


    Good job. Are you going to install the transparent lens for the eye, or did you decide against it? I'm curious about how people will treat that piece.
  5. lukash

    Oathsworn Half Orc Cleric

    Female adventurer with appropriate clothing.
  6. lukash

    Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)

    Two cans of Doctor Pepper and staying up waaaaay too late will do funny things to your mind. Anyway, I would like to see a gnome or halfling assassin. Why do they always have to be "good." Perhaps a good picture for inspiration, if nothing else.
  7. lukash


    Hi- I've been working on some Reaper figures lately and posted pictures on my blog. I have a bunch of Jason Wiebe figures and dungeon dwellers coming up (once I finish remodelling my basement). http://miniaturesinthebasement.blogspot.com/ Thanks!
  8. lukash

    western rpgs

    I've only heard good things about it, from those who have played it. It's not really close to an RPG though.
  9. lukash


    It has Sprinkles! Excelsior! I just got the figure and I'm disappointed it wasn't a donut.
  10. lukash


    I like this figure a lot, but I can't quite make out what is going on with his hands. Is it the beginning of an energy projection beam? A donut? His two palms side by side? Just curious. Thanks
  11. lukash

    Crosswire, Super Villain

    I love Crosswire. Hopefully all the super figures will be to scale with each other. I also hope Tom Mason does more of them. I really think he nailed this guy. Great figure and I can't wait to buy it.
  12. lukash


    My guess is that it's a Sandra Garrity figure. It looks more like her work than Julie's, although the base is throwing me off a little. Some of the fur along the front shoulders screams "Garrrity" to me.
  13. lukash


    I was/am very disappointed with the changes the 2007 Rage Chronicles brought about, specifically the multi-wound profile chanage. We typically play larger battles, and the multipe wounds really confuse combat and slow down game play. I sold all of my Warlord elves a few weeks ago because I had lost interest in the game. All that being said, I very much like the new gnomes (or is that gnew gnomes?) and, if they get their own sub-list, may encourage me to get back into Warlord. I like that they are an odd mix of mid-nor dwarves and skaven, because I like those two armies very much. In any case, I'll be buying the models...
  14. I was hoping you would have accidentally caught a picture of what happened to my WFRP module. Dang it. It was a good time, but I think the rules are kind of screwed up right now. That multiple wound per guy thing has got to go. Bump up everyone's defense by 1 or 2 if you want guys to hang around longer, but this current system is shakey at best.