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  1. Yeah, when I look book at what I spent on acquiring my current Cadian army along with the Forgeworld Cadia Respirator upgrade packs, I could have gone for a Krieg army instead. But then, I guess the uniqueness of my own army would be lost.
  2. A train. Disguise it as a luxury service passenger train. That way you can easily explain to any pesky customs authorities why you have so many employees on board, why you're going to all sorts of random places throughout Europe and Asia, and you can easily hide the illegal goods amongst the ginormous amounts of baggage that the rich passengers bring onboard.
  3. I'm up, and if I have the time today, I'll stop by to say "hi," but in one hour I get my new apartment!
  4. Probably not by much. There just isn't as much demand for mounted models compared to models on foot.
  5. Distributors are meant to be the "one-stop-shop" for a FLGS. If you were to run a small store, do you want to spend time setting up accounts and placing orders separately with WotC, Reaper, Games Workshop, White Wolf, Chessex, etc., or would you rather set up one account with Alliance Games? Anyway, I'm just in a "wait-and-see" mode right now regarding 4th Edition.
  6. Nah, a better question is who moves more: the big chains you mentioned or the major distributors that the FLGSs buy from?
  7. Admittedly, it does hurt the store owners who have a lot of the rules-centric books like the "Complete" series, since those will be a harder sell under a new edition. Fluff-centric books like the campaign settings and such can still be sold (4th Edition will not invalidate much of my Ravenloft Gazetteers, for example). On the other hand, 4th Edition was going to happen eventually, anyway. There is no "best time" for such a thing.
  8. While you can get stuff cheaper on Ebay, you are relying on whether or not they're available at the time (and price) you want them. At least with Reaper's LE, it's available when you want it at a set price that, while not as cheap as some, is still a good value.
  9. Facts, eh? Ok, here is a fact for you. It's called the System Reference Document, which is far more than 60 pages, freely available, and contains not just the changed rules, but damn near ALL of the rules. Did you even click on any of the links I posted, much less read what is in them?
  10. If you're just complaining that WotC didn't make a nice, simple, easy-to-read booklet with all of the changes listed clearly in black-and-white for you, fine, I can understand that, but I see little substance in that argument given the existence of the SRD which contains nearly all of the rules anyway.
  11. Ironically, the original post could equally apply to the USA.
  12. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/er/20040125a http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dnd/20030718a http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/srd35
  13. When that x.5 edition renders all previously released book obsolete, yes, I consider that an edition of its own. If 3.5 had only added and errata'd the released 3.0 books, then I would have bought into the nomeclature. But they released 3 new "core" books and supplanted all the "splat" class and setting books as well. Pretty greedy, IMO. Anyway, just something to think about. ~v Tell me, exactly what in the 3.5 rulebooks invalidates the content of the 3.0 classbooks and setting books?
  14. Quick timeline: 2000 - 3.0 2003 - 3.5 2008 - 4.0 So, yeah, after eight years (or five, if you consider 3.5 a complete edition of its own - I don't) I have no problem with a new edition coming out.
  15. I might stop by to say "hi," but that's the day I get my new apartment.
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