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  1. It's an honorary title. The Writing Monkey doesn't visit Reaper-land very often.

  2. Man you should have been a politician with your self aggrandizing~ Long way from AoL chat rep days, good to see you on the boards, and on the right side of town!! My God your memory is good sir. But do you remember that $5 you owe me? Besides, who says I'm not a politician? I'm in the right town for it. --Robert, DC-area native
  3. What the boss FAILS TO MENTION (Hi Ed!) is that there were actually a fair number of things written in support of the Dark Heaven miniatures game - and many of them are available in back issues of Casketworks. Some of them even written by me. --Robert, shameless self-promoting Writer Monkey
  4. Er...right. We're not dead yet. We swears!!! --Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
  5. I should also note that the module generated a lot of new figures in and of itself. And for once, somebody other than Ron got to name things! --Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
  6. It's not the banana you should worry about from monkeys. (Not me in particular mind you) --Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
  7. We are honored by your kind words. If we weren't so busy working on the MASSIVE tome that is the World of Adon, you'd have said followup. We outlined yet, but never got the opportunity to write it. I think it was even lining up to be a trilogy.... --Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
  8. Let me FIRST say that I will not be in ANY way offended by hearing what people hated about the module. I've got a list on my own of things I would have liked to change/improve if we had the time and space to do so. But as for being too short - it was SUPPOSED to be a 24 pager. Damon and I just, erm, took the ball and ran like hell with it. ---Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
  9. There are some similar traits to the archetypical Drow (which are not like the Dark Elves of Adon - but that is a whole 'nother issue, and I'm not spilling it) - but not all. Skoli society, once a Skoli is fully accepted as an adult, involves very little backstabbing and conspiracy against one another. It is rare (though not unheard of) for a Skoli to machinate against a fellow Skoli to bring their downfall. They aren?t normally given to such chicanery; if two Skoli have a dispute, it will be settled through their complex series of duels; often simply until submission, but duels to the death
  10. I'd say "Harshly", but I don't think that's a good enough answer for you. Skoli children are treated in a somewhat paradoxical manner. On the one hand, they are viewed as the future of the race; which has long been on a decline since the fall of their empire. On the other, Skoli children are abused and subjected to a variety of trials that result in the early death of many of them. The purpose of theis is twofold. It prepares them for a live of constant challenge and struggle. And secondly, it weeds out those who cannot survive such a future. The young that cannot be made ready fo
  11. Live. --Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
  12. 1. I'm not spilling ALL of our secrets. 2. Okay, well, I will say that there are more Skoli gods out there. Whether they are on good terms with the Skoli is another matter. 3. Neither. 4. The Skoli value success over failure. The method(s) by which success is gained and failure averted is secondary, or even irrevelant to them. --Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
  13. Let's see if I can put all of these together. 1. Skoli intra-personal relationships obviously vary from Skoli to Skoli, but on the whole Skoli are only slightly more cordial to a fellow Skoli than members of other races. Skoli despise weakness; and they will cull a weak member of their race without pity. Respect is given to equals and superiors, until such time that they are no longer equals or superiors. 2. Gender plays no part in the respect given to a given Skoli. While female Skoli are not entirely equal to males, they are never considered any less dangerous. 3. Answ
  14. Ah, but I am an inveterate liar; as all writers must be. Nevertheless, being that it is the holidays, I am in a giving mood. Ask me whatever you wish; and perchance I might answer. But here's a hint: this writing monkey doesn't give out stats. So don't bother asking. --Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
  15. It was the Skoli who taught the Orcs of the Monglash Steppes how to ride (taming is indeed too strong a word) the Giant Scorpions; no mean feat, given their general disposition and opinion on creatures perching atop them. During the Skoli Empire, the orcs were occasionally used as shock troops - but were never afforded respect in the eyes of the Skoli. The Orcs never forgave the Skoli for their mistreatment, but were never in a position to do anything about it. Of course, anything I tell you, very well may be a lie... --Robert E. Allen III Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey
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