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  1. Hmmm... define 'play', exactly. I dont get to play 28mm very often these days, and was never a huge fan in the past. However, I do own the rules and if the prospect of a 28mm game ever came up, Defiance would be my ruleset of choice.... Does that count? :rolleyes:

  2. What I want is a game where models are one to one ratio but you can stat up any 6mm model to play... Something with infantry and gunships etc.


    In games design terms, you are actually looking for something that is incredibly hard to pull off. You are not alone, and there are a lot of people who want a game which uses infantry, vehicles, transports, fliers, mecha-walkers, dropships, etc.... and includes a points construction system. But, that would turn out to be either hugely complicated, with seperate design rules for each class of model on the table, or impossible to actually get accurate.


    Honestly, if FWC is not your thing (and as far as I am aware it uses the Warmaster rules engine, also used in Blitzkrieg Commander and Cold War Commander - officers roll to activate troops within their command range, and can keep activating until they fail a roll) then I would be tempted to drop the requirement to point cost build. These formulas are great, but most games playtest to produce points values. The other option is to take an established game that you like, create your own points construction rule for it, and only use units that have been created with your own construction rule system.


    The more popular 6mm games currently out there are Epic (Armageddon, 3rd edition, NetEpic), FWC, Command Horizon (detachment basing), Seeds of War (although I may be biased on this one), and Dirtside II. There are others, but these are the main ones.


    Alternatively, you could look at a 6mm WWII game and play it with science fiction minis.

  3. It looks like Firestorm will be faster play than both BFG and FT. It seems extremely close to Uncharted Seas (although I have to say that I dont own US) which means a move of between half and the full move stat, firing on D6 with a 4 or 5 means a hit, a 6 means two hits. Ships in the fire arc of the weapon get the full weapon dice, ships 'on the line' get half the dice rolled against them. Turning done by one of a couple of templates to determine the tightness of the turn, depending on the size of the ship. It is unclear if FA will have attack craft, although the US Dragon Ship used a similar mechanic so I guess that we will see it.


    BFG is probably closer to FA in rules than FT is, since FT is more complex than BFG. BFG has a similar movement system. FT has a pre-plotted movement system and six fire arcs instead of four.


    I have to say that my response to FA is the same as it was to US. Everyone said that the system was great, and fast play, although I like more detail in my rules, and none of the ships really grab me (the US ships still dont quite do it for me, but that is a personal taste issue).

  4. You'll have to email him for the Cold Navy stuff. He's been promising forever to get his website updated (and has yet to get it finished...) But the ships are available.


    Sgt Crunch...if you thought the old metal Mauridians were good, you're gonna be blown away by how much better the resin casts are (or at least the ones I received). There are more Deisho, Terrans, and Kharadorn than Mauridian..but all of them are good.


    Seconded! I am no stranger to space minis, but the quality of the resin casting in these is phenomenal! Extremely crisp..... I wil need to use my CN voucher very soon!

  5. Don't forget to check out Ravenstar Studios. Chris has finally released the Cold Navy miniatures in resin...and the ones that I have for the Mauridians are really really nice and comparably priced to other lines.


    He has? Can't find them on the site:



    I see BSG, I see Star Trek, I see something called Galactic Star Command. But I cannot find cold navy anywhere on there.


    He has not updated the site yet, but he did make some of the CN available for pre-order a while ago. I picked up a couple of ships myself.

  6. I picked up my copy from the post office this morning, and it is waiting at home for me to unwrap it! From looking at a store copy, it seems that the board pieces should fit, but will be thicker, but I will need to give this a go over the weekend - and I have a LOT of board piece from previous editions to get a big game set up! ::o:

  7. Salute 09 is on at the London Excel tomorrow. There will be lots of tabletop war games and a shed load of traders. If only Reaper could have a representative there - I wouldn't have to spend so much money on postage to the States.


    Is anyone else on this forum going?


    Oh yes! I will be there, demo-ing the new space fleet game from Dark Realm Miniatures - Hostile Stars. Feel free to say hi.

  8. I had exactly the same problem, and had to go through the exact same solution. I assume that this was due to an update of AVG as they have both been playing nice until a couple of days ago. Then, I update AVG, it deletes a load of ZomeAlarm stuff (which I assumed was from the virus vault) and then my web connect just stopped working. Took off ZA and reinstalled, and all is quiet again.

  9. It is true, they dont age well.


    Following the abomination that was Batman 2 - still rated as one of my worst five films ever seen! - any of the others are good. I do like the original Tim Burton version, it has the Gothic feel that I look for in the Dark Knight. Three and four are OK, but way too cartoony. I went back to watch Batman Begins recently. I didnt lke it first time I saw it, but re-watching I worked out why. Batmas Begins is a really good movie, but it is just not Batman after the other series. It doesnt fit with the other films.

  10. Doesn't WAB's Art of War cover the Warring States period?


    I believe that it does. But there are two problems. Firstly, I dont play WAB. Secondly, it suffers the standard problem of a generic rules set being used for Eastern specific games. :down:

  11. I don't know if this warrants it's own thread or not, but over at TMP and in other various places I see Rogue Trader being spoken of with reverence reserved for religious cult leaders. I didn't get into gaming until 40k was in 3rd Ed and no too long before 4th was released. What was so great about Rogue Trader? Is it purely nostalgia? Do the rules still stand on their own compared to more recent non-40k rulesets? Or is it another case of the "old guard" at TMP being resistant to change and professing that the original was the best and anything else was a grab at our wallets.


    Wow. I go away for a week and this thread explodes! ::D:


    I started with RT way back.... sigh.


    I think that part of the appeal of the initial rules is certainly nostalgia. However, partly this is also because the focus was different. There was a lot of randomness in the rules, rolling on tables for your weapons, etc and this lead to wildly unbalanced games, but a lot of fun.


    For me, however, there is more. RT was a good game because it was written as a skirmish rules set and played as a skirmish rules set. Later 40K rules are written as skirmish rules sets, but played on a much larger field, and the cracks are showing.

  12. I was disappointed that WAB has not yet released "Divine Wind," their army list for Japanese armies, and FOG doesn't have plans to cover Japan until 2009. Gunpowder is optional during this period, as it didn't appear widely until after 1560s, so you can still run plenty of foot soldiers & cavalry.


    Welcome to my own frustration! I have been increasingly cut off by the lack of SE Asian rules sets available. Divine Wind has been repeatedly pushed back, and is also a 'traditional' rules set applied to the theatre. Essentially, warfare in this SE Asian region was different from Western warfare, but any 'traditional' wargames rules will simply provide specific army lists for unchanged rules.


    Basically, there are now two rules sets which deal particularly with the Sengoku period:


    Killer Katanas 2 - This has long been the 'standard' feudal Japan rules set, and appears to include a lot of excellent background and information.


    Battles in the Ago of War (Peter Pig) - This is aimed at 15mm figures, mounted three to a base.


    I dont currently have these, but will be picking up BitAoW as soon as I can find the cash.


    The period is really calling out for an Eastern warfare set of rules, covering from Chinas Warring State period right through to Sengoku and Japans invasion of Korea.

  13. It is probably program and system files using all the space. It seems that you have looked in the obvious places. Also, is the drive partitioned?


    If he has Windows, Office and Java installed it is amazing how fast space gets eaten up by the regular updates that these three get, especially if it is an old PC.

  14. Sorry, I didnt see this earlier. I was at Salute this year for the full day, running demo/participation games of DRMs 6mm Seeds of War game, and answering questions. I have a couple of pictures of this here:




    UK conventions are much more trade focussed than those in the US (I hear). The main reason that people go is to pick up some new minis, chat with the makers and see the figures up close. There are demo games (obviously) but these are often promotional, run by the manufacturer. A couple of clubs put on games this year, which was nice to see.

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