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  1. If they do include Devastator, they simply HAVE to have Dinobots... and not the dumb 'me, Grimlock, no brains' versions, either. I still have my full set of Constructicons, and all the Dinobots! Big Transformers fan checking in here. In fact, some of my 'Worlds Smallest Transformers' are the same size as my CAV minis... :ph34r:


    Honestly, right now I just crave a serious movie with a lot less of the humour (Frenzy was basically just a Gremlin and the jokes simply didnt work) and a serious battle scenario - not a huge fight, but lots of characters hidden in society.


    I really dont see how an 80s remake would work. It is aimed at the wrong age group, and doesnt fit the feel of the first movie.

  2. This is an unofficial fan production. The actual plot, character list and anything else is still not released yet. However, there are rumours that Devastator will appear in the second.... yes please! :bday:


    Just a second... I will find a fan concept of this...




    This trailer is a result of another rumour that the second TF movie would actually be a live action remake of the 80's animated movie. I think that this is very unlikely.

  3. Get all the original ships from the NAC, ESU, NSL and FSE that you want. They're doing away with the original sculpts because the molds are wearing out. Only the new sculpts will be available before long.


    Yeah, but I really like a load of the new stuff that has come out recently. Shiney!

  4. It depends on the type of fleet that you play. Eldar fleets emphasise Escorts, and most fleets consist of a higher proportion of the smaller vessels. 1500 points gives a good game. In games with my Chaos fleet, I usually take mostly Cruisers/Grand Cruisers with a could of squadrons of Escorts.


    BFG is one of the only games where the 'intro scenario' with only two Cruisers on each side is still a great game for experienced players. We still play that one.

  5. BFG is a game that I actually know a little about...


    The rules for fighters (and, to a certain extent, torpedoes) was altered.


    First edition had the carrier vessels able to throw out almost unlimited numbers of fighters, until a double was rolled for the reload order check. When a fighter encountered a torpedo salvo, or another attack craft counter, or a bomber conducted a bomb run, the counter is removed. It is simply assumed that the wing returns to the barn for reloading and refueling.


    Second edition (or, more properly, version 1.5) changed this. Now, there can never be more attack craft wings/counters in play than the total launch capacity of the fleet. However, the same rules apply to 'recycling' wings/counters.


    The problem with attack craft is that they are inherently powerful. Restricting them to a one shot would have reduced them to a side show, while the initial rules turned the game into a later WWII naval game, where swarms of fighters circled and built up in protection until they stormed towards the enemy.


    Certain attack wing types, such as Thunderhawks and Eldar, remain in play on a 4+ rather than automatically returning to base ship, but otherwise behave in the same way.


    As for Space Fleet, the minis were really cool - particularly the Eldar models.


    The ship design formula is properly called the Smotherman Formula, and is available on Port Maw, here:



    It is an excellent tool, as long as it is treated as a guide, a place to start playtesting from.


    OK, now I feel duty bound to advertise my own site...


    Some battle reports are here:



    Every BFG player should certainly read Warp Rift:



    And new rules are here (including a complete index of every BFG printed GW magazine listing where to find the rules):



    Hope that this helps.

  6. The problem is that, historically, these type of weapons were a 'softening up' attack, launched before the main close combat. Therefore, they really would be used at very short ranges. It wasnt really until the long bow and other developments that actual distance missile fire became viable. This is made worse by a traditional 'I go you go' wargame, allowing a charge range to often be longer than a missile range, and not giving the target time to throw spears and retreat, which was a standard practice.

  7. Hi. Yes, the Terminators originally didnt have the Cyclone. In fact, initially, they only have the basic set (box of eight which was awsome and remains one of my favourite boxed sets of all time). The close combat variants were introduced later, then the Cyclone. The organic one that you mention is the metal one here. The box one reflected the redesigned Whirlwind of the time, and is the plastic variant.


    Your Cyclones do have the targetter arms - the left arm - this was really an effort by GW to stop power gamers arming them with three weapons! :upside:


    The reason for listing the rare ones in pairs is that you are likely to get a better price. Fewer people will want six of these in a single lot, and if they do they can bid on three lots. As an example, the other rare Terminator variant is here:




    I would guess that the rare Terminators alone will get you around 45 dollars in total!


    I am afraid that the psyker is actually the Librarian, not a Grey Knight.


    As someone who does almost all of his 40k fig buying off of eBay...


    And is attempting to keep the eBay Epic market alive single-handedly! ::D:


    The Sole Legends pages that you need are here (and this should be the miniature enthusiasts code book):










    All the best.

  8. Hi there. Most of this, you already know... but...


    The first picture that you have there are really early Terminators. There were two designs initially, and they are pretty rare. I agree that stripping them is the best idea. When listing them, you may want to set them in pairs, and put cross links in the item descriptions.


    Second picture are the first wide release of metal Terminators. These guys were around for years, from late 90's until only a couple of years ago. Now is a good time to sell these, since GW stopped its bits ordering and these guys are difficult to find. The rarest of this batch is actually the Inquisitor (cowl head one) and Cyclone (guy with a missile launcher on his back). Do the Cyclone guys have the targetter in their left hands? I cant make it out. For listing purposes, reading left to right, you have: Cyclone (black), Cyclone (black), Inquisitor (metal), Lightning Claws (metal), Terminator (Storm Bolter + ?, metal), Thunder Hammer (metal), Terminator (Power fist + ?, I think that the power fist is from a Marine. Is it plastic? Metal), Librarian (black), Terminator (Flamer + ?, I think, I cant make this guy out, black) and Lightning Claws (metal).


    You may want to split these up into 'standard' (one Cyclone and all 'standard' Terminators), 'close combat' (Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers) and individuals (one Cyclone, Inquisitor, Librarian - as a group, this would sell fairly high I think).


    Traditional Warhammer 40K is a 28mm scale game. Epic is a different game, in the same background, but at 6mm. Epic is a passion of mine! ::P:


    Space Hulk was a board game crossover in 28mm, focussing on Terminators against a alien race (Genestealers). It did indeed follow 40K, but was a huge leap forwards as it was the first game to include plastic minis in quantity. There were two editions of this game. (I have SO MANY copies of it. I collected it for the board sections.)


    Tyranid Attack came after Space Hulk. It was an attempt by GW to appeal to younger gamers. Tyranid Attack provided the link between Space Hulk and Advanced Space Crusade (another favourite of mine!).


    I hope that this helps. All the best.

  9. Hi. I agree that the conventional basing does seem a bit strange. In this case, you really have two options - either drop the scale, or switch to individual basing.


    Probably the most popular individually based ancients set is Warhammer Ancient Battles. This uses the Warhammer Fantasy rules engine. Alternatively, there is also Warrior 7th edition. This is a lot more complex and detailed, so it depends on what you are looking for. Unfortunately, many rules sets use the DBx element basing standards (one of my biggest problems with DBx's contribution to ancients gaming is this basing system!). However, even with individually basing at 28mm, most 'real battles' will require serious numbers of troops!


    Alternatively, what I do (initially with Vis Bellica but I will also carry this over to Field of Glory) is use a smaller scale. I use the 28mm basing sizes and measurements (FoG), but I put 6mm troops on them! This means that the usual base for four 28mm miniatures now has around 25 6mm troops, and form these up into battle groups and you have a much more impressive looking game.


    Good luck with it.

  10. I'm a bit bummed that Space Hulk may not be a FFG product, but I'd be thrilled if FFG could re-do Epic or Man O'war, two other awesome games. Perhaps some new figures, or at least a new run of 'Nids.


    I know, I know. Dream on. ^_^


    You and me, both. I cant see it at all, I am afraid. :down:

  11. I found the Fantasy range from this company last year. In general, the miniatures are excellent quality and well detailed. They are 'true' 28mm, and generally come in a huge number of parts, but still suffer from being limited in poses. For example, I have the really good Cursed Legion box (Imperial Roman Skeletons!) and lower legs are seperate but the upper legs are attached to the hips.


    Anyway, my experience is here:




    This thread also has links to various online stores and reviews of the products. I hope that this helps.

  12. Well, ok. Thanks. ::): I guess this is for those who know what your talking about since I'm still clueless. Story of my life.


    Go with whichever operation is in the Reaper, then yours best interest.


    I am not much more clued in, but... reapergames.com is a seperate site to this one. You register and can download various bits for Warlord and CAV. You can also upload pictures and battle reports and results. I guess that there has been work on the site, and this means resetting it - meaning that reports and scores would be lost (?).


    I assume that we wont need to re-register?

  13. I would even go as far as to say that you can only really learn to paint on your own. Developing a painting style is about what YOU think looks good (and opinions are very divided here) and how YOU achieve those results (since there are usually techniques that differ to achieve similar aims, and everyone has certain techniques that just dont or really do work for them).


    Getting inspiration from other miniatures is great, as is the discussion of techniques. It is great to chat about ways to do things, and to see what people have done, and this can be very important. However, I scan the web for this more than actually talking to people 'live'.

  14. Good post, J-P. Personally, I think that one of my biggest reasons is the 'shoehorning of scale'. There is a shift emphasis onto tanks and armour, which simply does not fit with the scale of the game. When armies of 1500 points attempt to have 'mechanised' and armour forces, things have just gone too far, and sacrifices and concessions have to be made which just spoils the game for me.


    Personally, I have a huge selection of 40K miniatures, and although I own the latest rules, I dont use them. I play the old Advanced Space Crusade as often as I can, and Defiance is my 28mm science fiction set of choice. That said, my regular opponent likes games more 'streamlined' and so we have also recently picked up 5150.


    For me, 5150 is not perfect, but it is a quick and elegant system. Models have a rank which dictates most tests, simply rolling under this rank for a variety of uses. This also makes creating your own stats fairly straightforward. While the game states at the beginning that there are 'not too many tables' this is clearly 'mis-informed'. There are LOADS! However, this reliance on tables does make things fairly easy to follow, and also allows alien races to behave differently. Got an alien species which has limited intelligence and likes to charge the enemy when confused? Create a specific reaction table for them.


    5150 also is aimed at skirmish level games. If anyone has questions about 5150 and/or Defiance, and their relation to 40K, I am happy to answer any.

  15. Maybe it's me being a pessimist here but I'm pretty sure GW's emphasis is far more on satisfying share holders than on it is on "the hobby". The second they decide they'll make more money by going prepainted they will. Right now GW is selling a lot of starter boxes that just end up half assembled and unplayed with in peoples basements. If they figure out that this is happening because 13 year olds generally don't have the commitment to build a painted 3000 point GW army, then the switch to prepaints looks pretty obvious. GW seems to have already upset a lot of their older fans, and thus have already to some degree (large degree if you ask me) sacrificed "the hobby" in favor of "the buck". The logical next step is to reach a wide audience with prepaints.


    I'm waiting to see what happens to Rackham with their switch to plastics (are they all prepaints now?). If Rackham actually succeed and eat into GWs market share then I'll expect GW to go prepainted. Privateer Press has already grabbed a huge amount of GWs market share among the older more mature hobbyists, atleast in Europe.


    ::P: The issue of GW satisfying the shareholders first is exactly why I dont think that we will see prepaints from them in the near future. GWs business model is built up on selling bulk. This means the paints, glue, modelling tools, over-priced basing materials, etc.


    I am one of those 'older fans' and absolutely agree that they have sacrificed the 'hobby' for the 'pound' (they are a UK company, what-what!). However, a larger audience is secondary to the profits. They have also proved time after time that they are notoriously bad at reacting to outside influence, or even listening to their customers.


    Priveteer have gained a market share with Warmachine first, not a pre-paint game. This shift is more due to GWs attitude to gamers than any real model or metal product.

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