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  1. I'm still waiting for the occassional rumors of GW prepaints. I've got way to many Space Marines/Tryanids/Orcs waiting for basecoat, much less a real paint job.


    When the jump on the PP wagon, I'll start edging back to them.


    Seriously unlikely. It comes up as a rumour a lot, but GW place too much emphasis on 'the hobby' to get rid of the assembly, conversion and painting aspects in one go. Besides, look at the current prepaint experiences - Rackham (shares frozen, sold assets, customer backlash), Mongoose (reversed decision on prepaint SST, BFEvo prepaints underimpressive) and Reaper (too new to comment).

  2. Hi. I am a fellow UK'er. I have tried a few methods.


    The single UK distributer on the Reaper web site is not recommended. They get occasional shipments, but didnt call me back. If you live close, then it might be worth it.


    The Orcs Nest also has an excellent store in London. Well worth a visit, although the Reaper stuff on the shelves is limited.


    The best selection that I have found for Reaper stuff in the UK is here:



    However, I have not used them.


    I have had stuff delivered directly from Reaper HQ to. I ordered just under 100 pounds of stuff, and shipping was just under 40 pound. Next order came in at about fifty pounds, and shipping was under 20. Generally, I find this pretty good. Shipping takes a couple of weeks.


    There are two things to be aware of when shipping direct:

    - import tax, this can hit hard and can cost the same as shipping. It seems fairly random whether you get charged, and smaller orderrs seem to escape more often.

    - shipping company surcharges, some shipping companies actually charge you extra when your stuff is delivered. I am not sure what this is for, and excuses range from 'we paid the import tax in advance' to 'additional paperwork'. Unfortunately, there is no real way to escape this, and it is usually around 10 pounds extra.


    All the best, and let me know if you need any further info.

  3. Yes. The two sides of this are - 'Tyranids are far too slow and would be static targets only', and 'Tyranids have space vessels and fluff about air combat occassionally'. I think that FW believe that the Bugs are too slow for this kind of game.


    I would not want Reaper to grow to GW size in any way. As a long time gamer, I have watched GW changed from a company run and worked at by people who care, to corporate suits who are only interested in pie-charts and graphs. I am very glad that Reaper has not joined these ranks.

  4. I'm pretty sure there is no "rule" that you HAVE to use the schemes presented in the Codex, etc. GW has always encouraged custom schemes and the like. Just have to be bog standard Marines though...


    Damon, who also notes the Eldar codex does the same...


    N, there are no rules against specific colours. Even the Necrons have colour variations. Hell, just look at the old Rainbow Warrior Marine chapter - use your imagination! :blink: Pretty much the only colours that are not 'Marine like'... is camo!


    That said, there are cannonical norms - no female Marines, etc. However, most players should be open to 'your own ideas'... right?

  5. Just to make this absolutely clear, I believe that there will be no new SG output until 'Specialist Games have been re-organised'. (Yeah, I know!) The party line is that there will be a restructuring, giving each SG game its own 'division'. However, even GW say that this will be at least a couple of years, and most of the people who actually know the company dont believe that it will ever happen.


    This does not apply to FW. However, they did pull production of a Tyranid Epic Harridan a while ago because there was no supporting range for it. Therefore, I suspect that they will at the least not produce anything that doesnt fit in with existing FW lines, or Aeronautica stuff.


    I will be attempting to finish off my EA Tau force as fast as I can. Generally, I am seriously unhappy about this development. :devil:

  6. The British are feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats and have raised their security level from "Miffed" to "Peeved". Soon, however, security levels may have to be raised again to "Irritated" or even "A Bit Cross". Londoners have not been "A Bit Cross" since the Blitz in 1940 when tea supplies all but ran out.


    In preparation for the increased security level, I have been practising my tutting and half-sighs! ::P:

  7. I think that there are not so many 'broken' Codexes, more force selections. So, for example, while the Tyranids are not unchallenging, the 'Nidzilla' list is very powerful, the 'Fish of Fury' Mech Tau list is also popular, etc.


    Chaos is the latest Codex out there, barely a few weeks old now. There looks to be a 'Daemon Codex' in the works, as there are pretty much no Daemons in the Chaos Marine Codex. Orks should have a new Codex shortly, and may even be the next one out.

  8. The Forgeworld tiny Ork Battlewagons are very detailed, but some of the casting is thin. Lots of parts, breathing while working on them is not recommended, and sneezing is right out. They'll work great for my Dark Realm force though.


    Epic Ork trukks? OK, so just how many exhaust pipes were you left with? I have never heard of a single pack of these things arriving without a single loss. But, it does make them more Orky.

  9. For 40K forums, the best place is probably Warseer... although you could try my Tactical Command boards as well.


    If you are painting up a squad, I would go for something like the Legion of the Damned (black with flames, lots of skulls), Deathwatch (black) or Grey Knight Marines (silver, specific models), or something along these lines. These squads are mercenary Chapters and a squad of these guys can be used in other Chapter Marine forces, or Inquisitor forces, and therefore would maximise the number of potential armies they would fit in, and potential buyers.

  10. I dont want to derail this topic, but I would like to add that I picked up Confrontation third edition and Dogs of War from Rackham, then found that they are changing the entire system - out go warbands - and going prepainted. Now, I have downloaded the cards and will use other minis... such as Reaper. I am not alone in this. Bad decision by Rackham.

  11. If you guys are doing the Epic/6mm thing, check out Tactical Command. Lots of good stuff over there.


    Thank you, Serg. ::D:


    There is a Saim Hann force list for Epic. Although it is currently grounded as the guy working on it got dis-illusioned (a real problem with Epic).


    There is also an AMTL/Titan force list, although this is suffering from the same problem.



    Of course... you could always consider the Tau in 6mm... :poke:

  12. I'd love to see his collection sometime!


    I know I tend to gush about minis I like, but I really, really love the DRM minis. I put in another even before I got the first, and I'm not at all dissapointed. Really crisp, clean, sculpts and casts. Lots of character, and compared to the current GW epic range, very inexpensive.


    DRM have a very strict quality control system... Doug simply scraps anything that he doesnt think comes up to scratch - which is a brave decision considering that he funds the entire process - and I have seen some of the rejects... I think he made the right decisions. If you like the current range then keep an eye out for the aliens coming soon.


    Some of Dougs stuff is on his old web site:


  13. DRM have a legacy rooted in GWs Epic. Doug is possibly the biggest Epic collector that I have ever seen. He has a load of Epic stuff that appeared in GW, display paints for box art, staff armies, etc. In adition, his painter, Paul, is another Epic long term player. Because of this, five to a base is 'normal'. The Hubries are two to a base. The packs are initially set up at eight units (40 infantry) to a pack in general. However, pop over to the DRM site and check out the force org charts. You may find it better to adjust the number of infantry to a base to make the number of bases correct for the force organisation.

  14. To be honest price isn't something that I look at when buying a Reaper fig. Now let me qualify that statement.


    When I buy a fig I'm buying something for a specific need. I'm pleased when the cost is lower but paying fifty cents more than I paid last time isn't going to make me put it back.


    I don't buy the large box sets or the dragons. I don't even buy the larger blisters because I don't like painting the large figures. So I can't say whether a few dollars more would impact me since I skip over them as a matter of course.


    Since this is my hobby spending more money on figs means spending less money on something else. There's only so much play money in the pool. Instead of buying four figs I might have to settle for three. Or no figs while I get new paints. But I don't see a line where I would say "I can't buy these any more - they're too expensive" based on current pricing.


    This pretty much sums it up for me. The price rises of miniatures is not something that I look forwards to, but it is a part of living that stuff costs more.


    In general, if prices go up then I will spend the same and get less. The price of miniatures is much more likely to stop me getting into a game, than it is to stop buying for a game that I have already bought into.


    However, there does a come a point where miniatures dont represent value. This does not necessary relate to the cost of the item, but whether I think I am getting conned by the company. For example, GW raise the cost of their plastics each year, to the point where I a single 40K Crisis suit is very expensive. Now, the cost is not so much the issue - if I want the model then I pay the cost. What I do object to is the fact that this price bears little resemblance in my mind to any notion of 'fair price'.

  15. Let me see if I can pass on some info...


    Command Horizon


    Peter has a number of 'city modules'. The first has been released, the second is due very shortly. I hear that there will be about four of these in total, and they are legged. I saw the first one earlier this year, and they are a serious lump of metal! These things are around the size of a 40K Land Speeder, if that helps (and if my fading memory still functions).




    The Andys are a nice set of minis, especially the mega walkers and walker tanks. I have a fair number of these guys and was involved in the play/demo earlier this year at a con. The idea of SHT (super heavy tanks) is something that is thrown around fairly regularly. I am sure that it is really just a matter of time before we see some. The Andys have their mega walkers, and the Pax and Krayt will need something to respond to them.


    There are actually two new races on the way from DRM - both alien. One uses 'standard' equipment and the other is biological. I have seen a few of the greens from both of these first hand and they have a very nice level of detail on them. There is a skimmer coming out soon that I am really looking forwards to.




    I also believe that Exodus Wars will be releasing a number of large assets soon, and have just released some very nice 6mm zombie minis.


    I hope that some of this was interesting/informative.

  16. Well, I do know that Serg has a few painted Andys done now!


    The 6mm scifi market is generally in a healthy state, compared to a couple of years ago.


    The other maker that you are thinking of are Exodus Wars. There are also the old favourites, GZG, etc. The Command Horizon line is actually and extension and resculpt (in some cases) of the Gladiator range, and some of the forthcoming Centaur minis look very cool - kind of antlike.


    Anyway, I can also say that DRM has some really nice alien vehicles and infantry arriving shortly. The infantry in particular are very detailed and give a good impression of nasty beasts, even in 6mm.


    I also have a fair few Battletech items. I have found them to be varied in quality and scale, but there are some excellent units if you pick them right.


    PS: Have you guys seen the new alien terrain from DRM?



  17. Serg, can you let me know what you think of 5150? I was pointed to it as a sci-fi warband set, along with Star Mogul, but I have heard mixed reviews and it seems a little simple.

  18. Agreed. To a certain extent, game companies are in a no win situation. A game cannot remain unchanging - the result of this is self limited sales which deteriorate to nothing. But, this rate of growth can get too fast, leaving players behind in terms of rules updates and nice minis to buy.


    Historic rules sets suffer a related problem, but this is more tied to tournament play. Historical games rise and fall in popularity over the tournament circuit, which filters down to the average player.


    The problem with GW is that their background and setup is monolithic. Epic is a good example. With the last edition, we got half way through Chaos before it all dies out. Now, with the next edition, we have had to start again, and that leads to a number of force which are again left behind in terms of models and associated material.


    Would people still be playing Rogue Trader, if GW had stuck with it for 20 years?

  19. You may also want to wait until later this year, when Confrontation 4 hits us. Larger battles (combination of new edition of Confrontation with Ragnarok in a single rule set) and AT43 style prepaints if you are that way inclined.


    Me, I think that it is a really bad development, but I like Confrontation skirmish and nice metal minis to paint.


    Also, Armies of Arcana has constantly growing support - good mechanics, taking the best elements of WHFB, and a total creature design rules set.

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