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  1. OK, got to get a reply in here before the 'press office' turns up. I think that Defiance does need to be read with a few minis and a couple of dice in front of you. I am the only person with the rule book that I know, so I didnt have any-one to teach me. However, there are a lot of examples in the book, and setting these up and rolling a few dice really helped me to understand the system. Also, it is best to ignore any force creation rules to start with. Download a basic list from the main site and use these stats to get a handle on the game.
  2. I am not paid by MJ12 in any way... and I have to add my vote for Defiance. It is a fascinating game, and is now my 28mm SciFi set of choice. The rules take more than one reading to get straight, but they also have all kinds of hooks that get you thinking, like more than just pointing a gun and pulling a trigger, you have different ways of firing. Defiance is the game that most rewards thoughtful play and design.
  3. I have full thrust, and it is an excellent game. The miniatures are some of the best starship models out there. The rules are geared more to actual fleet actions than most others, and movement really doesnt need to be thought about a lot. Most players spend the first couple of games powering forward and going right past their enemies and then having to come about and try again!
  4. I am not sure that Defiance is a great introduction into tabletop wargaming. Is it a bit more advanced for beginners. Something like Void or Infinity may be better starting points. If you are a BFG player, allow me to advertise that a new issue of Warp Rift is due shortly: Warp Rift Also, a lack of Tyranid models in Epic is not holding some people back. Tactical Command
  5. I have thrown some ideas around in my own head, but there are a number of potential difficulties: - Activation: AI units would need to be squadroned to ensure that they dont throw Epics activation system. - Points cost: Neither set of points costs could be used. In AI, a Thunderbolt costs 14 points. which is less than 1/3 of a Hydra in Epic. In Epic, the points cost of the aircraft would not represent their use in the game under the new rules. - Ground attack: Totally different mechanics complicate things. AI has the number of dice indicating shot power, Epic has the target roll indicating this. I do think that it is possible, but the amount of work involved for a system that will never totally integrate well makes it a better investment to simply improve the existing Epic flier rules.
  6. There was an ATIII article in a semi-recent Online Mag, but this only covered Titan V Titan battles without integrating it into the core Epic mechanics, and only covers Imperial (I think). There is nothing wrong with AI. I like the system for a quick game, but it also doesnt integrate with Epic. I would like some more detailed rules for fliers in Epic.
  7. The Epic version on the Sg site is Epic Armageddon (fourth edition, by conventional counting). The rules contain the force lists for IG, Marines and Orks. Swordwind is also available from there, with Eldar, Feral Orks and IG Siegemasters. Other forces lists are currently work in progress (although Chaos is due shortly). Defiance, being a different universe, does not include Tyranids. That said, as has already been pointed out, the 'swarm alien' concept is fairly generic, and it does have the best force creation system that I have seen. I only use Defiance for 28mm.
  8. When it became clear that SG would not look at the more long term developments, my own forums and site became the hub for official Epic development (think Mil-Net for Epic, the Tactical Command board in my sig... now). Anyway, Epic Tyranid development continues and pretty much anyone with an opinion can join in. The Epic Tyranid development is here: http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/fo...cgi?act=SF;f=21 Version 7.3.1 of the list is pinned on the board. I am the guy in charge of putting together the Tau in Epic - hence my interest in them. (I hope that the Reaper guys dont mind this link. If this is a problem - and I can see how linking to another game could be - please feel free to delete the link and accept my apologies.)
  9. You wont hear any argument from me. The trouble is that the Titan 'treat them as big tanks' system was really only suppposed to be a filler until ATIII was released to provide much more detailed rules (along with the aircraft rules, which were supposed to be replaced with 'Air Wars', but I guess that AI will have to do for now), until the very predictable downsizing happened and we were left with what we now have.
  10. I have been dancing around 40K since day one. I played a few games of Rogue Trader before being distracted by Space Hulk for my 28mm fix. Then came Space Marine/Adeptus Titanicus and I never looked back. These days I own the 40K fourth edition, but dont really expect to actually lay a game with it! The rules just dont do it for me, particularly since I was introduced to Defiance through this very forum! The other 28mm game that I play is Advanced Space Crusade, but it seems that I am the only player in existance for this. That said, I do also own a heap of the codexes, since I like the background for my Epic games. I think that Armageddon is the best set of rules for Epic 6mm, and my favourite set of rules for 6mm across any genre. It is a shame that support is dropping again, but for those who made it through the dry spell at the end of Epic 40K, this is neither new nor a surprise. Development does continue. Tyranids are up to version 7.3.1 now, Tau are at 4.4.1 and discussion goes on. Epic has always been carried by the player community, and I dont see this changing. The miniatures are hit and miss for me. I love some (most of the FW Tau range, Orks) and can leave others (some of the Chaos stuff). Still, I am a miniature wargame junkie!
  11. You missed one: http://www.exoduswars.com/onlinestore.php
  12. You could use the 'standard' SG fliers for the game (or even 40K ones!). Some Eldar Epic metal fliers, and a couple of the 'smaller' Thunderbolts would give you a game... Although now I am thinking about what stats the CAV fliers would have...
  13. I currently have over 8500 points of Epic Tau... and looking for more (a second Manta is on the horizon!).
  14. Ummm. We have plastic IG and Eldar (in EA). What I want, is some of those FW Daemon Engine concepts realised in 6mm! The half effort made on EA Chaos is depressing, particularly for some of us 'core' fans of the game.
  15. I think that you have protect the players a little here, as well. I dont know for sure, but I would bet that the CAV designers went through a similar thought process - two UCORs per force, heavy on the restriction. But, this would mean radically restructuring the forces for most players. While I agree in principle with the 'only these units for this force' approach, since it allows a much more focussed laying out of special abilities and 'theme', there is danger of the players simply not using it because they want the pretty models. Also, you should be careful that being too heavy with 'theme' does not lead to certain forces becoming 'one trick ponies'. In general, I think that the current system does quite well in theming forces without restricting. I would like to see the abilities a little more focussed on the background for the force to differentiate them - for example the previous Ritterlich ability to take extra armour was interesting.
  16. That would be because the next FW book will be Chaos undivided.... followed by one for each of the four major powers. (I need more Epic Tau first!)
  17. Personally, I am beginning to build my forces up by section. I disregard points at this stage, and think about which units work well together and how they will play. Four CAVs is not too bads to pick up at one time. That doesnt mean that they will always be fielded in those exact groups, though.
  18. So, if I require a 10 to hit with a 'Blaster' weapon, and I roll a nine, which is an auto-critical, does this also convert the 'miss' into a hit? I would say 'no'.
  19. Thanks for your answers. By 'auto success' I meant actions which happen without any dice roll. There doesnt seem to be any indication of which actions require a dice roll (needing a 10+) and which dont require any roll to make them happen.
  20. Fair enough. A couple more questions... Which actions are auto success and which are 10+? Is this stated in the rules? For example, how do I actually complete a target lock action? Gunport - When do the infantry fire? Does it matter what action the transport takes? Can they fire once per action or once per turn? Can they fire mid move? Thanks.
  21. I cant seem to find the rules feedback thread anymore... Does that mean that we are close to launch??? Anyway, the Dropship SA allows transport of tanks and vehicles. Does this mean that Russian Doll transport is allowed - infantry inside transports dont take up transport space on the actual Dropship? I would suggest not... but wanted it clarified. Thanks.
  22. My point exactly. Anyway... Thread saved for future reference.
  23. You would think... wouldnt you? Just wait. This is exactly the kind of thing that seems to happen to me a ridiculous number of times. It is also just embarrasing.
  24. Look at the plus side - it is theoretically possible (which means that it will happen to me more than it really should!) to drop an AOE/3 blast on your own feet! You cant do that with an AOE/2.
  25. Kind of. I have the CAVs and was waiting for the new rules... so, yeah, I guess that I play Ritterlich.
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