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  1. Partially, I must admit that I agree with you. Still, there is nothing really new any more! ::P:


    The whole 'Romans in space' thing is not exactly my thing either. That said, while I have avoided the obvious inspired minis, I did get the standard human troops, and these are very nice.


    The range has clearly begun by being aimed at the disillusioned Epic fan base, and this will sustain it in the short term. My information implies that more races will be released, although not for a while, and I hope that these will broaden the scope of it all.


    I think that this stage is all about convincing people that the range is worth investing in, and that means getting people to take a look at the current set, and picking up some for inspection. The quality and detail are very good in both Exodus Wars and Dark Realm, and clearly the largest market to tap into at this time are the Epic players.


    Will this provide the only way forwards? No, I dont think so. Will the range survive only as a proxy set? No, I dont think that it will do this either. Are Epic players the most likely to be interested and are there enough to get them a good customer base on board? Yes, there probably is.






    Oh I totally understand that some people may want to use these in their Epic armies as subs for other races. That's not the point. I think they could've done the same thing, but been a bit more original in the sculpts and the background. But beyond that, I think a company basing its minis line on how applicable it can be used with that other game doesn't sound like a formula for success. How many people feel a compelling reason to invest in BTD fantasy ranges (well, besides me and the old Harlequin dwarfs, which happen to be better than GW's current dwarfs).


    Believe me, I'd really, really like to see a 6mm SF game come out, one that is not a legacy from that other game.

  2. I picked up a couple of packs of these guys recently. Clearly inspired by GW Epic, making really good substitutes for Imperial Guard and Squats. Generally, a nice new line, although I may be a bit biased. I hope that Exodus Wars, along with Dark Realm, will seriously expand the 6mm Sci Fi market.

  3. Sorry for the delay on this...


    Andrayada dropship:

    82mm long

    47mm at widest point (28mm wide fuselage)

    30mm tall to the top of the fins (22 to top of fuselage)


    Human Dropship:

    76mm long

    70mm at widest point (48mm fuselage)

    38mm tall to top of fins (24mm to fuselage top)


    Hope that this helps.


    There will apparently be more (the third race, the Kraytonians are due one, too).

  4. Hi. I dont actually have these (I am building playtest forces from the ground up, starting with infantry) but I have asked around and will get back as soon as I have the specs. Thanks.

  5. I am getting more and more of these things, and while I may be a little biased, I think that they are excellent quality. My only problem so far is that bases are not included with the infantry, but this is slowly being worked out. I have growing Kraytonian and Andrayada forces.


    6mm is my preferred scale (so CAV minis seem huge for me!) and they are very nice to paint up. For a size comparrison, check out the thread on the DRM forum here: http://darkrealmminiatures.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=210


    I have a few packs of these, and I know the guy running the show, so if you have any questions then please feel free to ask.



  6. What's so difficult about mixed saves? Majority rules all the time.


    It just struck me as unnecessarily complicated. To illustrate, the game is streamlined so that hits and saves are rolled as a unit, rather than allocating hits. So, this means that there is required an additional rule in order to deal with a number of cases such as mixed saves, mixed toughness values, characters with additional saves and other issues. All this to 'speed up the game'. Add to this the fact that I found this section of the rules badly written. :bday:


    There are many other things that I dont like - sticky grenades that you cant throw, fixed movement rates (again, then counteracted by special rules to account for special troops - just add a movement rate to the stat line like there used to be!), the gradual increased prominance of tanks and armour, and others.


    I want to like the game, since I have a lot invested in the background, but I just dont.

  7. DRM are founded by Doug, who is certainly one of the most devoted fans of Epic I have met. While there are some similarities in the ranges, and there is an influence, I think that DRM will stand alone and do rate well. There is also a game under initial development. Doug has set out to produce some quality 6mm miniatures, and I will pick up my first batch on Saturday.


    I am another who doesnt like 40K. I have the latest rule book, and many of the Codexes/Codii/whatever. I find that the game has tried so hard to simplify things to make things quick to play and accessible for all audiences, but that this just makes things more confusing when you get into it. For example, targetting a unit with mixed save throws. I have Rogue Trader and still love that game, and I have recently purchased Defiance. I still believe that Specialist Games are some of the best GW have produced ever.

  8. As long as it's true confession time, if there is ever good support for epic again, I'm in like flint.


    I apologise for hijacking this thread briefly. However, Epic is well fan supported. If you pop over to www.epic40k.co.uk and check out the EpiComms forums, you will find full support for the game - we are the Mil-Net of Epic. :B): Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that official support will ever return in full.


    I will be shifting the site and re-aligning its focus to make it a more general wargaming place, but Epic and BFG will always remain key sections. (The new site will even have a CAV section <- thin attempt to get Reaper mentioned!)



  9. The rumour that I heard was that this season two effort was spearheaded by a guy who wanted to purchase the lot... but that Joss knew very little about it and was not enthusiastic. I also doubt that the original cast would be involved. In general, even if this does happen, it simply wont be Firefly to me.

  10. I totally understand your confusion. Previously, Heroics and Ros came under the banner of Navwar (their ship combat minis). I quick search for this leads to: http://www.navwar.freeserve.co.uk/catalogue.htm


    Not many pictures there (but some: http://www.navwar.freeserve.co.uk/photos.htm), but there is an order form to download and fill out, and a list of what they actually produce... which is nice. Unfortunately, there are no pictures, so you will need to surf around a little to get some examples. I can only say that H&R represent a good quality to price ratio for me. I dont mind paying for something that is well made, and I like H&R WWII infantry. It may be worth speculatively ordering a couple of packs to check them out. I order direct from H&R for my stuff (but I dont have any pictures. Sorry).


    Scotia do a huge range of WWII stuff, a lot of equipment you can only find from Scotia. Quality is OK, better than Irregular, not as detailed as GHQ. I use them primarily for trucks and non-combat stuff.


    For rules, you really need to ask yourself what you are looking for in the game. Do you want smaller scale stuff, where you are counting the ammo of the units (Panzer Marsch) or are you interested in more abstraction? Are there any other games (fantasy, sci fi, etc) which are pitched at the right kind of level already?


    One advantage of WWII wargaming is that the minis are easily used for loads of different rules sets. Usually, if you buy a Sci Fi rule set, it means buying a load more minis to go with the established background and force lists, but a Tiger is a Tiger under any WWII rules set. So, getting into a whole new game is just a question of a new book (or two). This means that, once you have one WWII game ready, you can get into a whole new game (and level of scale) very cheaply.

  11. I have limited experience of WWII 6mm, but I have done some. Firstly, you should check out the 6mm_Miniatures Yahoo Group. Maksim runs this and there is a simply huge links database for both manufacturers and minis.


    I use Heroics and Ros infantry, with GHQ armour. Heroics and Ros (http://www.heroicsandros.co.uk/ - oohhh, they have updated their web site).


    The GHQ stuff is really nice, but they are very difficult to get hold of in Europe without ordering direct from the US. In the UK, there is a single distributer, and the impression is that they get a single bulk lot each year, and it runs out. GHQ also seem to have some shipping issues to distributers in Europe. That said, their stuff is some of the most detailed out there, and only C&C comes close. Their infantry, however, I am not so impressed with, as they are in very static poses. H&R infantry is good stuff, but I am informed that the new sculpts are far better than the older ones, and their infantry is great for the scale. Irregular, I am not impressed with. They are some of the cheapest, but I just dont like the quality of them.


    As for rules sets, I own Modern Spearhead, and Fistful of TOWs for modern stuff. My WWII game of choice is Mein Panzer. This is a reasonably detailed set of rules and it has a huge array of stats available. Their WWII suppliment covers 13 countries involved, and well over 1000 items of equipment. If you want more detailed, you could look at Panzer War, which is available to download for free. I also have Panzer Marsch, which lies somewhere in the middle of these two in terms of detail. Obviously, there are more abstract games, such as Command Decision (which I am waiting for the fourth edition which was supposed to be out this year but will probably be delayed), and Spearhead, which has a unique movement system to it.


    I hope that this helps a bit. All the best.

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