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  1. Add a nice deep purple wash to the green then highlight it out with a yellow. And a darker glaze on the bark would look great.
  2. Well we all have tio start some where and arent that good at the begining. I have been painting for 13 years and am now getting where i want to be. Dont get discouraged! Here are a few tips. * Thin your paint. when you think its thin enough thin it a little more. The more layers the smoother it will be. * Stay away from ennamels there hard to work with unless you know what you are doing. Invest in Vallejos, Reaper, or Citdel paints. * Get yourself a few nioce brushes size 1, 2, and a 0. I like the Rapheals they are a hard brush. Winsor Newton series 7 are nice and a bit softer but take alot of maitenece. * Learn color therory! The best way to learn this is purchase Bragons DVD it is excelent and well worth the $. The link to his site is http://www.kraken-editions.com/en/index.html for all intrested. Its like having Bragon in your workshop for 7 hours. Definitly money well spent. * Get a good dull coat i like to use Testors but I am going to try some new stuff a fellow painter recomended the name escapes me ill post the name and how i like it. * Get some good flock for basing, also look outside for small roots ,twigs, mulch use your imagination nture provides lots of good stuff for basing. http://necrotales.com/ has great tutorials on basing he shows how to make great plantlife. Hope this helps you and anyone else.
  3. Yall think they look good in pics seeing them in person they are spectacular. Congrats on stompin me by the way!! LOL I did alright my stuff was a bit rushed. Your open entry was my fave followed by your unit. Mine were the Boar Boyz they didnt touch yours though. Chicago is fierce competition for any one thionking about competeting there you best have your game face on.
  4. Looks sweet! Who makes the mini would love to do one up for a present for a friend?
  5. Looks good. The white cape could use a bit of shadow. Other than that it looks great.
  6. very nice indeed. What did you use for the ground cover it looks great.
  7. Bugs are soooo cool. I have some great bug pics ill have to post for you bug enthusists let me diggem up. Heres a site theats cool to look at http://buglands.moonfruit.com/ ya i know it's gw stuff but still cool as all get out. Make sure you watch the video to for a real freak out. (Not for the faint of heart or weak stomachs)
  8. Howdy everyone, I am here seeking advice and tips or colors used for painting muted colors and dark moods. Artists like Derek and Haley are both great examples and that is about all I know, that and start with a black undercoat. I searched here and cmon and a few other places but found nothing. Any help with greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.
  9. Bravo, amazing job on the lot of them. I like Alaine quite alot and I was wondering if it would be possible to get the recipe you used to achieve that awesome gold? It appears you used it on a few others from this latest batch and I find i to be very nicely done. Thanx in advance.
  10. I am in the process of painting my Warlord Elves and decided to go wtih a winter paint scheme (will be postin works in progress). I Am stumped as to what to paint for a freehand on the Warlords awesome cape, I could leave it the nice blue I got going but it just screams freehand me please? Any ideas please!!!
  11. I love the mini you did it great justice. Its cool bout no shirt i have a tendency to do it myself as well as no shoes, thats how my bro knows im gettin ready to do some hard core painting.
  12. Thanks for the comments, I live in northwestern PA and it snows here in mid october some time i was going with that look I love seeing snow on leave covered trees. Since this pic was posted i have added some fallen leaves and feild grass. Thorney will have snow on him as soon as I finish painting him,hes almost done. Ill post some more pics soon.
  13. Looks good. Howmuch u charge to paint your minis if you dont mind me askin?
  14. Thats one bad arse dragon. Looks real good love the colors the base works sooo well with the mini. Your colors contrast perfectly.
  15. Much imporvement, Keep workin at it. This is by far one of your best paint jobs yet. Keep up the good work .
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