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  1. has anyone bought the sasquatch (3029) yet? how tall is it?
  2. i was going to use those models for ulfwerener's in the new norse line up for PBBL, but i think now im going to use the beorg bearstruck werebears from warhammer dogs of war instead and use the werewolf as the wilhelm chaney star player. just seen this guy too- http://reapermini.com/gallery/album14/3029_G he would be ace as a snow troll, does it look big enough to be a big guy?
  3. hi, i play GWs blood bowl and i am looking for a beefy looking werewolf figure for the new norse ulfwerener position, can anyone tell me if this- 2747: Jean Paul Duchamps, Werewolf by Ben Siens will match blood bowl figures for scale? i dont mind if the werewolf is a little bit big cause its meant to look stronger than than the rest of the team (and stronger than their existing werewolf model)
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