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  1. Since it was my post that started all of this I'll throw in my 2 cents. 1. I am a firm believer that paint should never be required. 2. I do believe in rewarding those that do paint their army (to a level other than purple with pink splotches) because they are going beyond what is required to try and enhance the game experience. Whether this is points, some in game benefit, a bottle of paint, a free mini or an announcement at the end saying, best painted army was... All of that is debatable. 3. I think it greatly enhances the game experience when both armies are fully painted. Sure sometimes its easier to tell what proxies are if they are not painted. But then I'm also not a big fan of proxies that do not look at least similar to what you are bringing. 4. I've run fully proxied armies before, but part of running a proxied army is to ensure your opponent can easily understand what you have and how it runs. Failure to do that is also bad sportsmanship. 5. Did I still have a good time playing at RCon, absolutely. Would I play again knowing I'll probably face 3 bare metal armies, sure. Will I play with a bare metal army? Absolutely not. So that is where I stand on this. But actually if you noticed in the original post, it wasn't about me, it was about you, the guy with the unpainted army. I've always found a tournament with a 'painting gets you a benefit,' always gets me motivated to paint. My army faction is done, and it will be a couple years before I buy another and try to paint it. Its about getting you motivated to paint your army. ;) Oh, and a couple mistakes I noticed that I want to clarify. 1. GW does not require painted armies at all their events. 'Ard Boyz does not and that is the only major tourneys they are running in the US this year. Though their older GT's did require paint. 2. 90% of Indy GT's that run GW games do not require a painted army. But usually break down awards by: Painted, General and Sports. Then the best combined of the 3 wins overall. But a completely unpainted army still had equal chances to win Best General or Best Sport as a painted army does. There are more parts to the hobby besides just who moves their mini's the best and rolls the highest dice. That is just one part of the overall hobby. Though it is the most important, IMO. What was given out at RCon was a best general award, and really since it's not done with a swiss system, but is just 3 random opponents, luck has more to do the with who won than anything else. Unless they changed up how they did the pairings from what I was told it was going to be. I know my 2nd and 3rd round opponents didn't have nearly the points I did. 3. And finally painted armies do have an advantage already, since everyone knows a well painted unit will always kick butt on a non-painted equal strength unit. Have fun
  2. Boy, you guys can stretch things. I didn't say anything about requiring anyone to paint anything. I suggested a few points, even 5 or 10 for a fully painted army would go a long ways towards people actually painting them. When I faced my 3rd straight army of nothing but bright metal, it got old. Plus it is so much harder to tell what is what when your looking at a hunk of unpainted metal. And yea Richard you talk big, but I know you'd paint them. ;) I didn't say I wanted to see pretty models. But come on, 2 armies I faced were about 1/3 to 1/2 painted, and one was just straight metal out of the packets.
  3. Just wanted to thank you guys for running it. I had a fantastic time. Sorry I had to run off so fast when it was over. Great games, Good scenarios, Good times. About the only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the amount of bare metal on the table. If points were given for at least 3 colors you would see a lot more painted troops. And I always enjoy playing battles more when the armies are painted, even if they are painted poorly. Still had a great time. Oh yea, who won? Ben
  4. Are you guys doing a Warlord tournament up there this Sunday? I didn't see anything on the Asylum thread. Thought I might ask here. Edit: DOH!! Meant that to be May 2nd
  5. Then we didn't play it right. Card A (his) drawn and spied by me. Card B (mine) drawn and spied by him. No card C draw, he claimed we should go right back to card A and that was how it was described to him last Friday evening. I think you even looked over our shoulder and said yea, but I could be wrong.
  6. That is how I always thought it should be played. But Sunday at the tournament, game 1, I used spy on my opponents card, he played spy on my card that popped up, and he then claimed he should go next. I was a bit bewildered, but he said they had just talked about this last Friday and determined that was the way it should be played. I said cool and we moved on. So you might want to make sure everyone at the Asylum is on the same page with Spy.
  7. Gus, do you realize the next one falls on Easter Sunday? Any thoughts on moving that one to the 2nd Sunday?
  8. I took some, but they will be going in my magazine. My army list was: Ironraven w/Armour of Courage Saramonde the Chronicler 3 Templar Knights 3 Templar Ironspines 1 Hospitalier Sir Brannor Finari 3 Templar Knights 2 Templar Ironspines 1 Hospitalier Herne Light Lancer w/Armour of Courage Isarah, Cleric 3 Light Lancers w/musician 3 Ivy Crown Archers Hound of Judgement (summoned) Hound of Judgement (summoned) Luck Stone Played the Paladin Faction Game 1 played a Dwarf player with Huge Dwarf force, bunch of piercers, direbear, griffon. It was destroy the magic stones, and I managed a respectable 11-7 win, but we didn't really get into fighting each other as we barely got through 3 turns. I thought the Dwarf player would have done better to send the Griffon and direbear right into my lines to disrupt me getting stones since they were unable to get stones themselves with only 3 attacks. (DR3 stones) But he held them back looking for good charges, and I was able to just run from stone to stone and pop them with some lucky rolls. While he beat on them and got some unlucky results. If we finished out the game, it probably ends up 11-9, maybe 12-8. Game 2 vs a dark spawn player and he taught me all about Xeldorian and what Barrage can do for you. We only got through 3 turns again, but he was kicking my butt pretty good. I managed to only lose 6-3. But had we been able to play on through turn 5, he probably kills the 3 guys holding the last treasure pile and ended up with 15-16 points. My apologies for not being a faster player. Game 3 vs an Elf player and I pretty much walked right into his trap leaving my leaders exposed, having 3 Caerwyn's a turn shooting at your leaders pretty much sucked. I tried covering them up, but a lightning bolt and then 2 shooting at you isn't much better. Meanwhile Centaurs rampaged through my lines picking off healers. We finished because turns 3, 4 and 5 took about 10 mins for all 3 turns, since I had like 5 models and less than 200 points left on the board. The dice, turn cards and strategy all were in Darren's favor, and it became a rout 18-3, and helped Darren to 2nd place. Since this was game 7-9 for me and my first 3 games with this army, I'm happy with my 17 point finish. Not sure where that put me in the standing of 12. Could you post that Gus? Anyway, I had a great time, learned a lot, not sure if I need more offensive power, or just be more aggressive going after wizards in the back on turn 1 with the summoned hounds. If I do that, I think I do a lot better. Got a small prize for bringing a fully painted army, so can't beat that. Looking forward to the next one.
  9. Gus, had a great time today in the tournament. Feedback: The 20 stones, no problem with that scenario. It was a lot of fun. The 5 treasure piles, again, a good scenario that worked well. The hill scenario. Didn't care for this one. It encourages the big unkillable leader to pop up there. It's points also didn't match with the others. The other 2, there was 20 points max, but in this one, there was 30 points. But overall, loved all 3, and had a great time. Thanks and I'll try to make the next one.
  10. Sir Drake


    Is there going to be a Warlord tournament during Reapercon? I assume there is. How do I sign up for it? Do I need to do it ahead of time? etc... Just curious, and looking forward to it.
  11. Got to play a great game yesterday. Ran the following Reptus list: Troop 1 River Troll chief with armor of courage 5 River Trolls River Troll shaman Troop 2 Chai-Ut w/armor of courage 4 Reptus Warriors 3 Reptus Longstrikers Troop 3 6 Raptors (banded) Troop 4 Klahan Sniper Amulet of Luck It ran great and got a nice win over a Reven force.
  12. Ugghhh, once again my opponent had to bail on me. ugghhh. Hopefully this weekend. :angry:
  13. I haven't got to play in a while, so hopefully will get to throw down tomorrow. I usually play Crusaders, but wanted to give Necropolis a try. Just threw a list together to see how it will work. Troop 1: Judas, w/armor of courage Naomi w/phylactery Crimson Knights x4 Chattel x4 Troop 2: Elkar, Crypt Bat Crypt Bat x3 Troop 3: Zombie band x6 Troop 4: Sir Gadrun deathrider Deathriders x4 Luck stone 999 points I'll let you know how badly it plays out. On a wild hair was considering something like: Sir Gadrun + armor of courage + 5 Deathriders And take 4 units like that. 24 death riders all with rush attack coming to bring you some first strike love.
  14. Do we have a date set for ReaperCon next year. It is right at the top of my stuff to go to next year, and want to make sure I don't schedule something else that weekend.
  15. Ok new list I'm looking at for Crusaders after the Angel debacle of '09 Troop 1: Ironraven w/Armor of Courage Saramonde Templar Knights x3 Templar Ironspines x3 Hospitalier Troop 2: Sir Brannor Finari Templar Knights x3 Templar Ironspines x3 Hopsitalier Troop 3: Herne Light Lancer w/Armor of Courage Isarah, Cleric of Shadarzaddi IC Light Lancers x3 IC Archers x3 Musician Troop 4: Hound of Judgement Troop 5: Hound of Judgement Luck Stone 27 models: 1000 points even. Take the Discipline of Paladins. So I have 6 models that can summon my hounds. Once they are out, I have 6 tactician cards and the spy in reserve. the Light Lancers have the ability to charge, summon and attack anywhere on the board on turn 1 with the Clerics assistance. The archers are just there to try and weaken a model or take out any straggling injured models, or some wizard who leaves himself open. I originally did not have Saramonde but instead had a 3rd armor of courage on Brannor, and 2 war hounds in Brannors unit. But those are 28 points, and I think the tactician + spy is probably worth dropping those. But not 100% sure. I have all the models to build this and put it on the board at Reaper con, only have to proxy a couple. Using Broderick for Brannor, Saramonde is not the right model and using Justicars for 3 knight templars. I know Justicars are better, but I'm wondering if they are 20 points better for only one more DT and +1 MAV. Thoughts?
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