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  1. I have ordered once from them, didn't have any problems and they provide tracking information.
  2. You did pretty good on this one. Good work on the face, hair and shield detail. Keep at it. I had a hard time finding matte finish in Houston no less. So 85% of my painted minis blaze like the sun under any sort of lighting
  3. This UK site seems to have a fairly good selection. http://www.orcsnest.com/miniaturespage.asp?Maker= There's a couple more with a more limited selection. I can't find anyone offering the entire catalogue though. But browsing around online retailers located in the UK is probably your best bet. Some of them are overpriced though charging 9 pounds for a 3-4 US dollar figure.
  4. I see some improvement in this one. Do you have anyone to paint with? Painting with other people is a great way to pick up little tips and tricks and it's so much easier to learn by example with a hands on craft. Also Fieldarchy's advice is golden. What I do when I'm painting is I'll do my base colors first or 'blocking out' the miniature in the colors I want it. Then I set it down for a bit and when I return I look at all the little parts where the paint may have ran into another area or didn't go on smooth or bright enough and touch it up. it's only after I get the basic colors and everything blocked out and solid that I look at the miniature for highlighting. Whole process usually runs me 5-10 hours sometimes more. But comming to the miniature fresh after setting it down really helps you look at it with a critical eye and gives you time to rest. I'm no professional or anything but doing this has really helped me improve my painting over the years. I can actually highlight now. Just need to learn layering and blending, but they keep eluding me.
  5. Your paint job on this one just sold a ton of minis I bet. The face is awesome. Man now I'm going to have to try and learn NMM.
  6. I might paint a few but I'll probably leave the vast majority of them as they are. About half of them are already testors enamaled into oblivion by their previous owners.
  7. I "think" the one on the left is a Green Slime and the one on the Right is the Ochre Jelly. The one in the middle eludes me, a Roper maybe? Or maybe that one is the ochre jelly. Been a while since I referenced them.
  8. I thought some of you dudes might get a kick out of this. I have a rather large tupperware container that weighs about 35 pounds full of oldschool minis I have aquired from scavenging around my local game store during moves and such. Here I present some of the choicest bits of this marvelous collection. =P My all time favorite, the slimes. Real craftmanship here. you just don't see the same loving attention to detail anymore. The balrog wants a hug! I can't find out who manufactured this one. I suspect it's name and likeness was stricken from the records in shame. And this thing deserves a place in the hall of fame. Such character. I also have no idea where this one originates from. Seriously though I love collecting these older figures, even if the great majority of them look like melting crayons. The slimes really are my favorites too.
  9. Will you be selling unpainted plastics as well?
  10. I'm trying to find Ebonwraths wings in the boneyard and I can't locate them. I found 2 unlabeled sets of parts under the numbers 010022 and 010023 but I don't know which dragon they belong too. Anyone know offhand what part number her wings are?
  11. That is awesome. I keep picturing an evil cathedral done up like that. Man I need to get me some of those molds.
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