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  1. I play elves and for me this is their prime ability. Fast, cheap and efficient caster and archer removal. Cheap support bonuses is good too. Varashia and 5-6 of these is a cheap annoying and usually useful troop. They can also keep up with centaurs for cheap support.
  2. After further reading and discussion I have settled on Necropolis - 991 points Troop 1 Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars Sir Osric, Crimson Knight Naomi, Mistress of Wings Syphrilia, Succubus Chattel x 3 Crimson Knight x 5 Crypt Bat x 2 Book of Tactics Vampiric Weapon Musician Standard Phylactery luck stone Troop 2 Gargoyle The models will all be proxies to represent the seductive vampire concept.
  3. Hi, I am considering a very small vampire list based on different models I like. Would something like Troop 1 Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars (conversion off dragoth the defiler) Syphrilia, Succubus x 2 (freebooter mini's) Vampiric Weapon x 2 Crypt Bat x 3 (freebooter mini's) Troop 2 Elsabeth Briarkiss (freebooter mini) Crimson Knight x 3 (reaper seductress type vamps) Musician Standard Troop 3 Gargoyle x 4 (various reaper succubi painted stone grey) Be any good at all? Very few models but lots of vampire and all very hard hitting
  4. I have elves as my first army and still my favorite. I like the models, and in every game I have played, role playing or miniature, typically played the elf equivalent. I used the pre-painted mini's to create a reven list for something different and have ideas fr mercenaries that will probably never happen. Next is the Tembrithil elves.
  5. When playing elves I use archers as my primary offensive weapon. Vale Archers using focus+bless can bring the pain. The elf archer characters are my heavy hitters. My archers move alot to maintain range and keep hunting cats and death seekers to intercept melee troops trying to close. I use of vale swordsmen and swift attack counter attack or finish things.
  6. I don't know how you feel about Magic and Warlords but my choice at 750 would be like this: Troop 1 Larnach the Grey Lysette Caerwynn Magic Ranged Weapon Death Seeker x 2 Vale Long Thorn x 4 Luck Stone Troop 2 Raynor, Royal Blademaster Vale Swordsman x 2 Royal Blademaster x 2 Troop 3 Arnise, Deathseeker Death Seeker x 4 Armor of Courage Troop 4 Silvermaine, Unicorn Troop 1 is ranged and missle support as well as a potentially hard hitting mele unit. Longthorns on defense, Death seekers on attack. My favorite against something like Judas would be a round of Mirror's, focusing Caerwyns from behind the melee screen. Thats 4 RAV 6, 2 RAV 7 shots. When he engages Caerwyn focus shots and the mages mirror Death Seekers. The images charge with one or both of the real death seekers. the Images Martyr themselves, the real ones swift. Remaining longthorns support from reach.. Repeat until out of Death Seekers or Judas is dead. Also MD 15 is not that impressive if Larnatch and Lysette focus and cast Mind Blast/Ice Storm back with the luck stone to help out. One or both should hit. Planned right this troop can deliver 4 MAV 7, 6 MAV 5 attacks preceded by two RAV 7 attacks. Troop 2 and 3 screen and deal with any other melee threats. The unicorn waits to deliver coup de gra as needed. Mighty + first strike is good for removing tough hero's that have been wounded already. Against hordes the barrage spell on Caerwyn is nice too.
  7. Here is the first of Oddball's lists. Its a Stampede! Troop 1 Oddball (Boris Mingla) Theda, Priestess of Thezrael Mercenary Spearman x 3 Luck Stone Minotaur x 3 Street Thug x 6 Troop 2 Deckard Nightveil, Death Priest Olivia, Priestess of Shadarzaddi Darkthrall Cultist x 13 Troop 3 Reven hunting beast using Brass bull Troop 4 Reven hunting beast Brass bull
  8. With a ranged attack (using RAV) that has an AOE: do you have to target the template over a model? Do the models you don't see but that are in the AOE get cover? Does cover apply to AOE ranged attacks at all? Think Caerwyn with Barrage cast on her giving 3" AOE for ranged attavks firing at a formation below AAXAA EAAAE EEAEE If she targets X then it will at least hit, may be more but she does not have LOS to half the models hit. Does it matter?
  9. I played Merc's in Warlord 1 but my theme no longer works in Warlord 2 without a caster warlord. But I have found a new theme. I always have to have a storyline for my force. Using for my warlord model and Boris Mingla's data card I can now field: Oddball's Misfits No one is exactly sure where Oddball got his military training, some of his detractors claim he has none, or what his background really is. There are rumors he is the third son of a distant noble, is a small time con man that got lucky, that he worked a circus, was a court jester, smuggled beer into the norther nunneries or escaped from a sanitarium. The only thing anyone is sure of is that if you meet his troops on the battle field there is no tellng what they will be or what weirdness they will do. But somehow he still manages to win enough to continue raking in the contracts. He is the master of the strange and unusual tactic. Some of my oddball lists will be Who let the dogs out Goblin's Galore Toe jam Tuesday Axe me no questions Sand flies and camel farts Mummies home I will always use the option to ally in some weird troops and mae full use of my wide variety of miniatures for odd combinations of fun and mayhem.
  10. One thing you might consider against missle and fast lists is having Ian throw a wall of fire for t turn or two in front of your troops. He can throw it 12" forward and then you run up behind it. It blocks los as a level 1 wall. It also makes it a bit more painul to charge you with fast troops. I am very fond of this following troop Troop 1 Sir Malcom, Lightbringer Ian, Mage Apprentice Templar Knight x 3 Templar Unforgiven x 3 Templar Ironspine x 2
  11. Totally. Merlonc may have the coolest archers in the world, but since my typical Dwarf list likes to burrow, they won't shoot squat. Wild Bill Darned gophers. They need a good roto-tilling!
  12. Is it possible to buy bits at the Asylum?
  13. It looks like a good crusader list but beware of fast mobile and or shooty opponents. My normal elf lists would shoot this apart while staying out of range of the big bruisers. I use a lot more archery than most and elvish archery at that, RAV 5 and 7 shots ignoring deflect is cool. Like most crusader foot lists I have seen and tried you will take it in the shorts the first few turns as you close but if you can close then its all your game from there on. More war dogs would definitely help
  14. I also tend towards troops of archers for similar reasons to Stubbdog. I also tend to use archery as the main striking force of my elf lists. For Me Magic/Archery are the primary weapon with melee to support. Again its the shock and awe aspect. A concentrated volley of 3-4 archers and a couple of characters boosted by magic and magic weapons can devastate a small troop or severely damage most anything. My melee troops tend to stay back to deal with things going for the archers.
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