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  1. You cant stop me I'm filled with tinier men! the gnome battlecry
  2. I saw the Sasquatch model and for some reason it reminded me of a Final Fantasy Ifrit. So I thought I'd paint him up like that and it turned out pretty good. (Yeah, Ifrit usually has horns but I didn't have the stuff to sculpt horns on him...) Anyway, enjoy looking at him 'n' stuff. PS thanks all for the tips on doing bases. One day I'll get around to getting the stuff for it.
  3. I read that, I feel all special inside hehe. but seriously, moving back to montana is a good possibility...idaho's too flat anyways
  4. Hello all, I'm interested in doing more with my bases for my minis. What kind of things do you guys do for your bases? I just need some quick tips to start on. thanks!
  5. The colors are very interesting and different. I like them very much. Are you planning on doing any more with the bases? Even the most simple basework can really improve a mini. I would be happy to give you some easy to do basing tips if you are interested. I would actually like to start working with the bases. All I have is this green sand stuff that does a little for it. But I've seen some basework from others that looks fantastic! But yeah, any base tips would be excellent.
  6. It's been awhile, but I managed to get another mini or two done in my spare time. Unfortunately, I'm only providing one shot of the wizard, and I can't get a good face shot of the assassin's face, still not in possession of a digital camera yet. Feanor did a nice job on the arm conversion on the assassin...the knife sucked so I wanted something different. Anyway, enjoy!
  7. Thanks for the comments. I actually slacked a little on the shading Even worse than that is that I don't have a digital camera so I can't get you a closeup of his face. so sorry. but thanks again!
  8. WOOT finished it tonight while my husband was at work. any comments welcome
  9. WOW. Sir Brannor looks really awesome! The free hand on his cloak is incredible. So once again....WOW
  10. Perfect thanks to lazy to log in as myself
  11. Oof, I'm a little slow at responding. This is all gonna help me out a lot you guys. Thanks so much!
  12. Here's the third in the set my husband bought. He was soooo nice that he let me paint one Just thought I'd show off what I have done already. I am much pleased with the way his armor is turning out. So here you all go. Enjoy!
  13. Hi! I need a little help here, when I'm done painting a mini I'll spray it with an enamel to keep the paint from chipping or wearing off. However, it leaves the mini really shiny, and the stuff I use says it has a matte finish. Is there anything I could use that would have a duller finish? Thanks
  14. Smaller paintbrush eh? I'll have to do some hunting around. Thanks for the input!
  15. and i'm back...with another mini. A sorceress mini no less! hahaha! this is for my husband's army, 'n' stuff. First attempt at freehanding, advice would be cool. I liked how it turned out (better than i thought it would). Yes, I'm still using a scanner, so donations for a digital camera would be nice too :P Send donations too: The Feanor and Nerdanel Digital Camera Fund Po Box 2 Denton TX 99999
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