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  1. Some very nice winning entries at RC '08. Thanks for uploading them so quickly, although I'm dying to see the Masters category.


    Congratulations to all the Sophie winners! You are now proud owners of what I consider to be the best-looking mini-painting trophy in the world. ::D: For those that weren't fortunate enough to place, you get our gratitude for having the courage to enter in the first place. You should all be proud of your entries. We all have to start somewhere, after all. Keep your heads up and remember why you started painting in the first place. With more experience and practice, your painting skills will improve, and winning that elusive Sophie trophy won't seem as impossible a feat as you once may have thought. Above all else, mini-painting should be fun whether you're painting for competition or gaming.


    My first, and only, Reaper Con was in '06 and I absolutely loved it. It's also great to see RC thriving since '06. All I can say is that I'm eagerly looking forward to the day that I can attend another as it'll be great to meet up with old and new friends alike. In any event, congrats once again to all the winners!



  2. With last year's RC being my first, I can say that the overall temperature inside Reaper HQ was cool. FWIW, I wore pants and short- to long-sleeve shirts while I was there and was fine for the most part. The large open areas would get pretty cool at times, but nothing that a jacket wouldn't fix. Layers are your friend. :poke:


    Yeah, I should've taken my own advice when I went to Kublacon a couple weeks after RC '06. I spend all of Saturday volunteering at the Paint 'n Take table knowing all too well I really should be finishing my painting entry. Did I say finish? I meant get past the halfway mark. Man, that was a hard lesson to learn. ^_^ Anyway, right before the café and carts close up, I stock up on some Coke and a ton o' Mountain Dew as I prepare to embark on my insane mission. I setup my painting station in a huge convention room for a ~12-hour painting marathon. Too bad the RC '06 t-shirt I was sportin' didn't come in long-sleeve let alone a heavy cotton hoody. Hell, even my pants weren't nearly warm enough after a while. I actually got some newspaper to sit on and place on my lap. Don't laugh. It's a great insulator in a pinch (although not much in the end). ::P:


    Inbetween deciding on color schemes, techniques (many of which were new) and taking the leap of faith and applying the paint, I took some breaks to walk around every couple of hours. The first break I took is when I found the newspaper. The second, the convention room's thermostat. I upped that puppy from ~60° to 80°, and ten minutes later to 85°. Yeah, that did a lot. A couple of hours later I was still freezin' my [email protected]# off. The mind-over-body battle wasn't workin' either. I could tell myself that I was warm and comfy all I want... the goosebumps on my arms and tremblin' hands couldn't hide the truth. For about the last 6 hours, I had to use my hair dryer to warm my arms up... about 30 seconds per arm. 10% of the time the hair dryer was used for its original purpose -- to speed up the drying time of washes and glazes... and well, even basecoats since I was using VMC. Vinyl-based paint loves to skin if it doesn't dry completely. That was another "fun" leason to learn. ^^; The other 90% of the time...? Yep. Warming up my arms and hands.


    So, what's the moral of the above story? Bring layers of clothing with you to a convention! Oh, and don't wait until the last minute to finish an entry.




  3. If you like, you can join me in my traditional KublaCon meal: a tall beer and a blue cheese burger at the pub at the hotel. I know it doesn't compare to hanging out with Marike or Jen, but it's the best I can do. :poke:

    Sounds like a plan. :upside:



  4. Man, that's awful. You'll be missed! I was, believe it or not, looking forward to chatting with you again. Nobody around here understands when I talk about some cool new beastie I found in my reef tank. Oh, yeah, and seeing what you've been painting, too. ::P:


    Anne, doesn't Remy need to get a lot creepier if he's going to be one of our Official Stalkers? In my opinion he's too young and cute to be anything stranger than an Official Fanboy. :;):



    Stalker? :blink: Fanboy... I can live with that. Guy, girl, monkey, whatever... as long as a mini-painter has über-smooth blends, color sense and artistic flair, sign me up as a fanboy. :poke:


    Thanks for the kind words, Jen. Sadly, most of my friends don't share some of my true loves, such as mini-painting and reefing. They think it's cool and respect it, but the second I talk about something as simple as Live Rock or Blending, I might as well be speaking German. They appreciate the final product, but their interest ends there. So, yeah, I know exactly how you feel. It would've been fun to hang out and talk with ya again, not to mention take your painting class.


    On that note, how's your reef tank comin' along? IIRC, you got some Puffers last? My reef is dominated with LR and various corals, but my Psychedelic Mandarin and Four-Line Wrasse have been getting along just fine for about two years now. Oh, and if you haven't already, I'd recommend trying red LEDs at night if you really want to see those lil' beasties come out and play. You'd be amazed. I'd love to talk more, but I really don't want to appear like a "Stalker" or anything. It's just so easy to get carried away when most of your friends just have a fleeting interest in your hobbies.

  5. It's great to see some familiar faces. I appreciate the replies, everyone. Thanks. Although I was working hard on a particular entry for RC, I'll do my best to represent Reaper at Kublacon in a few weeks with this entry. Granted, it's the Single Fantasy category which had Marike, Derek and Laszlo placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively last year. So yeah, I have no delusions of placing, but what the hell. What can ya do, right? :upside: At least it'll be one more Reaper mini in the contest.


    Once again, thank you for the replies and kind words. I really am going to miss you guys. And damn you all for getting such cool RC SWAG this year. ::P:

  6. It's official. Due to financial constraints, I simply can't afford to attend RC '07. *sigh* I don't know what to say other than I'm very, very sad as I was looking forward to it so much. RC '06 was my first Reaper Con (incidentally, the first Con in about 15 years or so), and I absolutely loved it. For me, it was all about having the opportunity to meet, learn from, and simply hang out with others that not only shared a genuine love for this hobby of ours, but were among the top talents in the field. Granted, I've never been to a Gencon Indy, but I'd easily choose RC over it even if I had to travel overseas simply because of its unique focus on mini-painting/sculpting.


    I'm sure most won't even remember my name from last year, so it's not as though you'll be missing out on anything with my absense. I know for certain that I'll miss seeing you all again, though. It makes it that much more painful seeing these updates that Marike's attending and teaching classes as well -- easily one of my all-time favorite mini-painters. *sigh* But enough feeling sorry for myself. I just came here to share the bad news with you all and to restate how much I'll miss RC. I hope everyone that attends has one helluva time. Take care, guys.



  7. :mellow:


    I just had some pretty serious car trouble this morning and realize that it's going to cost quite a bit. I was saving up simply for spending money at Reaper Con, but now I have to start saving all over again because of priorities. Looks like I'm going to have to work more hours, sell some things, or both to make sure I can attend RC '07. I was just wondering if anyone is going to be in a crunch in terms of saving money for RC '07 as well. It'll make me feel better to know I'm not alone? ^_^


    . o O(Now, what can I sell that I won't regret. Curses for having a collector's mentality!)

  8. I can't wait for this year's Reaper Con as I had a blast at my first one last year. In order to avoid any last-minute BS like last year, I'm going to start my entries earlier. ^_^


    Anyway, I had a question regarding the rules for bases. For instance, the Dark Heaven Single Miniature Small category states: "[....] Dark Heaven miniatures which fit within a 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" cube, including any basing" are fine. It also states that display bases are allowed. When you say "including any basing," does this include display (trophy-type) bases? Reading the rules again, I would think that this restriction applies to the gaming base and not the display base. But then again, I'm asking the question because I'm not sure. Anyone care to help me out on this one?

  9. Nice work, abigail. ^_^ I think the color scheme works rather well and the base is spot-on. What I would suggest has been stated more or less already. I'd suggest adding a 4:1 (water:paint/ink) shading wash for each of the colors (earthy brown for the gold or a Chestnut ink equivalent for metallic gold, etc.). If you're not too comfortable in painting in the shading, you can apply a liberal yet controlled wash over the entire area. After this is dry, paint your basecoat/midtone color where it isn't shaded, then highlight up accordingly. Even if your highlights become too bright/light, you can always enrich the color and smooth the blends by glazing over these areas (I generally use my midtone to glaze).


    I highly recommend RMS's Brown Liner for dark-lining as it is more forgiving than paint alone (i.e., if you achieve the same intensity of dark-lining with paint, it's a lot more difficult to clean up any mistakes). I dilute the Brown Liner anywhere from 1:1 to 2:1 ratio (water-to-liner).

  10. Pretty much, the mix I am using right now is about 2 parts water 2 parts glaze medium and 1 part paint.

    Given the fact that you use VMC quite a bit as well, I was wondering if you've ever had problems with your paint skinning on you. Since I paint with very thin paint often times, I find myself clear coating my mini every now and again to preserve the layers underneath. I still have to try RMS paints, but from what I know they have a lot more tooth like VGC. I did just pick-up 10 RMS triads recently with a gift certificate I won, so I'm looking forward to fooling around with them. Also, have you tried VMC's thinner?

  11. I started the cloak, turned out good so far. I started with green grey, then shaded with middlestone and violet, after which I glazed with middlestone.

    The skin tones look great and I love the look of the cloak. Great color choices. Are you aiming for a worn leather? All I would add is a few subtle glazes of Middlestone at the top of the cloak (front view) to make it look more believable. At any rate, you're doing a great job in maintaining the Rackham look with your paint-job. I love it. I take it you're using washes for your shading?

  12. Here is what I have done so far. You can tell the right shoulder and left arm are different. I had started ont he left arm, but decided this morning to try some contrast shading on the right shoulder, rather than tonal shading. Which do you think looks more realistic?

    I should start off by saying that I haven't had art class since about 6th grade, so what I'm about to say comes from personal research/experience. It depends on what I'm painting, but overall I prefer contrast shading by far. For shading in general, I rarely use black unless it's... well, black mostly. ^_^ I'll often use blues and/or violets to shade a color as the end result is much richer. This is what I did with my Wolfen Hunter:




    With black, you end up with a muddier shade by far which is a lot less pleasing (at least to my eyes). I'll often use a complementary color to shade my primary as well. For instance, if I'm using Cadmium Umber Red as my primary/base, I'll mix in green for my shade (Black Green in this case). At the time, I didn't even realize the theory behind it. It just looked like it'd work well. ^^; If I want to change the tone a bit, I'll add some grey to this mix. This is exactly what I used for my Christmas Sophie:




    On the other hand, I'm currently painting a mini that has blue jeans and am fooling around with tonal shading for it. (It's a LE mini that came with the Xbox 360 game Prey =) Prussian Blue is my base and I applied gradiated layers of Dark Prussian Blue for the shading. Conversely, I used opaque paint for shading the Christmas Sophie and glazed the basecoat color for the gradiation. Just trying different things, although I can see where some techniques would work better for different colors.


    Concerning your mini, the shading on the left shoulder looks far too orange for my tastes. The shading on the right shoulder, however, is spot-on. Lovely job. Just curious, but what's your paint palette for skin there?

  13. Hi Remy,


    Thanks for asking about my sorceress.


    I got the sheer effect on her pantyhose by mixing a bit of Vallejo Model Color S.S Cam Black (#150) into the skin basecoat. Then I blended the skin basecoat down into pure S.S. Cam Black for the shadows. After that I layered the skin highlights up normally.


    Glazes work well to smooth the color transition. But to get a really good blend, you'll have to have some opaque paint for your shadows.


    Let me know if that clears things up for ya.

    Hi, Marike: ^_^


    In regards to asking/commenting about your sorceress, I was more than happy to. I'd love to ask you about a lot of your paint-jobs and stuff in general, but I've never seen you other than that time at KublaCon. Actually, the two styles of mini-painting I admire the most are Rackham's and yours to be perfectly honest. I could go into detail why, but I'd rather not bore you or the forum. ^^; If you would ever like to talk in more detail, you can always e-mail me at: [email protected]


    VMC #150... mine says German Cam. Black Brown. I love how the names can change at times, but at least the numbers stay consistent. ^_^ I used to use this exclusively for dark-lining with a ~50:50 mix of this and black. I'm really liking the RMS Brown Liner right now, however.


    Concerning your skin basecoat, I take it you applied an opaque layer first of just the skin color, correct? Then, you added a bit of S.S. Cam. Black (#150) to your skin basecolor to achieve the sheer effect on the pantyhose and progressively added more for the shading until you were at 100% S.S. Cam. Black. Are you wet-blending the shading (sheer effect to the deepest shade) or layering and feathering it? I know feathering can have different meanings depending on who you talk to, so what I mean is drawing out the hard edge (be it opaque or translucent) so that the edge fades and blends into the layer underneath. Having said that, do you also feather your layered highlights?


    In any event, I appreciate the reply, Marike. I ended up focusing too much on Elise the Witch with what little time I've had that I had to rush like crazy to finish the Halloween Sophie. I'd much rather take my time to practice some of these new techniques so they look good on my first try so I decided not to enter her. As for my Halloween Sophie, please disregard her as she was roughly a 6-hour paint-job due to the deadline (forcing my very inexperienced hand at wet-blending). It's really embarrassing. ^//^ I did the pumpkin earlier and am kinda pleased with how it turned out as it was my first time painting orange -- it really glows in-person. Sure, not exactly realistic, but I wanted a rich and vibrant orange. :poke:

  14. Wow... talk about a forced lesson in wet-blending and last-minute dark-lining. ^^; That's what I get for trying to finish Elise the Witch, too. Well, I picked up a soft-box, have three lamps with my sunlight bulbs I use to paint, and my Canon G3 and a nice tripod for mini-photography now. I just need time to figure out how to take a good pic. (Not that it'd help much here anyways... I'm not used to wet-blending and rushing always sucks.) :upside:


    Well, here's my Halloween Sophie playfully leaping off the much better painted pumkin. ^_^ I really enjoyed painting the pumpkin as I did that first (i.e., I wasn't rushed). It was fun though! Thanks for holding the contest.



  15. She should be allowed as a Permanent, Legal Proxie for the Darkspawn Witch Queen.

    Anyone else envisioning her appearing frequently in painting contests cross the country?

    Most definitely. In regards to Reaper Con, I'm assuming that this would fall under the DHL Large category if you use all the pieces?

    In regards to how awesome the mini as a whole looks, and its size, it reminds me of Warmachine's Harbinger of Menoth.



  16. I'm starting to accumulate a number of Reaper SWAG, but I really don't want to part with them yet. One SWAG per buffalo wing, however... I'm sure I could let some of 'em go. ::):


    BTW, will there ever be something from the Reaper SWAG store that costs a ton of points? Say, something around 200 or more? Just curious.

  17. If you're in a hurry to see Pearl, she is up on cmon.


    Hey, Marike. ^_^ Congrats again on your award-winning entries at GenCon Indy. Based off the online photos I saw, the OSL Crocodile Games diaorama was great, but I absolutely love your take on Werner's Pearl the Mermaid. I decided before the mini was released that it would be my DH small Fantasy entry for RC '07. I'll do my best. In any event, it was an honor to finally meet you at KublaCon '06. Sorry if I seemed a bit tired as I was up the entire night 'till the morning trying to finish that Rackham Wolfen.


    Well, I visited Werner's website earlier in the week and noticed that you painted his new Sorceress (now on CMON). The blending on her face is damn near flawless, and I love the color scheme you chose -- the soft yellows and vibrant blues tied in with the neutral browns. One of the reasons you're easily one of my favorite mini-painters is how seamlessly smooth your blends are. If you wouldn't mind, I have a question about the Sorceress Freebooter mini you painted. I'm rushing trying to get Elise the Witch done for the Reaper Halloween contest (while trying to figure out how to take a good pic when I do finish), and I want to paint a sheer/see-through effect on her pantyhose/stocking, much like how you did with your Sorceress. I'm planning on shading/highlighting the skin as normal, and plan on applying varying layers of glazes to achieve the effect (thinking it'll work). Would you recommend anything different?



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