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  1. Any chance we can see the other sketches? Also, how long does it take you to pump one of these beauties out? ^_^

    (Some armor details and stuff)



    It used to take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days' worth of work to do a design (depending on stuff such as how complex or important it was). Reaper did away with all of that hassle, however, and just had Kit design a database that links together elements that people traditionally find appealing in fantasy minis. Now, voila! It takes mere seconds, and Reaper doesn't have to worry about care and feeding of an in-house artist.


    (Oh, darn. I bet I get in trouble for giving away sensitive industry secrets now... :blink: )


    It's all good, Tim. Your secret's safe with us. ^_^ Love the detail in the sketches (my current background as of now). BTW, do you use a paint program to color/shade these sketches with that sepia tone? I love how it has that old parchment look to it.

  2. Indeed, it's being worked on -- if not as we speak, then in the near future.


    The design is basically the same (without her helmet), but in a new and painter-friendly pose. ^_^


    There's a sketch (or 4) for it, but I'll need to get permission before I post anything.


    Awesome work, Talin. (thanks for posting the preview, kit ;) Any chance we can see the other sketches? Also, how long does it take you to pump one of these beauties out? ^_^


    I'd also love to see a 54mm Finari like everyone else here. Then again, there's no doubt in my mind that there's a ton of minis that we'd all love to see in 54mm. I'm sure the MS minis cater mostly to pure painters, but I was curious how the MSM line has done so far?

  3. If I read correctly, it appears as though Werner is working on a Master Series version of the incredibly popular Monique de Noir -- Female Vampire. At 54mm, I can only imagine the amount of detail that will be going into this. Talin, is this based off the old sketch of the 25mm mini or did you start from scratch? If possible, a preview of the sketch and/or the green-in-progress would be awesome.


    *attempts to use his über ninja skills to sneak a peek* :ph34r:


    The tentative release date shows January of 2007. It'd be great if anyone could confirm or deny that this mini is being made. ^_^

  4. Oh, wouldn't it just? ^_^





    I've got a couple of the upcoming Warlord figs to do first, then I'll be working on it this week and next.


    Great work, Talin. I love the art! ^_^ Any chance we'll see her on next year's Reaper Con t-shirt? *tosses his vote in now* Also, I forgot to mention it when I met you at my first Reaper Con ('06), but do you take commission work?

  5. Yeah, I picked up Pearl the Mermaid a few days ago at my LGS. I was dropping by before work to see if it had come in and didn't notice anything on the New Releases section. Then, the owner told me that some new stuff just came in. The fifth and last Reaper new release he had was Klocke's mermaid so I was estatic! I've been looking at the pic in the most recent Casket Works contemplating potential color schemes for so long and now I can visualize it in 3D. ^_^ Can't wait to start painting her although I'm sure it will be a ways down the road.



  6. Cool to see Talin on the boards here. ^^; Had a great time talking to you late one night at Reaper Con '06.


    Anyways, I was wondering if Reaper cast the two Collector's Edition and the single Limited Edition (pre-order) minis from the new PC and Xbox 360 game, Prey. I have them all and they look to be about 35mm in scale. I was pretty surprised by the detail and the likeness to the concept art. Nothing amazing, but not bad at all IMHO. I have the main chara, Tommy, prepped, based and just finished priming him this morning before class.


    In any event, I was wondering who sculpted them (they all read 3D Realms '06 on the bottom I believe) and if they were cast at Reaper? I didn't know there were minis for the Guantlet games, but was wondering Reaper had anything to do with these minis.



  7. Remy,


    thought that was you in the placing lists for K-con


    great job, your turning out some great figs lately, keep it up.


    can't wait to see what Marike does with the mermaid, that'll be goregous mini when it's finally done.




    Thank you for the compliment, but I have a long way to go before I even approach the likes of a Derek Schubert or Marike Reimer for example; two of my favorite mini-painters. ^_^


    One thing's for certain, I do not want to wait to literally the last minute to try to finish an entry like I did with my first Reaper and KublaCon entries. Reading about a technique is one thing, but it's a another thing trying it out on a competition piece with little to no experience doing it. And I'm talking about blending mostly here, nothing crazy fancy. :poke: The Wolfen is about done and I think it will be my first entry at CMON. When you see it there, that's how I wanted it to look for the competition. ^^; What can you do though, right? Procrastination is rarely a good thing. ^_^


    About Marike's Mermaid... yeah, I can hardly wait myself to see how she paints it. ::): Take care.



  8. Yep I saw that in her seminar. Too bad it was cut short to only an hour.


    Nice seeing you at the sfbamp meeting,



    KublaKid-Gold-Winner-Jake, right? :upside: Great job on your winning entry as well. Will you be at next month's meeting? I think we may hold it on the 20th of August since Derek and a few others will be attending GenCon Indy the week before. ^_^



  9. That's... a lot of painted minis, Anne! Very nice work. Love the base and paint job of Amy's mini too. I remember seeing Derek's mini at last month's painting meeting in the beginning stages (which looked great nevertheless =). It's amazing to see how far it's come since then. As always, awesome work, Derek.


    Thank you for posting the link. ^_^



  10. Well, I have a feeling that this mystery painter for Werner Klocke's Mermaid is Marike Reimer. ^_^ I finally met her last month at my first KublaCon and when I brought up Werner's Mermaid, she seemed just as estatic as I about the mini... only difference was, she had her copy already. ::o: I can only imagine how beautiful the mini's gonna look after she finishes painting it. ^_^


    Oh, and congrats once again on placing first in the Fantasy Single and winning the KublaSword, Marike. My second place Wolfen in the Large Fantasy category looked like garbage in comparison. ^^; At least I have time to finish it and am just about done. In any event, it was truly an honor to meet you, Marike, and hope you can make it to Reaper Con '07. ^^x



  11. Heh, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, 'I should really reply to that thread, even if it's a bit late.' ::P:


    As one of the three judges this year at ReaperCon I'd like to share my thoughts. Anne is absolutely correct--looking at Flynn's Sokar the first time, I did not think of metallics or NMM, but 'That's definitely a first cut'. I think Remy's Christmas Sophie also used metallics?


    Hi, Jen. ^_^ Yep, I used metallics on my Christmas Sophie. The main reason was I've never tried NMM before. I figured with my limited painting experience that it'd be better to try to learn metallics as well as I could before I try NMM. It was the only time I used alcohol-based metallics (VMC) and I'm glad I clear coated the mini before applying it as I assumed the alcohol base would eat through the acrylic layers on the mini. These metallics had a brilliant sheen compared to standard metallics, but after I used a few more Dull Cote applications to seal the other parts of the mini, the metallic areas did have an interesting muted sheen. To help reestablish the luster of the metal, however, I painted on a gloss varnish. I did this also because I heard that some of these metallic flakes will oxidize over time. Potentially an interesting effect though... just have to wait a few years. ^_^ Unfortunately, as I'm sure you noticed, the gloss coats didn't work enough on the butt end of the warhammer. 1/3 of the blue painted gem was chipped right off to the bare metal! Ack! I'll just have to be more careful. ^_^


    In any event, I'm sure the judging must've been quite hard. I just wanted to thank you, Sue and Amy for doing a great job. One more thing if you're interested... fellow Reaper painters placed at this year's KublaCon. In the Fantasy Small category, Marike Reimer, Derek Schubert and Laszlo Jakusovszky placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Marike Reimer painted Werner Klocke's Freebooter 'Bad Fairy' and also took the Kubla Sword, Derek painted his very own Reaper sculpt (upcoming mini), and Lazslo painted Werner's Alastrial Reaper mini. FWIW, painting from 3:00 pm Saturday till 10:00 am Sunday, I finished as much of my Wolfen Hunter mini that I could and placed 2nd in the Fantasy Large category. ^^; Pics will be up soon if you're interested.



  12. I was lucky enough to snag one of these during a tour of Reaper with a few other people as well. Even though I have no intention of painting her anytime soon, it seemed like a rare opportunity to pick her up as I didn't even know she existed prior to this. As for people who are making money off of them, when you think about it, you can't really blame them. If Reaper allowed people to purchase them, I don't see a problem with people trying to make money by reselling them.


    Personally, I got mine because I'm a collector, loved the sculpt and never saw one before. Regarding painting her, I could always try out my Liquid Mask and paint on clothing when kids are around, then peel them off when the mature adults are around. ^_^ When I was speaking with Jen Haley, I believed she said that she was working on this exact Sophie for the Masters competition, but never got around to finishing her. Man, I'd love to see how her Sophie looks when she's done. ^_^



  13. Very nice job.


    I especially like the blends on the face and how the beard and fur cloak turned out.


    Concerning the horns, depending on how clean or dirty I'd want them to be, I'd highlight all the way to Ivory, Linen White or maybe even an Off-White. Rarely do I highlight with pure white or shade with pure black. They're both extremely opaque and can give you chalky or muddy shades respectively. If you used Linen White for your main highlight, I'd probably go with Off-White for the horn's tips. You could use pure white for the horn's tips, but I'd glaze them over with your basecolor to make them more realistic. Just my 2¢. In any event, great paint job! ^_^



  14. Hey, Matt. ::):


    Glad to see that your're pumpin' out more minis nowadays. I remember seeing your green at our painting meeting a number of months ago and the story you told me of what happened to the mini's original finger. And yes, it didn't take long for people to start making those conversions we were talking about. heh Glad to see that your mini, phalic finger and all, is selling well. ::P:


    Hope to see you at the next meeting.



  15. Nice job. For gaming, I'd recommend spraying a coat of Testor's Gloss Varnish and then a few coats of Testor's Dull Cote to kill the sheen. Be sure to let each coat dry completely before applying the next. Then you could add a paint-on Gloss Varnish or Satin Varnish on any metallic parts on the mini to bring back the metal's sheen. Satin Varnish is less shiny than Gloss; more shiny than Matte (Dull Cote).



  16. Very clean paintjob. Outside of prepping the mini and getting a good primer coat, this is the most important part since the quality of your work from that point on depends on this. If I could, I'd recommend adding washes to bring out more of the detail. This could be as simple as using inks (Chestnut ink for gold, blue and black inks for the weapons, purple ink for the red skin, etc). Very simple technique, but it'd make your mini pop a lot more visually with minimal effort. Good job.



  17. If done well, I can appreciate NMM and MM equally. With my 3rd Place Open entry (Christmas Sophie), I used only metallics for the metal parts. They were alcohol-based metallics, but metallics nevertheless. With one year of painting experience, I thought it would be foolish to attempt NMM right away. I figured it'd be best to learn how to paint well with metallics first. After all, in my eyes, NMM either looks great or just plain bad/unrealistic.


    I have yet to try my hand at NMM, and will be doing so very soon, but I've seen some mini's painted with metallics that look as good as NMM... sometimes better depending on what you're using the mini for or how it's viewed. NMM in a 2D format can look great, but in 3D it can look strange once you change the angle you view it at. One way to help offset this is to take some liberties with your light-sourcing. By this, I mean having more than just one. That way, when you view the front and back of a mini, the light-source will correspond with your perspective. Taking liberties like this also allows you to showcase more of the metallic areas so that with a dramatic angled light-source, for example, one side won't be completely in shadow. Then again, what do I know... I have yet to try NMM. This is what makes sense to me though. ^_^


    Then there's the theory behind NMM. There are so many times that I see a weapon painted with NMM where the painter doesn't realize how light accurately reflects off of metal. It looks great... if they're trying to recreate a stone look, but it doesn't if they're going for metal. Far too often, I see NMM and especially SENMM where the armor is highly polished. Steel, copper, bronze, gold, platinum, chrome, iron and many other types of metal have a unique look when light reflects off of them. The gradations between the darkest shade and the brightest highlight can be sharp or faded depending on the metal. Some are more drastic than others and then you have weathered, oxidized and rusty metal as well.


    On my flight home, I gazed out the window for a few hours enjoying the scenery. Being right next to the wing, I ended up spending a lot of that time after a while simply looking at how light reflected off it, its rounded turbine engine, the rivets, etc. as well as how the intensity of the light effected this. What can I say, I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children four times on the flight to Reaper Con so I figured I'd do something else. ^_^ It was an intriguing experience, especially since I'll be starting NMM shortly.


    I say learn metallics first. If you're new to painting with little skill, you can get a decent looking mini with metallics, but IMHO, NMM either looks great or bad/unrealistic. You can view the metallics of your mini and see how they react to light in real-time. Viewing other people's NMM is great, but learn the basics of how light reacts with metal and don't simply copy someone's NMM because it may not even be correct (e.g. is that supposed to be stone or metal?). I've seen great painters spend as much time, if not more, using MM on a mini over NMM so don't think of it's only for beginners. It's like inks... you can glomp it on straight outta the pot for beginner techniques, but thin it down to a wash or glaze consistancy depending on what you're aiming for and you got yourself and advanced technique using what many consider something that's just for beginners. Just make sure to add a drop of matt medium or Dull Cote your mini to get rid of that shine. ^_^


    In any event, sorry for the long post. Both MM and NMM have their strong and weak points. Even when you master NMM, you shouldn't forget MM. You'd be surprised at how good MM can look if you know what you're doing and put the time in. In the end, don't limit yourself to just one and don't be afraid to try new things. NII is still fairly new (Non-Iridescent-Iridescent), but I can see how you could use metallics and glaze over them to get an iridescent effect as well. Just my 2¢.



  18. I really wish there were more of those Reaper Artist Con t-shirts... ;_;'s



    I just want minis from that Sophie! :wub:




    Not that I would not get a couple of the shirts had I the chance. :;):


    I'd love to have a mini sculpted from that sketch! Even if we can't get another RAC t-shirt like that, perhaps they could simply release that anime Sophie as a normal t-shirt. I know where my first 40 Reaper swag would be going if that were the case. ^_^



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