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  1. Cool pics. That's a great pic of Bobby analyzing the Speed Painting entries. Looks like he's about to burst out with some critique. Great pics of Jen, Sue and Amy judging the normal entries as well. ^_^



  2. Oh, it is definitely "What happens at ShinerCon stays at ShinerCon"... :devil: Thanks for the invite! I even made it thru the ShinerCon retaining my non-smoker status. ::D:


    "ReaperCon gone WILD!"... oh gods the images burned into my head over THAT particular phrase. Especially the one of a certain person wearing only a kilt... :wow:


    I definitely got to side a new side of some people that I hadn't before. LOL!


    And far too many phrases that are not possible to repeat here... but we all heard quite a few of those.


    Thanks to all the ReaperCon participants - those I've met before and those I met for the first time!


    heh It was great meeting ya, Jester. ::P: I really enjoyed your Painting Skintones class and had to ask about underpainting. What can I say... I was there to get my money's worth. :poke: I'd love to have gone to Shiner Con, but I was up trying to finish a few of my entries. Turns out I had a lot of work left and couldn't even finish them. Next year, I'll definitely get my entries done before I leave for Reaper Con.



  3. I'd love to play these TT games someday, but I'm really all about the painting aspect of the hobby. In my first year of painting, I've painted 8 minis. I try to do my best job on them unless I have to finish a piece for a competition. In that case, I paint it as well as time permits, which sadly is never nearly enough time. ^_^ The nice thing with the painting competitions is that it gives me incentive to 1) paint and 2) actually finish a mini.


    For gaming pieces, perhaps I won't do crazy freehand, but in terms of blending and overall painting quality, I strive to do my best. Then again, perhaps that's just me. :upside:



  4. How did my little speed-painted, cute pumpkins and baby monsters diorama get put in the same thread with Werner Klocke and the Master Category entries? :blush:


    Thanks for the kind words about it and to the judges who thought it was cute and not painted quite as horribly painted as I thought while I was working on it.


    Your Sophie is very nice too. How did you do the base on her?


    Don't mention it. ^_^ Even though it was quite simple, I really liked your Open entry. BTW, the "etc." part of the thread was there so I could post anything I thought was cool and yours qualified in my book. ::):


    The base was done rather quickly actually and all things considered, I'm not all that impressed with it. It's one of those 99¢ display bases I got from Michaels. I wanted to cut a beveled edge surrounding her, but since I didn't have a Dremel at the time, I used a drill and some random bit as if it were a Dremel. :blink: I don't recommend it. heh Not quite the effect I was going for, especially the bit cutting into the sides of the base, but there was a lot of texture to play with. ^_^ Painted it with different shades of blue/purple, then I started adding layers of Vallejo Still Water or something. There's a lot of other brands that will work just the same I'm sure.


    I wanted to have the effect that the water had a magical power flowing through it where it'd run up into the base she was on and into her. I was going to freehand some designs from her legs spiraling up to her stomach while another branch arched its way to her rear shoulders where the wings began. I wanted to do this with the same color as the water as if she were drawing the magical energy from the water into her. Interesting enough concept, but I didn't have time to see it through unfortunately so the end result ended up detracting from the mini itself IMHO. It was my first time trying that water out though! :poke:






    Mengu's beautiful Masters entry.




    The orange/red and green color scheme worked out great! Mr. Color Wheel is our friend. ::D:




    Love the earthy tones on the rock base as well. Adds more life to the mini as a whole.




    Congratulations on such a fine piece, Mengu. It was great meeting you at the Con! ::):



  5. Laszlo Jakusovszky's stunning 3rd Place entry in the Master's Category.

    Laszlo masterfully replicates the soft, subtle glow of candlelight on his mini.







    Congratulations once again on an absolutely gorgeous piece, Laszlo. Your Alastrial mini was a level-up piece. I can say with confidence that this piece earned you another level-up. What are you gonna spend your bonus attribute/skill points on? +2 to Dexterity for freehand? +2 Willpower to maintain that drive to improve your skill? +2 Charisma to coax the judg...? With that last one, perhaps you could've ended up with 2nd or even 1st place. Then again, I hear cold, hard cash works just as well. :poke: Seriously, it was a gorgeous piece and one you'll also have to bring to our next painting meeting.



  6. Hey Remy


    your Sophie was one hell of entry as well, that one just popped.


    Derek, Flynn & all the other great painters are just one aspect of this hobby that is so great. Keep up the great work guys, even if Flynn thinks he's a hack, ha ha


    Hack he says................... as he walks up to the Sophie banner for anther picture with the trophy...ha ha




    Thank you for the comment. ^_^


    It was my first mini with human skin. Although I learned a lot while painting it, I highly suggest starting out with a 25mm mini for human skin. That larger rounded surface area means you need a lot more transitional layers to get a smooth, seamless blend. I had a great time painting it and learned a lot in the process though. Oh, and thank you ReaperBryan for helping me pack it for my flight home. The pink packing foam only rubbed off some paint on Sophie's knuckles, but I can touch it up. I'm thankful that's the only thing that rubbed off... damn VMC, even with Dull Cote. :lol:



  7. I wouldn't have it any other way personally. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with my work. It's people like Derek, Marike and so many other talented mini-painters out there raising the bar that inspire me to improve and never be content with my work. It's true with anything you do really. If you want to achieve your best work, you have to compete/compare your work with the best in the field. Sure, it may be daunting, but seeing their work only inspires me to improve my skills that much more.


    With one year of painting under my belt, I'm nowhere near their skill level, but they inspire me just the same to get that much better that much sooner. Best of luck to ya next year in the Masters Category, Flynn. ::):



  8. Derek Schubert's absolutely gorgeous 1st Place winner in the Master's Category.












    Great conversion work, composition and color scheme. Check out the seamless blends, light-sourcing and the exquisite freehand. All 7 Masters entries were amazing, but Derek's 1st Place award was well deserved IMHO. Congratulations, Derek! You'll have to bring her to our next painting meeting! ^_^



  9. I flew with Frontier Airlines as well and had a fine experience overall. One of my flights was delayed a short while so I had to run like hell to make sure I made the connecting flight to DFW, but thankfully I made it in time. I love the animal pics on the aircraft, but I thought their slogan, ".... where we're a whole new animal" was beyond cheezy. My flights had a fawn, duck, bear cub and a fox. hehe what can I say, I like cute things. ^_^ I also loved the cute polar bear cubs on the mini-folder which held the tickets. ^_^


    I had virtually no problems with Budget car rental and my room at La Quinta Inn. I will say that the tables in my room had a beveled edge which made it impossible to clamp on my folding lamp. I ended up using one of the chair's armrests on the other side of the desk to clamp the light on. Seemed to work out in the end. ::):



  10. Stubbdog:


    How ya doin'? ::): Wasn't that class with Werner awesome? I'm still trying to digest everything that he showed us that day. Man, it was an honor to see him work.


    I'm still in the middle of transfering the pics from my camera and cropping/resizing them when I get the time. I'll have to sort through the pics which came out well and prep them. I wouldn't mind helping you out by sharing my pics with you. Before I post more of Werner's pics, however, I think the least I could do was contact Werner and ask him if he'd be okay with it. I know a number of the Guests of Honor are still at Reaper so I'm wondering if he might still be there.


    He was gracious enough to allow me to take pictures of him working, but I want to make sure that posting these online, especially with a written description of his technique, would be okay with him.



  11. I just wanted to say that I had an incredible time at my first Reaper Con and can't wait till the next one. It was great meeting all of you, especially all of the Guests of Honor. They were without a doubt the main reason for my travelling all the way down to Texas and I can say that the experience was priceless.


    I'm quite happy that I was able to walk away with 3rd place for the Open category and an Honorable Mention for the C.A.V. category with one year of painting under my belt, but I realize that I have a long way to go to improve my painting skills. Seeing all of these beautiful entries and meeting/hanging out with the Guests of Honor have inspired me to spend more time painting. All in all, I had an absolute blast and can't wait for the next Reaper Con. It was an honor to meet such well-known and truly talented painters as I'm hopeful that someday I will be able to elevate my work to their level.


    In any event, Jen Haley asked me if I was going to upload the pics of the Speed Painting contest on the forum so I figured I'd start with one of those pics. And yes, I'll start posting more on the forums, Jen. ^_^


    With their powers combined, the Four Masters prepare for the challenge of their lives... the Sophie Says Speed Painting Contest!



    Beautiful scene from The Last Unicorn in the Open Category.



    The man, the myth, the lege... well, you get it. My favorite Reaper sculptor, Werner Klocke. (That's me on the right if you're curious ;)



    Werner's tools...



    After asking how he sculpts belts, he showed us how he sculpts faces. ::D:



    Asking Werner how he sculpts filigree. One of his methods below:




    I'll post more pics if you guys are interested.




  12. Hey, Gus. ::): Congratulations! Yeah, I can understand how much it'd suck to have to drive all the way back down there, but what the hell... you'll practically be next door to Reaper HQ! Good luck in finding an apartment.



  13. I took pictures of most of the entries, but I still have to transfer them to my cpu and resize them a bit with Photoshop. I just got back though and have to go to work in about an hour so... ^^;


    I remember meeting Stubbdog, Shakandara and a lot of others at the con. It was great meeting all of you. And to Flynn, congratulations again on your winning entries. They looked beautiful. ^_^



  14. Remy - why are you bringing paints? All of the colors are available both during classes and at the painting tables.


    I brought all my paints last year as well (RAC) and never touched them during the conference.


    This year I'm bringing my gunk but I think that's the only thing paint-wise.


    I'm bringing them because they're what I'm used to? :upside: My first month of painting, I started using Citadel Color and the following eleven months I've mostly been using VMC and VGC. I'll be bringing these and a can of Dull Cote specifically for the VMC. I'll no doubt try the Reaper MS paints, but a number of my hopeful entries are in varying stages so I'd want to stick with the same paints as well. I know I'm looking forward to painting with the MS line though. ::):


    Well, I have to finish (start is more like it) packing to get ready for my trip earlier tomorrow... well, later this morning. ^^; It's almost here! See you all soon.



  15. Thanks a lot for the info. It'll be great to actually try Sonic out finally. Ironically, here in the Bay Area, Sonic loves to advertise and yet I've never seen or even heard of one anywhere nearby. Can't really complain though given that Cali has more than its fair share of fastfood restaurants. ^_^



  16. Well, I'm definitely carrying my entries in my carry-on luggage and I might as well do the same for my brushes now that you mention it. I have two suitcases full of paints that I'll be bringing too, but they'll have to go in my check-in luggage.


    Thanks for the link for that durable mini-suitcase. Unless I can find it, or something similar, locally when I get off of work today, I'll have to figure something else out. It's good to know for the future though.



  17. My flight leaves tomorrow morning so I have to start packing after I get back from work. Man, the Con is almost here! ::D: I'm still working on one mini that's about 40% done and the other is still just primed so I don't know if that'll make it. There's still time I guess when I get into Texas (after my 7 hour flight). I don't think I'll be in the mood to do much of anything other than relax though. ^_^


    See all of you soon!



  18. Thank you to all of you who've participated. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. And if you haven't and still want to chime in, there's still a 'lil time left before the Con! ^_^


    I have a few more hours of work then I can get home, eat something, finish my homework and start painting. One is ~30% done and the other is still in the primer stage... Well, one things gonna be cool at least. I'm going to try my hand at NMM tonight and see how it goes. The other minis I've been working for the competition I've used metallics (one of them the alcohol-based metallics... hehe Yeah, that was interesting... let's leave it at that. :poke:).


    I figured, you might as well learn how to paint with metallics before you try your hand at NMM, but for tonight or tomorrow, I'm gonna try NMM. Have no idea how it'll turn out so bear with me. From what I've heard, it either looks really good or incredibly bad... I hope there's a mid-point there somewhere as I'm sure it won't look great. heh Wish me luck!



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