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  1. Thursday night I realized I have no skilz and less talent.

    Scrapped the mini I was working on.

    What really sucks is that I have all these really cool minis just waiting to be painted.

    What really really sucks is that I used to be able to paint. :down:


    Thought about all this for an hour or two, realized I have to learn to paint all over again.

    Thought up a new project.

    Got started on it Friday evening, worked a good chunk of Saturday on it too.

    Did nothing on it yesterday.

    I might get it done in time to enter it, I might not.

    Mostly it is just an excercise in speed painting and seeing if I can actually finish something.


    We're here to support ya, Flit. :poke: Don't give up. For what it's worth, I have three minis in the primed and based stages only... not even basecoated. Throw in work and school and that doesn't leave much time to paint, but I'll do what I can. heh It'd help if I had the experience to know that in "x" amount of hours I'd not only have a mini done, but know exactly how it'd look. A lot of trial 'n error here. ^_^ Worse case, you'll have more minis to paint at the Con all prepped and ready to go. I'm certain a number of my would-be entries are going to end up like that.


    Oh, as an aside, I'm painting one of my entries during my break between class and work, also known as lunch, and as I'm getting ready to pop a rare earth magnet off of one of the pieces so I can glue both finished pieces together, the mini slips and crashes down on the nice, hard tile floor... ::o::blink: Yeah, Dull Cote didn't help much there. What can I say, I forgot my pliers at home so I was trying to brace the mini in my hand and use my keys to pry the sucker off! Can you say realistic battle damage?' I know I can. :poke:



  2. ::): I appreciate everyone that's shared a 'lil bit about themselves who'll be attending Reaper Con. Given that there'll be a max of 200 attendees at this con, it goes without saying that it'll have a much more personable atmosphere than say, GenCon. Thank you all who've participated and keep them coming. About five more days until the Con!


    Oh, a 'lil more about myself since others have gone into a bit more detail... I'm 6'2" and slim despite eating ~5-6k calories a day. <_< The things I have to do to gain weight. heh I still have to get the okay from my doctor to workout again so that at least gives me a 'lil more time to paint so I guess that's a good thing, especially with the Con just around the corner. Other than that, I'm not sure of anyone else who's name is Remy who'll be at the Con so that should stand out I'd guess. Okay, enough about my boring self. Let's hear more about all of you! ::):



  3. Hello, everyone. Since I'm new here and will be attending my first Reaper Con, I wanted to give a short introduction. ^_^


    My name's Remy, I'm 27 and recently moved to the Bay Area in California. I'm originally from Boston, MA (go Red Sox!). ::P: In any event, I've been painting for about a year now and although I'd like to play these TT-games someday, I'm much more into the painting aspect of the hobby. I plan on entering five to six of the categories, although only two are close to being done. The others are based and primed... so I may only be entering two after all. ^_^


    The main reason for my deciding to come all the way from Cali is to meet fellow painters who share this love of mine. In particular, all of the Guests of Honor. I still have a long, long way to go in improving my painting skills, but I'm sure this trip will be invaluable. To be able to learn and share techniques with one another and simply hang out with these great painters, that's what makes this trip worthwhile in my eyes.


    If any of you would like, please post a mini-introduction here as well. It'd be nice to know who else is going to be at Reaper Con and know a 'lil bit about them. Thanks to any and all who decide to participate. ::): Looking forward to my first Reaper con and meeting all of you.



  4. okay, great thought on keeping the mini, but the problem I'm running into is that one of my classes is with one of the judges and the entrants are supposed to be anonymous I believe (that class is before judging) and one class is after judging but before the awards ceremony. I guess I'm back to improvising :down: Thanks for the suggestions anyway.


    I actually think I'm in the same boat, so to speak. ^_^ I'll have to double check to see if that's the case...



  5. If your classes are on Friday, entries for the contest don't have to be submitted until Saturday IIRC. Maybe that helps?


    That's what I'm planning on doing. Just keep one of the entries throughout Friday. On Saturday, I'm thinking I'll just have to take some pics and upload them to my PSP or something.



  6. I can just see it now...


    "I'm detecting a high content of a poisonous substance... lead."

    "Sorry 'bout that, I think I left a Rackham mini in there by accident..."

    "What about these?! Sharp and pointy metal weapons!"

    "If I didn't file the mold lines, these 'weapons' wouldn't look very good now would they? I'm not about to 'peace-bond' these weapons..."

    "I'm sorry, sir. We're going to have to confiscate these items."





  7. As my newly acquired "Mostly Harmless title would explain... I'm kinda new to the miniatures thing. Been painting off and on for a full year now and I have what I thought was a lot of Reaper SWAG. A whopping 40+ I think. ^^; Man... that's nothing. heh



  8. I'll have to check with my airline to make sure that they'll allow me to take my entries on the flight as carry-on luggage. If I have to pack them into my suitcase for check-in luggage, I'll no doubt pack them extremely well. I'm seriously a little more concerned about them getting lost. Wouldn't that be great... :lol:



  9. A 'lil off topic, but dear God... allergies are horrible today. :wacko:


    From the runny nose and watery eyes to the sneezing and, well... being drowsy for taking so much allergy medicine... it's not a great time to be painting outside of basecoating. ^_^



  10. It is probably the foam you are carrying them in. I have nticed that some of my foam containers will rub the edges of a mini to the metal even through 2 coats of gloss and two coats of flat. How soft i your foam? I would try wrapping your minis in t-shirt material and then sticking them in the foam. That should keep them safe and help stop the rubbing.


    I have an Army Transport figure case, but I honestly haven't been using that. It probably is the foam in this other old case my friend gave to me, which incidentally is a nice small size that I use specifically for carrying around minis I'm working on. I'll have to try that t-shirt thing too. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I have a lot to paint in just seven days, but at least I'll have a little more reassurance about carrying the minis around with me.



  11. I carry all my minis in the Reaper Transport Case. When I fly, I always take the case as carry on luggage, I wouldn't trust it to baggage handlers. If it's only a figure or two, I will wrap them in paint rags (t-shirt material) and place them in the extra space in my painting box. I've never had a problem with my paint rubbing off from transporting in either. I also mix a small amount of Gloss Medium in my Gunk to help protect the paint, so that definitely helps. It's enough that I have played many games with half painted, uncoated figures with no ill effect.


    Michaels carries Gloss Cote if your FLGS doesn't.


    I forgot about Michaels. Thanks. BTW, I try to be very careful when priming minis to make sure the temperature and humidity are within respectable levels. How about for coating though? I've noticed that clear coats don't take nearly as long to dry at the very least.



  12. Testors Gloss Cote if you're looking for a spray on. It's usually on the shelf right next to wherever you buy your Dull Cote. Same stubby little cans. It's shiny as all hell though, use some Dull Cote after the fact.

    My LGS must've been out. I'll have to check. ^^x


    Another things to consider. If you're leaving the minis open out of the blister for awhile before they are primed, they may have collected dust. If you don't clean them off before primer coats, you're priming the dust, not the metal, which can come off.

    Makes sense although right before I prime the minis, I give them a 'lil soapy bath, wash them off and use a hairdryer. I do this more for any loose particles from filing/sanding, oils or anything else that might've been on there from the casting process. Hopefully the gloss coat will work out just fine in the end. BTW, do you still simply transport your minis/entries in those foam cases as well?



  13. I appreciate the suggestion and have some gloss varnish specifically for this, but I haven't trusted (tried) a gloss varnish spray enough to use it yet outside of the brush-on ones to touch-up any metallics. I have some W&N Arts & Crafts or something gloss varnish spray... I just haven't tried it yet.


    I think all of the minis I'm working on ATM have been primed with Floquil white primer. Most times, it only takes one coat to get smooth, full coverage. I love it. I've also been using Dupli-Color white sandable primer lately and have had no problems with it either. This takes more coats, but the finish is great and it costs a lot less as well.


    I'm not sure why some of my minis are rubbing off all the way down to the bare metal. I spent this morning giving two of my entires the green bath to start over... *sigh*



  14. How are you going to transport your mini-painting entries? I'm especially interested in those that are also flying to the con. :mellow:


    I'm starting to paint the bulk of my minis right now and have been bringing them with me to school and work so I can work on them when I have some free time. Even after sealing them with Dull Coat after painting a number of layers (and yes, I make sure it's fully dry ;), often times my work simply gets rubbed off inside of my foam carrying case. ¬_¬; Forget the layers I just worked on, sometimes it rubs it off all the way down to the metal! This is obviously not cool. That's the downside to VMC, but that's why I'm sealing them between painting sessions...


    I can see it now when I finish my entries and check up on them after the flight into Texas... :blink: It sounds stupid perhaps, and I'm not sure if the airline will allow it, but I'm seriously thinking of taking my entries onboard as carry-on luggage. Do any of you have suggestions?



  15. One: Judges this year for the Important People Categories (I refuse to call you guys "peons", Flynn... :;): ) will be Sue Wachowski, Jennifer Haley, and Amy Brehm. I'm taking a break this year, but may get roped into being one of the three Reaper peeps who gets to vote in the Masters competition...we'll see. ::D:

    I wouldn't want to speak for everyone, of course, but peon sounds about right when comparing our minis compared to these three judges. ::P: It's a 'lil intimidating, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


    My LGS has a monthly mini-painting contest which I enter when I have the time. The lighting for the minis is non-existant and the customers vote for the supposedly best painted mini. It's a cool concept, sure, but more often than not, if you want to win your best bet is to wow them with some flashy effect rather than having seamless blends. Not only that, but all they ever see is the front of the mini so if you worked really hard on blending the back of that cloak, add some detailed freehand or anything else on the back of the mini, 90% of the time they'd never even see it. But what can you do, right? :lol: One things for sure... that contest doesn't give me incentive to really improve my skill which is why I haven't entered it the past few months. It's nice that they have one at the very least. I'm just glad that we have such well known painters in the mini-painting community judging this contest. ::):


    Two: Have you guys all forgotten (Jennifer! Sue!) that bleeding on an entry makes it more likely to win??!? Blood sacrifice to the Paint Gods, huzzah!


    --Anne :;):


    Well, my blood sacrifice occured when I was prepping my minis a few nights ago so I'm not sure if that counts. :poke:



  16. Yeah, thank you. I couldn't find the exact times for the con on the main page.


    I'm looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday evening. BTW, if you need any help setting up, I'd be more than happy to help. ::):



  17. I was prepping three minis for the contest just last night and ended up slicing my left thumb pretty damn bad. ::(: I've never done that before, but as they say, there's a first time for everything. Damn thing just wouldn't stop bleeding.


    *sigh* Well, I really can't put any pressure on that thumb right now so other than maybe gentle filing and using sandpaper, I'm gonna have to wait at least a few days to do anything else. On the plus side, it gives me some time to think of a color scheme I guess. ^^;


    Just wanted to give a heads-up to everyone out there to be careful so they don't end up like me. ^_^ Yes, I know... i should've been more careful. heh



  18. My flight will arrive sometime Thursday afternoon, so after I get settled in the hotel and all, I'd love to get together for a pre-con thing. ::D: Might as well find out how to get to Reaper HQ after all since it'll be my first time there.



  19. Almost 2 weeks away. ::D:


    I really have to stop playing my Xbox 360 and start painting. Unfortunately, school and work are a priority, but I've procrastinated long enough. I gotta start painting! ^^;



  20. Thanks for posting the rules, Anne. ^^x


    I also have a question concerning bases although I think I know the answer already.


    It seems rather clear to me that Warlord minis must use the bases which are supplied with the mini. For Dark Heaven minis, however, would it be okay to use Heroic bases (Warmachine standard)? I really like the look of these bases. ^_^



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