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  1. I'm going to my first Reaper Con! ^^x


    Laszlo was kind enough to inform me that the painting/sculpting classes are up now. As you can imagine, I went to the website right away and saw what was available. I signed up for the following classes:



    Skintones - Fri. 10 to 12 PM -- Robert "Jester" Cruse


    Details - Fri. 3 to 5 PM -- Jennifer Haley


    Beyond the Basics - Fri. 5 to 7 PM -- Liliana Troy


    Blending - Sat. 12 to 2 PM -- Laszlo Jakusovszky


    NMM: Colors & Textures - Sat. 5 to 7 PM -- Derek Shubert


    Advanced Sculpting - Sun. 3 to 5 PM -- Werner Klocke



    I guess some of the classes are SOLD OUT as I couldn't find some of them, but no worry. I'm sure I'll add some more classes, but I'm a 'lil short on funds as it were. I'm just thankful that I was able to get classes with so many of my favorite mini-painters and sculptor.


    From Jester's Rackham-esque style of under-painting (love your stuff in Darkson's Designs painting guide ;) and Liliana's and Derek's light-sourcing to Laszlo's blending (and ability to paint "fire" ;) and Jennifer's, hell, take your pick... I really feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from these masters. As for Werner Klocke, what else can you say?


    All I have to do now is buy a roundtrip ticket from Cali, get a hotel room and find transportation to and from the Con. ::D: Looks like I have some savin' to do. In a few months, I'll have been painting for a year. Let's see how well I can improve after the Con. Looking forward to my first Reaper Con. ^^x



  2. Hi, everyone:


    Just to get the intro out of the way, my name's Remy, I'm 27 and I've been painting since Spring Break last year off and on (inbetween school/work/etc.). I'm originally from Boston, MA, but have been living in the Bay Area for a few years now. During my first visit to EndGame in Oakland, CA, I met Finn Kisch (a very talented painter and Golden Demon winner). We talked for a long time about painting and then he invited me to his painting group -- The Inner Circle. I've attended two meetings the past few months and finally met some of the great painters I've always read about; Reaper's own Laszlo and Derek to name but a few. Knowing that they freelance for Reaper at times, I found out about this year's Reaper Con and am eagerly looking forward to attending it.


    I'm sure the games are fun and I'd like to play them at some point in time, but for me, it's all about the painting. Laszlo was kind enough to fill me in on what I could expect if I were to attend, but I was wondering if there were any other details on classes/seminars and their respective costs.


    It may seem crazy, but if I can have the opportunity to paint/sculpt/learn and simply hang out among the best in the biz for three days straight, the time and money will be more than worth it in my eyes. Can we pre-register for classes to make sure we get in? I'm currently teaching myself a lot of the advanced techniques such as wet-blending, feathering, layering and freehand, but to be able to take a class on it would be awesome. ^^x


    I'm about to purchase my pre-registration ticket for the Con, but want to get the hotel/travel plans out of the way as well. I take it there is an airport in Denton, TX, yes? If need be, I can stay at La Quinta by myself, but it'd help if I could share the cost with some other people. That, and if I could carpool with anyone that'd be great. I like to sleep, but when it comes to a con, which I haven't been to in a long, long time BTW, I'm too excited to sleep much. There's just too much stuff to do. =)


    Any help/suggestions for my first Reaper Con would be helpful. Thanks, everyone. ^^x


    -Remy Langlois

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