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  1. I can't wait to give Reaper Bryan a big ol' bear hug.
  2. No way! He gets his own! It's only fair! =)
  3. Crosspost from the Trade Thread, but putting in here just so everyone knows! For folks in the Boston/Greater Boston area, I plan on having a Reaper Mini's Bone's Paint & Swap at some fun meeting location on some fun weekend shortly after the Bones delivery (probably 2-3 weeks after to ensure that everyone gets theirs). I'll post more as we get closer, but this /will/ happen! Stay tuned!
  4. Tomorrow is going to be a wild ride!
  5. I'm really looking forward to this. I think it's a really unique thing that Reaper is throwing in. It's really not worth that much, and probably wouldn't have even been thought of if they hadn't added it, but suddenly, people have a GAME to play with all of these mini's they're getting. I think it's a great idea. Can't wait to sink my teeth into it. I think that with recent revisions to D&D and RPG gaming, I feel like we've moved away from the ability to really "create" your character and your encounters to falling into common templates, that don't allow for a lot of customizing. Super excited, and this might time well with our D&D group finishing out the Curse of the Crimson throne modules for Pathfinder (which I highly recommend!)
  6. I joined it! Looking forward to reliving D&D from a past long lived.
  7. I'm surprised that Pathfinder doesn't show up on this. EDIT: Actually not surprised now that I see that it looks like 2008 was the latest game on it.
  8. Hey Kickstarters! So, I got persuade to begin being active again with Reaper Forums. So looking forward to all the glorious mini's that we'll all be getting in the next several months. Anyways... I wanted to keep some of the great conversation going here once the kickstarter is over with. Hoping to really get to know all of you here!
  9. Yes, Spectral Minions are considered their own troop, but do not add to the initative stack. They are a special troop, and go at the end of the turn once all initative cards have been played. When SM's are summoned, they do not move until the end of the turn, and then at that point all SM's (including those summoned in previous turns) move at the same time. My initial thought on this is "No"... While a GF is a piece of equipment, I think we can all agree that it is a "special" piece because of the fact it sits on a 1 inch base. That said, I think Moandain would have no problem carrying a GF... Aysa might.
  10. What about if you sold it as a "Adult Dragon" in a Black Box.. heh.. Just kidding. :)
  11. Gimp has hit it on the nail... Les not forget the nearly $500 that parents shelled out to get their kid the latest in the gaming craze: The Xbox 360. If they are willing to spend that much on a console game... They will be willing to spend that much on other gaming.
  12. Hmm....the item's location says "Item location: Best BBQ in the World!!, United States" So I'm thinking its probably someone from near Memphis, TN? Ugg... Don't be dragging Tennessee in here... It wasn't myself nor Ana... the only Tennesseans at ReaperCon. We didn't buy any Sophies, only the one that came in our "goodie bag" that we got for going to the Con. I think even more curious is if any of the um... anatomically correct Sophies have landed on E-bay.. uh.. I'm not going to look for fear of finding out.
  13. The area that I'm looking at specifically, the leases go for $18-$24 per square foot annually. That's a whole lotta cash. There is another place where it's $12-$13 a square foot.. that isn't as bad. So.. going back to space... something as large as 1500-2000 square feet would be more than enough space.
  14. Uber-Mensch 1) (n) a person with great powers and abilities. 2) (n) a person or group of people known for superiority or their ability to excel ahead of others. 3) (n) a person known to do great acts of humanity while exhibiting inhuman qualities. Examples include Superman, Spiderman, demigods, Ronald McDonald, The artist formally known as Prince, and the Wizard of Oz. Toto did not make the list because he is a demidog... not a demigod. 4) (v) I wish this post was funny. 5) (adj.) Just another way for me to increase my count as well.
  15. Next question: Space: How much space would a game store need in say square feet? 1000? 3000? 5000? I don't really know.
  16. I just want to say thanks to everyone that has posted input, and a big thank you to Sergeant Crunch for having this conversation. Ana (my wife) and myself are tinkering with the idea of opening up our own gaming/hobby store. The store would mostly aim for gamers of any type (selling tabletop, board games, Computer games, card games). In the middle tennessee area there seems to be only two stores spread out and I've only been to one of them. The one that I've been to is not clean, bad section of town, and just down from a 21 and up video store. There is a great place just about 10-15 mins away from the house where a large portion of the demographic is 13-35 year olds. Plus, the shopping center is completely new and easily accessable containing such stores as Target, JC Penny, and even a Best Buy. Even if I can't get into that shopping area, there are retail spaces around it that are popping up as a result of the very large shopping center. In addition, they have been 7 new subdivisions specifically directed toward young families. The city itself covers approximately 4 - 5 square miles in length with a population of about 22,000. It's 10 mins away from Nashville. I think it's a pretty good location, also being just off the interstate. I do have a couple of questions though... Along the same lines as this topic. 1) Because of the fact that the gaming store industry is lacking in our area, what would be a good way of getting people in the door that otherwise might not have ever thought about coming to a game store? 2) The Online Web Presence: How important is it, and is it a good way to build a community around the game store? We thought about having a main web page, with a forum community on it for gamers to connect, and a place where you could special order or request stuff, including a full e-commerce site where we sold everything online that we sold in the store. Would this encourage someone to actually come to the store? 3) Employees: To keep capital low, I'd like to have as few as possible. How many do you think a store would need to provide good customer service without haggling the customer?
  17. Questions: Where are we going exactly? Where did we come from? And what is our current objective? It seems there are also a lot more people (NPC's) in our party than just us. Who is all in the travelling group and how is each group divided?
  18. Hey There Glen! Thanks! Look forward to rp'ing with you.
  19. Not if the person playing the video game never gets the experience of knowing what it feels like to be with a "flesh and blood person". For kids, they get the experience of maybe going to a LAN Party which is ALMOST like what we know and love doing table top, except that their army is their computer case and monitor, and their art is how many bumper stickers they can put on the side of their case and how many fans it takes to cool their processors.
  20. This is an interesting conversation. I would admit that pen and paper RPG'ing is definitely "greying". The assumption of the average age of the RPG gamer here in the States being "early middle age" in my opinion would seem rather accurate. Let's take my situation. I'm 27 going on 28. My wife is 24 going on 25. We have a D&D group that meets monthly. I'd say that my wife is the youngest. We also have a few in their 30's now in our group. As for Live Action RPG, I personally don't think it's as popular as it is in other countries such as Denmark which was mentioned above. But, there is also a stereotype that goes along with LARP'er's here in the states that give it a negative connotation. That causes many parents to shield their kids from that sort of "hobby". It also doesn't help that certain radical Christian coalations in the early 1980's labeled Dungeon and Dragons and other RPG type games with Witchcraft and Satanic Worship. I know on a personal level that label prevented me as a child to get introduced to Dungeon and Dragons until I was around the age of 16. I was introduced to it, and then grounded when my parents found out about it. It wasn't until I was 23 or 24 years old that I was able to get into and found out that it really WASN'T about witchcraft or satanic worship. Moving forward, Children are being exposed to certain things a lot younger than they were before. Most notably, the computer. Back in the 80's it was rare for a kid between the ages of 6 and 15 to have a computer. Now a days, they are writting computer programs tailored specifically for BABIES! That's how young now kids are being introduced to computers and computer games. This has brought on a whole new market for online gaming which allows parents to not worry about their kid going out somewhere and can sit at home in the confines of their living room and play computer games. World of Warcraft is one such game where it is not unusuall to hear of parents letting their 8 year old play. I think the online/computer games is causing the pen and papper and RPG groups to age and die because we are now in the Information Age, causing manufature's of those games like Wizard's of the Coast to continually raise their prices. Blizzard Entertainment in the first year of World of Warcraft sold over 4 million subscriptions to people paying $12-$15 a month to play. You do the math, that is a CRAZY amount of income for that company, especially when the game costs $50. That in and of itselfs signals to me that parents are not minding spending lots of money of their kids, and for a "hobby" that when they are finished have NOTHING to show for it. Mini painting, at least you have art that you can display and be proud of the hours and hours you put into it. I've sorta of rambled, but to answer your question, I think there are still a large number of people playing RPG games, mini painting, and other table top games. Are we bringing in more and more younger ages to pass the various hobbies down the line? Probably not at a rate that will keep the hobby from becoming a favorite past time. Perfect example of a hobby dying out is Amateur Radio or Ham. Being a Ham Radio operator myself, I was introduced to it at the age of 25. The average age now of a Ham Radio operator is approaching 60 years old. !!!! You do the math on that average. You never hear of anyone under 20 getting into the hobby, and when you do, within a year they get out because there is no one out there they can relate to. I'm almost too young myself. I sure hope table top gaming and mini painting don't fall by the same fate, however, I fear that computer gaming will eventually take over.
  21. Shawn, welcome to the community. I hope that you're interests here are fullfilled. Kit is a great admin for the Reaper Boards, and truly cares. From where I come from, moderators and admins usually end up not carrying about the new comer with one post posting about their business. Having been such a moderator for gaming websites where the average age is a good 10-15 years younger than the average age for Reaper, I can also appreciate a reply such as the one you have given. Makes me want to sign up to paint for you... See, I'm relatively new here at the Reaper Forums as well. With the help of my wife and her friends here on the Reaper Boards, I have been converted to the life of miniature painting. Though I wish I could say that my talents would be what you're looking for, alas they are not. Plus, I couldn't move to Utah. This is a great community with which to get to know and become a part of. Lots of excellent talent (myself excluded) willing to offer any amount of advice to any level of painter from Novice to Expert. In the online gaming world, you couldn't ask for that kind of advice because most people will just put you off and call you a Newbie... This forum, the people on it, and the people that run it are truly worlds apart from the rest of the gaming world. I look forward to seeing how being apart of this community helps to further your endeavours. P.S.> *Shameless plug*: Have you had a chance to try out Warlord yet?
  22. Gulliam assists where he can to help get Janara situated in the wagon. As they load up, he looks over to Jasmine and smiles and then says, "If there is sumthin' I can do for you, m'lady, let me know." He looks over to Janara, "Me hopes the poor lass will be al'ight." (I'm not real sure where he fits in, but I'm trying. Just coach me if there's something I'm missing while playing Gulliam)
  23. "Hello? This is Sarah.... Your girlfriend...." long pause..... "We need to talk." *click*
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