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  1. Hello, Aslan Fellrush (or is it Ashlan?) is a miniature supposedly given away in the first 1000 copies of the T'Rakzul Dragon Box. He is mentioned in I think it's copy 5 or 6 of Casketworks. Does anyone have this mini and would it be possible to post a pic? Also of interest, is there some way to tell whether a given T'Rakzul Box conains the mini. i.e. Would the mini be listed on the box, or is the box otherwise different in some way from subsequent 1000+ boxes. Did this promotion actually ever occur? Anyone working at Reaper or in the loop know how many T'Rakzuls were sold? I'm asking because there is one sitting at a local store. LFGS here in Toronto tend to buy one or two copies of these big dragons (if that) when they are first released, then it's special order only. Even if it came in recently it's possible the distributor had it lying around from the initial release. I definitely don't need another dragon but as I collect a lot of Garrity's work I would pick it up IF it has the limited mini. Just trying to figure out how to do that. Maybe I'll just ask them how long they've had it and would they mind opening it. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I've got to disagree here. I really like lot's of Klocke's work, but I wouldn't say this is his best, nor would I say this is the best norse/viking sculpt. It's too bulky and that weapon is way over the top. This is more of a monster figure than a hero figure, and in that sense it works well. Allow me to suggest that 2295: Jergen Heyerdal is one of the better viking sculpts to have ever been produced. As for Klocke's best there's lots to choose from, but I particularly remember 2551: Monique De Noir. If I had to narrow it down to an example of Klocke's best I would cast a vote for 2402: Yoshi Saumrai. The armor details, weapons, and costume bits are super detailed and authentic on this one. It's also a much better action pose.
  3. I felt the same about Celtos, but having recently bought and painted some i've changed my mind. They are not as overwhelming as they look in photos. True enough the proportions and weapons are still exagerrated, but then I bought these to represent some archtypal mythological characters. I wonder how Reaper's versions of these minis would look if they ever did them? I for one would be interested in some Celtic and Norse mythological types by Reaper (hint hint). I think it could be safely done as much of the design like the big horns as well as the characters and names themselves have bene pulled out of prior work and Celtic legend ...i.e. these are not completely original.
  4. Hmmm ... I have to agree with you there. Of all the characters Arwen didn't really turn out too well. Her head is a little odd and it surely doesn't look anything like Liv Tyler. I heard the actors got to criticize and approve their sculpts so how this one got through is a mystery. Now I wonder who I can get from Reap to stand in for her? :) Back to my earlier comments about the Weathertop pricing, I just noticed that the price for Bilbo is $12.00 CAD! So it's another curiosity as to why you can pay $60.00 CAD and get 5 wraiths plus some free hobbits and an Aragorn, yet have to pay $12.00 for one little hobbit? I paid $4.79 yesterday for Traeg and $6.79 for Lysette the Sorc as a comparison.
  5. Well when I saw these on the Warlord release schedule I was keeping my fingers crossed. Now that I've seen some pics at newwave (just look don't buy!) i'm a little disappointed. Pot bellied orcs is all I can say. They are just on the verge of being GW orcs, and look a lot like the goofy orcs that Rackham puts out. I'm sorry for being a little harsh but I see this as a missed opportunity on Reaper's part. After some very good pieces from Garrity and Olley in the DH line (of which I bought them all :) ) these look pretty ....goofy. The Lupine ranger is not much better, looks like a Rackham Wolfen to me. In general i'm finding this whole line to be a mixed bag of goodness. It's just starting to go a way bit over the top and getting a bit too cartoony. I still like Klocke's elves, but even here it's getting predictable. I really like Klocke, but someone once told me he has a bit of a reputation for being limited as a sculptor, and now i'm starting to see what they meant. He does good work, which then gets marred by BIG horns, BIG weapons, and faces that are looking very similar to each other. Is Warlord suppose to be Reaper's answer to the success Rackham has been seeing? I wish them luck but I for one am not very taken by Rackham. They look nice and show well in contests and on the web, but they are kind of at the extreme of fantasy design. If anything Rackham has very good painters, but i'm willing to bet most people's renditions don't look as good. Well I know some of you have some very strong feelings in favour of this line, but does everyone like it?
  6. About the scale thing ...it is true 25mm and represents what a lot of early D&D and fantasy castings from the likes of Grenadier and Ral Partha used to be done in, before 28mm (a.ka. Heroic) was popularized. Even many of Reaper's early castings from Garrity, Guthrie, and Ridolfi are more inline with 25mm ...checkout Krupp the Heretic as an example. It seems odd or wierd, but only because miniatures have become larger while still claiming to be 25mm scale. Plus the fact that like someone else said, proportions tend to get exagerrated in a lot of fantasy lines.
  7. I have almost all of this line and would have to say that your experience with excessive flash seems atypical. As far as flash lines I would say the LOTR line has been the best in keeping flash virtually non-existent. Most important is that when there is flash, they seem to have managed to keep it off the detailed surfaces like hair ...I hate it when that happens. That being said my first Fellowship boxed set was a bit disappointing from the view that most of the swords were all mangled. I had to spend extra time unfulring and straightening these things. In the case of Pippin I had to do extensive work to recreate the thing using something from the Reaper weapons pack. I cut a sword tip and pinned it to the existing pommel ...very delicate and time consuming. This was also my experience with the Weathertop set and Amonhen. I bought another Fellowship set and the same thing, mangled swords, though not as bad. As far as the value, the single characters were expensive at $12.00 CAD versus $4.99 CAD that Reaper characters average. Most of the troops were packaged in 3's and 4's for better value, and for building lots of troops they do provide plastics where the cost is very minimal. It's interesting though. Anyone notice that individual Ring Wraiths cost $12.00. The Weathertop set costs $60.00 for which you get 5 wraiths ($60.00) plus Aragorn and 4 Hobbits. So if you want 9 Wraiths you can spend $108.00 for 9 blisters or $120.00 for two Amonhen and get some extra minis, including another Witch King which wasn't sold separately. I'm still wondering if this was a good or bad thing. ??? I still think Garrity's Galladon is a nice ringer for Gandalf ...maybe Reaper can turn out ringers for all the Tolkien characters?
  8. I started back in elemetary school by picking up the 1st edition boxed set of D&D at WHSmith bookstore with my allowance. I later bought the AD&D books and some cool miniatures by Grenadier in yellow boxed sets. I was reading Tolkien at the time so I painted up some of the halflings and orcs, and a cool Gandalf looking type with some testors enamel. I later clued in to using acryllics just because the cleanup would obviously be easier, but the minis also started looking much better. Then in 99 I was walking past a GW and the memories started flooding back, so I bought some minis, some paint, and it's been continuing since. My first Reapers were the 4 Horsemen, followed by War, Golgoth, and a Grim Reaper. Then I bought Skar and started a small orc band (these were very in the spirit of tolkien, unlike GW orcs which i never liked). Then I bought Galladorn and that started the character collection, followed by Nord Kegbreaker and many others. Thanks to Ron and Reaper for making miniatures that capture all that magic I had as a kid. :laugh: Cheers!
  9. And I'm glad Necromancer is making modules for D&D as the production values are great, but most importantly there are no goofy looking illustrations of characters dressed in leather. I very much dislike the newer stylized look that WOTC created for third edition. In my opinion the new look is very un-medieval. It looks more like some Clive Barker mileu than a fantasy setting. I remember well the first edition products as a small kid and Necromancer reminds me of those products, only like i said with better (but not over the top) production values. And when I think about it I see those same qualities in Reaper, so this is a great match. Bravo you two. Wishing you both success in this endeavor and looking forward to the good things to come. I'll certainly be plunking my money down. Cheers!
  10. Whoops. Rhino Warrior: J. Wiebe (a guess based on past work). This can get a bit tough when it comes to monsters, but human types are much easier to attribute to a sculptor. I'm fairly sure i can identify a Garrity human almost every time. For sure I can identify a Jim Johnson 10 out of 10 times just by looking at his unique facial style. You are propably right that none of the work is Klocke's. My first thought was the kneeling dude and halfling could be Klocke, but the weapon styles are a big giveaway to Bobby J. I'd be interested if Kit could dig up the sculptors and see how close everyone's picks are.
  11. Greetings Everyone, In celebration of the new greens i thought we could play a little game ...name that sculptor! Lots of you profess to love Reaper (some of you sure post enough ...do you guys ever paint anything? ) but do you really know what you are talking about. Well here's your chance to prove it. Here are my picks: Manticore: S. Garrity (the musculature and hair detail) Mummy: S. Garrity (the detail work) Arganox: B. Siens (the sword) Ogre: B. Siens (the face and pose) Gargoyle: B. Ridolfi (the fact that it's a gargoyle and it's sitting on a pillar) Gator Warrior: B. Olley (an educated guess having to do with swamps) Giant Bat: B. Ridolfi Gladiator1: J. Johnson (if he/she wasn't wearing a helmet, i bet it would hae that "Johnson" face) Gladiator2: J. Johnson (pose of the legs) Halfling w/Sword: B. Jackson (the sword and pose) Kneeling dude: B. Jackson (the sword again) Voodoo Woman: D. Mize (skinny physique,the pose, detail of arms at elbow juncture) Woman w/Sword: D. Mize (skinny physique, the pose,detail of arms at elbow juncture) The person who gets the most correct will win a free set of these when they are release, courtesy of Kit. :laugh:
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