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  1. I don't think Crusaders are terrible but I do have to agree on the Justicars. For what you get they just don't seem worth it. I'd much rather have the 1.5-2 models of any other soldier choice in the list I could get for the points of one Justicar. I think the Knights are actually quite the bargain, and while I haven't fielded ivy crown or battle nuns they seem, on paper, to be quite the bargain as well.
  2. What's the general take on Ghasts? I haven't gotten mine in the mail yet and have yet to actually use them but gosh they seem good. Really cheap soldier with 3 DT's and decent combat ability. They have some nice defensive special abilities with nauseating and curse which should help keep them around awhile. Movement 7 seems obscene and who doesn't love savage?
  3. I took mine to an office store and had the whole book spiral bound with the front and back cover laminated. Cost me about 7 bucks. It's very durable and can lay flat now.
  4. I assumed he was talking about a low wall. He says wall/fence in that section of the question. I pictured it as two models on either side of a low wall/small obstruction. But even with that I don't see why they could fight. Assuming it is a low wall the active model should have taken a -1 MV to get over the wall, reach base to base and can now swing on the model just fine. If he didn't have enough movement then he can only glare at the enemy, which may not be as physically devastating but can have all manner of psychological benefits to both sides.
  5. This actually seems pretty clear to me but I figured I'd post it up anyways. Mighty says each swing does 2 damage instead of 1. Cleave says if you beat the targets defense by 3 you do an extra point of damage. These will, I assume, stack, meaning a mighty/cleaving model can do 3 points of damage per swing if they beat their targets defense by 3, correct?
  6. I seem to be a tad confused when to apply these rules. Lets say a vampire model is fighting. During the combat he takes enough damage from defensive strikes to put him down but he also managed to kill an enemy model. Which of these applies? 1) He feeds on the enemy model and therefore does not get put down, ie no tough roll required because he fed and is no longer past his last track. 2) He needs to make a tough roll and (assuming he passes) gets to feed and heal. 3) Something else that I have no clue about because I am a noob.
  7. Seems clear. So by that example it could be possible to have 3 reach models hiding out behind 1 friendly model and all 3 reach models would get to swing since they are directly opposite and corner to corner. Like this... ....E.... ....F.... ..RRR.. Clearly my formatting skills are off...but hopefully you get the idea.
  8. On a "reach" related side note. If there are 2 reach models stacked behind 2 other same sized friendly models which are in base with one enemy model (ie sharing frontage) do both reach models get to attack? The statement about directly opposite leaves me a little unlcear.
  9. If a model on its last damage track, with toughness, takes a point of damage from siphon soul does it get to make a toughness check. Seems pretty clear according to the rules that it would but also seems somehow...cheaty.
  10. In reading the base to base section I did not see anywhere that says corner to corner counts. There is a picture in the support section that shows three dwarves fighting and gaining support and one of them is corner to corner. Does corner to corner count for base to base? I seem to recall in the 1st edition book it was specifically stated and clarified that it counted but I don't see anything in this edition. thanks in advance.
  11. For being 35 points more expensive than a lesser magic weapon I have to wonder is the abilty to re-roll a single missed melee attack only a one use thing? Meaning you use it once and now you have a plain old lesser magic weapon. Or is it you may only re-roll a single missed melee attack each time the model makes a melee attack?
  12. I must give you guys a hearty thank you for a good time this weekend. These were my first games of Warlord and I do beleive that I am impressed with the game. It is fast, simple, subtly complex, and very fun to play. You guys did a great job getting things rolling and it was a real pleasure to meet some new gaming enthusiasts. I hope to make it up there next Friday to join you for some more Warlord fun, who knows, I might even win a game...
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