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  1. Fremen

    New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    I cannot thank you enough for creating this and making it available! Huzzah!
  2. Fremen

    60079: Lyrie Akenja

    Magnifique! I especially like her skin tones; really beautiful.
  3. Fremen

    03421: Callus Darklore, Necromancer

    Looks awesome! Lots of beautiful details and I love his smoothness.
  4. Fremen

    14106: Dark Maiden

    Great work! I really like your take on the Sea Maiden, and think the base captures a roiling turbulent sea nicely!
  5. Fremen

    Looking for Japan Residents for help

    My apologies Qwy! Somehow out of context of minis, I forgot the rules. Won't happen again.
  6. Fremen

    Looking for Japan Residents for help

    This might be a challenge to findã€although it looks like one was sold on Yahoo Auction not long ago(May), so it is possible. I'm sure you've seen the new edition from 1988? This one is still available from Amazon Japan, but the publisher is kodansha international, (組ç´+ã®+世界]æ–°ã—ã„組ç´ã®ä¸–ç•Œ), and not 全国教育産業å”会出版局. I'll check with my family in Japan, but I can't guarantee you a timely response :)
  7. Fremen

    92810 Avatar of Sokar

    I like the vibrancy of this guy, well done!
  8. Fremen

    77205 - Alistrilee (Bones)

    She looks beautiful!
  9. Fremen

    Behold. Ezren, my second attempt at a Bones fig.

    I like him, nice work!
  10. Fremen

    DSM7610 Muse Thalia

    Seriously brilliant! Your creativity in this has taken the muse to the next level.
  11. Fremen

    77172: Malek Necromancer

    Never noticed Malek makes a great Dr. Doom - nice job! Especially like the greens on the cloak.
  12. Received a fantastic mini from KoiPwned today: forum.reapermini.com/...sinisthreax-darkreach-warlord/ He also sent 2 other really great dark elf warriors -- truly appreciate the work that went into this and the extra minis. Darkreach for the win!
  13. I received this awesome mini today from KoiPwned. Totally love it and I REALLY appreciate all the work that went into this! Check it out:
  14. Fremen

    Nefsokar Devourer of Ammat - 14381

    I like your choice of colors on him!
  15. Fremen

    03667: Nonalla Ellinad - summer exchange

    That is awesome, love it! So many great details really make that scene a story unto itself.