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  1. Kuro, I love all your work and this is no exception. The added details and character you've imbued in these guys is fantastic!
  2. Very sorry for your loss Goblyn.
  3. Wow, this is fantastic work. For me, my favorite part is the composition and how you've incorparted the base. She's not just standing on a plinth, but instead about to defend herself against encroaching arachnid creeping up and over the edge. Great paint and foliage use too. Love it!
  4. This thread has been making me more and more nostalgic so today I pulled out all the Warlord/Reaper books I have and I'm rereading them. I love the fluff in these!
  5. Wow, really beautiful paint! You've given each of these such a huge personality, just looking at them is telling a story.
  6. Hi Keianna, glad you got him, and very happen to hear that he may be of some use to you! Was away from the forums for a few days, and just saw your post today
  7. Nice clean paint job; I really like the marble effect you achieved on the base! I had to lighten the image you posted a bit to see it, but you have some great details on the face that really give him personality. Great work!
  8. Wow, this is fantastic, talk about a terrific display base. I love the details you put in there -- a really fun piece!
  9. Never before has evil resulted in so much joy on a Friday night! Came home from a long work week to find a precious package awaiting me just in time for the weekend. Behold: Thanks Quintangible!
  10. Great job on her, you've created an evocative piece with her poised on the rock outcropping. I love the work you did on the shield.
  11. These are wonderfully joyous and fun! Thanks for brightening my day
  12. I second this, I would LOVE if there were still those 3 packs. They were the perfect amount of models for Warlord (for the way I have been creating forces anyway).
  13. Really love the hair on this, nicely done!
  14. That's tough! I've had injuries stop me from painting off and on too, and I know how frustrating that can be. Hope you feel better soon and the therapy goes well.
  15. You've got some really beautiful areas going on with this guy, nice job! No wonder your client is impressed. Thanks for sharing him!
  16. Of course, I highly approve of anything Dune themed! Nicely done!
  17. This is looking sweet! Especially love the hair - really great sheen to it.
  18. Love seeing Necropolis! Let us know when you get a chance to play them. I think my favorite is your Elsabeth proxy - nice work!
  19. Nice stuff! I actually really like your undertaker, with the heavy shadows and OSL. Makes him really moody. A great group to have done!
  20. LordColdsteal! Awesome to see you back in action, I always loved your work. Looks like you're off to a good start on the Lamia, and I look forward to seeing your progress.
  21. Wow, that Ettin came out awesome! And you've got some great details on the base. Pixel, you just keep advancing and rocking these out of the ballpark!
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