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  1. It's great to see you here again! I've got Suzi on my desk right now, and maybe this will inspire me to finish her. I always like the Hasslefree scuplts, and you did a great job on this one, along with a really cool urban base. Hope you don't disappear again :)
  2. These are gorgeous, you did a fantastic job getting the white shaded and retaining a sleek look. Really nice unicorns!
  3. Great looking group of minis tbroadwater! I especially like the two green guys. Some really beautiful colors going on there.
  4. Thanks everyone! @Thes Hunter, you are right, he was looking pretty plain until I did the hands thing.
  5. Love those evocative dungeon scenes you've created, very cool!
  6. These look pretty useful. I think I only want 12 different sheets so far...
  7. I really like the subtle mixes in the Dark Elf triad, and have been experimenting with them. I definitely recommend you check them out!
  8. Great stuff, thanks for sharing these! My favorite is the dwarf, and the perfectly ferocious face you captured. Well done!
  9. Thanks so much for viewing and taking the time to comment, its very much appreciated. @Darkmeer, for the skin, I started with MSP Rainy Grey & and old bottle of GW Tentacle Pink 50/50. Then I worked down into the shades by adding MSP Dark Elf Highlight and then a little bit of black. Came back up again with the Rainy Grey+Pink adding a little bit of white to it. For the hands, I used a purple glaze, and worked down from the arms to the hands. Then I added red ink to the purple glaze and did his hands in that. Hope that helps! @Baugi, he could really be doing a bunch of things, but I like to think he's just charged through a bunch of defenders and he's about to get a nice juicy target. @Dr.Bedlam, I like your take on his headbutting activities. Maybe Ghasts are the next evolution in intelligence? @scorpio616, Ninja Gaiden, that's awesome! Video games are the main reason I'm not more productive at painting ...
  10. I see what you are saying about defining some areas more clearly. I used to do some pretty heavy black lining of areas, and have purposely been trying to get away from that and let the natural color breaks form the visual divisions. But I can see where some brown/lighter lining could be good. Thanks!
  11. This week I returned to the lovely world of the undead, and finished Graverot the Ghast. I struggled with a paint scheme for him, and ended up trying for a pinkish gray color on him. I saw someone do this here on the forum, but my memory being what it is, I can't remember who. This is subtle and may not be entirely apparent in the images. Once started, he was a lot of fun to work on, getting into all his musculature. This also includes my attempt to sculpt a little interest into the base, by adding some skulls. Comments welcome!
  12. CashWiley, thanks very much for your comments! I always love seeing your work and usually want to run out and blatantly copy it
  13. Thank you all for viewing and for your comments. It's greatly appreciated!
  14. Thanks for the comments! @Darkmeer > I saw that Wren posted those threads right when bones came out, but forgot about them. I've read them thoroughly now, and will continue experimenting. @Mierot > Thanks for the advice, I will keep working on these, and try out the different ways of priming too.
  15. Wow, fabulous work! Thanks for sharing this along with the paints and techniques you used too.
  16. Wow, those are fantastic! Congratulations on your win, it is well deserved. This is inspiring, and it makes me want to take some classes.
  17. Finished the Bones version of Pathfinder Valeros. Valeros was the model I selected to get into one of the Bones miniatures and really see how I did with the new material. I tried out everything I knew on him to see how different things would react to the Bones polymer material. My only real difficulty was that I had a hard time getting thinned paint not to pool up on parts, making it difficult to do transitions for me. Maybe with more experimentation and an adjusted technique, maybe I can get what I want out of them. Nothing innovative with the paint scheme, though I did create a base for him. He had enough details to make him challenging, and was fun to work on, but I'm calling him done. C&C welcome, I'd love to hear your comments and any thoughts about improving in general. Thanks for viewing!
  18. Thanks for posting your progress on this OC; very helpful. I have been trying to figure out how to keep Deathsleet standing up, as once I put the wings on the weight bent him nearly to the ground. I was thinking about trying to pin his legs, but your methods seems much better!
  19. You can check out Tales of War mini "Caperucita Roja", Pulp City's "Red Riding Hoodoo", and of course Reaper's Chronoscope "Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf".
  20. Thanks for the writeup, I always love reading these battle reports. I really like the teleport tactic, even though it didn't quite work out.
  21. I've painted up the Necropolis bones I received to reinforce the already mighty undead. First up is probably the mini I'm most unabashedly proud of! This was the first bones miniatures painted in my house! After the excitement of me unpacking everything, my previously uninterested daughter chose Malek and painted him up. She's 7...and this is her first mini. Here's the group based. I mounted them on square bases so they would match the rest of the Necropolis force, and used milliput to smooth things out. And here they are painted: I was definitely concerned about how the bones would paint up, but found that things went very smoothly. I had a hard time getting rid of mold lines, and you can still see them on these, but for tabletop games, I think they will still be OK. I know I'm missing the ghast, but I'm still working out the color scheme for him.
  22. Darkstar, every time I see your work, I forget to breathe for a few seconds and have to do a manual restart. Love these!
  23. Brilliant, that's an awesome vignette!
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