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  1. Hey John,

    I'm doing acrylics, mostly Liquitex and Dick Blick. I am super-new at blending, so I want to start applying this to minis, because I see the amazing results you guys get with blending. (the preceeding was a run-on sentence)


    Hey Sarge,

    thanks for the feedback on the blue colors. The starfield was done in two parts. First, I used a poor unsuspecting toothbrush to fling thinned paint on the canvas. Then I went in a more carefully painted indicidual stars in different colors.

  2. You guys need to go back to the early 80s, for some really ripe cheese: :rock:


    "Hawk The Slayer", and

    "Rock 'n Rule"


    :wow: Do not pas go, do not collect $200; obtain and see these movies at once.

    Rock 'n Rule was actually ahead of it's time, but did not see critical acclaim. :blink::grr:

    Hawk the Slayer was a movie-of-the-week in England, and co-stars an embarrassed Jack Palance. :;):

  3. Ok, so I'm looking through my Foster & Smith catalog of aquarium goodies, and found some things that scream gaming terrain.

    Think of these decorations as items that can be painted, chopped, modded, lighted, hotrodded(!), and even flocked with ground foam, sand or gravel.

    I looked at a few of the item descriptions are made of polyurethane, which means good ol' Gunze Sangyo Mr. Resin Primer should work on them.

    The possibilities are endless, and I'm totally going to get some of this stuff and start tinkering.

    Here is a link for your consideration:



    If you already have experience with this stuff, then kudos to thee; just sharing a discovery.

    Have fun!

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