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  1. Dude, you're a total badass! Mr. Wizard doffs his hat to thee.......
  2. I think this is an excellent first result with water effects. I hope you do more with it, because I see some real potential here. I recommend doing a few test pieces of different shapes and depths, as a sort of 'R&D'. Try using a rigid side support, such as wax paper on wood. After you've done a couple of pours and they've dried, brush one sample down with Future floor polish; then you'll have a side-by-side comparison. In short, keep at it, because you're really onto something.
  3. That ranks up there with some of the stuff I've seen on Ace of Cakes. Well done!
  4. I came across this stuff called Green Cast, which is apparently gaming terrain made out of recycled rubber. I love that this stuff keeps a few tires out of the landfills. It comes pre-finished, but it can be stripped/repainted/modified/mutilated to your heart's desire. Anyway, here's a link: http://wartornworldsstore.myshopify.com/co...recycled-rubber I was wondering what people thought of it, and no I'm not a shareholder.
  5. I use a pair of 'helping hands' with alligator hooks ($7 harbor freight). They work great, and can support some good-size pieces if you get the thumbscrews tight.
  6. How did you do the carved runes in the stone bases? Way cool.
  7. That's brilliant. Looks like something out of a Rodney Matthews painting.
  8. If you're interested in continuing with this, the model train folks are the 'Old Masters' at this type of thing. I remember reading model train books dating from the 50's about using found objects to make scenery. Check out Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman magazines. There metric are buttloads of knowledge for just the stuff you're doing.
  9. Hi, could you tell me a bit about how you did the cloak or point me to a tutorial?
  10. Those blue goggles are stylin' SO hard!
  11. You sure brought the face to life....... I'll refer back to it next time I'm painting faces.
  12. Heyyyyyyy, the clothing turned out great! Nice job!
  13. The gilded peaks and arches lend a sort of Persian/Ottoman vibe, like they wouldn't be out of place in Constantinople. Way cool!
  14. Nice! I like that, not only did you apply decals, but you also weathered the decals. Good move.
  15. .....but little did the orcs know, that he's a 20th-level paladin with a +5 vorpal Hoe of Holy Smiting.....
  16. I like the lava craters; the greys mixed in with the brown really work. Keep playing with the lava colors, I think you're onto something. Maybe a thicker envirotex mixture as well.
  17. The moss. The moss makes the whole thing look plausible. Well done!
  18. She's so amazing I had to do a double post........ d'oh!
  19. That is the most beautiful dress I've ever seen in a mini. You're taking us all to school!
  20. I've always liked Ral Partha chain mail, and you've brought it to life.
  21. I'm diggin' the base.The different layers of vegetation give it depth.
  22. I think the archaeologists are jolly good! They would make a great starting point for a science-based diorama. The pistols look as thought they could easily be swapped out for other tools or instruments.
  23. The carapace is bloody brilliant! If you were to brush some clear matte on the rest of him, that shell would really pop. You skill far eclipses mine, btw. Nice work!
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