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  1. I love the color choices; looks like something out of Wild Kingdom! Where's a 28mm Marlin Perkins when you need him???
  2. I think he turned out great. Way cool (pardon the pun). You can certainly call him 'done' the way he is. You could also shoot him with Testors Dullcote, which I think would do good things for your color choices, and make him a bit more handling-resistant. Just a thought. Thanks for posting!
  3. Hey, nice work! My only advice is to keep painting and paint what you enjoy. It's all about the fun.
  4. Niiiiiiice, both those examples would be right up my alley. The Blue Moon dudes are perfect for the out-in-space, EVA drilling operations. The space man has a nice cigar, and the helmet would be dead-on with some gold leaf on the visor. I also like how his life-support pack in customizable by simply gluing bits on. The blue mon guys also have some great possibilities. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I'm working a diorama whose theme is asteroid mining. I'm looking for a mini that looks like it's wearing a spacesuit; ideally with the helmet on, but helmet off is OK too. I notice that many guns or rifles can be converted to drill-like objects. So far I've come across the Tau Stealth Armor in 40K, but I suspect there is some fine Reaper goodness that would work at least as well. Any ideas? Brian
  6. Hey thanks! Ya know, there are several active model clubs in Ohio; I found them at ipmsusa dot org. Are Xenia or Springfield OH near Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton? If so, then you're in luck. Check out the web site and click on your state, they'll hook you up.
  7. Hi All, I've reserved meeting space at the Lincoln Library on 29 July at 7 pm, in the Bicentennial Room. Come and show off your minis and terrain, or whatever else. Get advice on how to continue or finish. Yes, it's a model club but I've been playing DnD et. al for 20+ years. I know that gamers can take the rest of the modelling community to school in several ways. Hope to see you there! Brian aka Mr.Wizard aka the fizzy cyst
  8. I think she has an excellent case, and I hope she wins. Bloody 'ell.
  9. I think she has an excellent case, and I hope she wins. Bloody 'ell.
  10. This dragon is a Meisterstuck, mein herr. I'm very glad you shared with us all you did. You have advanced the art, sir.
  11. Hi Froggy, for the clear dome of your walker, you might consider the following: 1) Submerge in Future acrylic floor polish 2) Drain and dry right-side-up. My experience is that it makes clear plastic more transparent (possibly by improving the index of refraction, but I'm not sure). Just a thought.......
  12. Good brush control AND good photography. You're off to a great start!
  13. It totally reminds me of "She blinded me with science" by Thomas Dolby. Nice work!
  14. Please, astronauts and/or people in spacesuits. Any scale. Seriously. In addition to gaming, I do sci-fi modeling. I have some ideas for dioramas that I really want to pursue, and am at a total loss to find spacesuits. The last spacesuit minis that I know of were done 20+ years ago by Grenadier, and they have long since disappeared in the sea of retail entropy. Please help.
  15. That pegs the special-meter. Me likey!
  16. The cigar. The cigar makes the whole thing work, imo.
  17. Holy flying buttresses batman! The parts break-down in your blog shows some way cool stuff. I had no idea this outfit existed, but I'll all over this kit like a cheap suit! Thanks for posting, and please do put something in the Show Off section when you're done. As I'm sure you know, there are some neat opportunities for interior lighting.
  18. I was just having fun with my earlier post. It's excellent work so I say, 'rock on'!
  19. Whoooooa.... Faaarrrr out, maaaaan... Waaaaaaavy Graaavy's got nothinggg onnnn thiiis guyyyyy....... (I was raised by ex-hippies and went to Chico State, so I have seeeeeeen some dang tie-dye, and this is good stuff!)
  20. Dang, for a second there I didn't know if I was looking at a mini or Cate Blanchett! Well done!
  21. Say, what did you use to glue the rocks together?
  22. Say, where did you score dental plaster? Groovy dungeon, btw!
  23. I have personally and frequently used two products which I endorse without reservation. They are Testors Dullcote and Krylon Artist's Matte Fixative. On no occasion have I observed frosting. Krylon also makes a UV protective matte that I plan to purchase and try. All these products come in spray cans, and so do not require dilution or airbrushing. By all means, find the best product for you, this is just food for thought.....
  24. For me, the eyes make this mini. Very expressive!
  25. I think you've got outstanding brush control. Everything else will develop nicely. Keep painting!
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