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  1. I also like the blades on the polearm. It's a very out-of-the-box design.
  2. I can see you had a lot of fun paintin' this dude. Now that he's done, one super-easy thing that would help with handling him and taking photos would be to shoot him with a little Testors Dullcote (comes in a little spray can). You made good color choices, and they'll pop even more with a matte finish. Rock on!
  3. Smokey the Dire Bear says, "only you can prevent forest firing squads".
  4. Ya know, this is the kinda thing that happens when they let scientists play with minis.....
  5. As long as they're not his Heisenberg Uncertainty ninja trees. I can never find those things....... Oh sure, I can tell ya how fast they're goin', but tell ya where they are? No dice.
  6. It is so gratifying to see someone use a physics term and actually use it correctly! Sincere props to Froggy from a physicist!
  7. I really enjoyed seeing those minis! I always thought GW made the kewlest goblins. Say, what are those toothsome things the goblins are riding?
  8. Dang! That chick is off the hook!
  9. I'm reading 'Seeker' by Jack McDevitt and lovin' it! Cannot recommend it enough. There's mystery, suspense, and interstellar archaeology. Very engaging!
  10. Thanks Sangreal, Eastman et al., that Miniatures Giant place rocks! Thanks for the lead!
  11. Dear Reaper-Ffolke, I want to buy "10026: Heraldic Knights", by Werner Klocke. I suspect that I would get a better price than hunting down all the minis individually. I went to the online store, and couldn't seem to get it to show up on a search. Any ideas on how to buy these dudes? Brian aka Mr.Wizard
  12. Not to hijack the thread, but I have nothing but good things to say about Model Master Acrylics. They even have a fantasy paint range you get at the testors web site. They go on very smoothly and form a durable finish. Make sure you lay down some good clear lacquer if you're going to handle the mini a lot. Good stuff!
  13. I'm a fan of eyebrows, and her are very expressive.
  14. My two pfennigs is that it's good to get out of the chair now and then.
  15. My friends and I have been wondering if the recent death of Gary Gygax somehow "enabled" this radical departure/complate abandonment of D&D as we know it. As a 1st generation D&D player, I have to confess a certain lack of enthusiasm for the 4th edition.
  16. Great tutorial, Joe, I was wondering if you had done anything more with it. Brian
  17. Good job Talespinner with the blending instructions (especially with ascii characters!). Thanks all for the tips on layering vs blending. I'll have to try 'em both now.
  18. Thanks for the clarification; I think wet blending is what I'm looking for. I have done it with my oils and acrylics at my easel, but I want to give it a try on minis. You guys acheive such amazing results with wet blending, I think it's my next step.
  19. Thanks anvil, that definitely helps. I am still learning to use my digital camera, and my lens is similar to yours. Great work dude!
  20. Dude, that is cool the way you united your two hobbies of woodworking and gaming. It's also one of the best uses of MDF I've seen. MDF makes a VERY substantial base for foam, spackle, or whatever. I might point out for folks who might be intimidated by a router that you can get a mini-router, also known as a laminate trimmer. Also, for those who have a Dremel tool, you can get a router attachment for it at Home Depot. Here is an example of a laminate trimmer: http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores...uctId=100337039
  21. Hey, thanks for the insight! It sound like for my skill level, amateur<<>>intermediate, I'll get pros for most of my painting and some masters to try and start blending. Blending is a big unknown for me but I see such astounding results I want to make an attempt. Not to be off-topic, but can anyone refer me to an article on blending and shading?
  22. Pardon me, Herr Froschmeister, did you say you used ink straight from the bottle? Is that where the gloss come from?
  23. I like the armor and the freehand on the cloak quite a bit. Can you tell us about the lighting you used for the photo?
  24. That's a remarkable improvement, particularly with her beautiful skin. MamaGeek, what did you use as a stripping agent?
  25. I say the photography is really good. What is the focal length of your lens?
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