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  1. I can see you had a lot of fun paintin' this dude.

    Now that he's done, one super-easy thing that would help with handling him and taking photos would be to shoot him with a little Testors Dullcote (comes in a little spray can).

    You made good color choices, and they'll pop even more with a matte finish.

    Rock on! :B):

  2. Not to hijack the thread, but I have nothing but good things to say about Model Master Acrylics. They even have a fantasy paint range you get at the testors web site. They go on very smoothly and form a durable finish. Make sure you lay down some good clear lacquer if you're going to handle the mini a lot. Good stuff! ::):

  3. My friends and I have been wondering if the recent death of Gary Gygax somehow "enabled" this radical departure/complate abandonment of D&D as we know it. As a 1st generation D&D player, I have to confess a certain lack of enthusiasm for the 4th edition.

  4. Thanks for the clarification; I think wet blending is what I'm looking for. I have done it with my oils and acrylics at my easel, but I want to give it a try on minis. You guys acheive such amazing results with wet blending, I think it's my next step.

  5. Dude, that is cool the way you united your two hobbies of woodworking and gaming. :B):


    It's also one of the best uses of MDF I've seen. MDF makes a VERY substantial base for foam, spackle, or whatever.


    I might point out for folks who might be intimidated by a router that you can get a mini-router, also known as a laminate trimmer. Also, for those who have a Dremel tool, you can get a router attachment for it at Home Depot.


    Here is an example of a laminate trimmer:


  6. Hey, thanks for the insight! :B):

    It sound like for my skill level, amateur<<>>intermediate, I'll get pros for most of my painting and some masters to try and start blending.

    Blending is a big unknown for me but I see such astounding results I want to make an attempt.

    Not to be off-topic, but can anyone refer me to an article on blending and shading?

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