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  1. I agree about the good brush control. I like the eyebrows and rivets on the leather coat. Well Done!
  2. Say, that's a nice bit of heraldry. Well done sir!
  3. That's very exciting about the new 4th edition release. I live in Romeoville, which is near Joliet. I am slowly learning my way around. I will check into this Games Plus business. Thanks for the lead!
  4. Hi All, I have two basic questions, and hopefully they won't be stupid: 1) Are the Pro Paints ready for prime time? 2) Of the Pro Paints and Masters' Series Paints, which are the higher quality/higher price? Not meant to be a loaded question.....my other hobby is painting paintings on canvas, so I'm willing to pay a little extra for the good stuff. Please help, Mr.Wizard
  5. You've got some good advice here already, but you might check out Lazertran transfer paper at Dick Blick art supply. I don't know if you have to spray it afterward or not; I don't think you do. Dick Blick's site is www.dickblick.com. There is also a book there called the Complete Book of Image Transfer. Also, Micro Mark sells printer decal sheets, but I would look at the Lazertran first.
  6. The creative being who did that really understands stone weathering. The subtle variations from one stone to the next are not at all trivial. Tres Superbe!
  7. Kit: Is this the right forum for this question? Anyway, anybody wanna play D&D? I live in the SW Chicago suburbs. Brian aka Mr.Wizard
  8. Say, how do you get such crisp demarcation on the black and white trim?
  9. Hey, those would be useful in D&D as well. Mind if I steal your idea?
  10. One thing I like about this mini is that the bomb is an excellent blank canvas for expression. Now, if you're going for accuracy with the bomb, I humbly submit the following: When I was in the US Air Force, I used to hang these little gems on F-16s. The overall color was and OD Green, which itself varied depending on how long the bomb had been sitting around. The stripe up front near the fuse would have been a cheerful bright yellow, signaling high explosive. The fuse itself was made of Beryllium, which you could do as a really pale gold. Finally you could have fun with chalk-writing on the bomb's body. But this is your mini and your bomb.....have fun!
  11. Your skill casts a shadow over mine, so I'm not sure I can help but..... A)I really like your color choices, and B)How did you do that nifty base?
  12. Say, How did you do the vegetation in the base?
  13. Hi, how did you get the subtle variation in color in the sword blade? It is most groovy!
  14. Heyyyyy, she's purty! I don't do that well going slow!
  15. ....And then, when you get the crystals the way you want, light them from below with LEDs!
  16. Way to represent for astronomy! As an astrophysics dude this is very gratifying to see. Thank you Reaper and Mr. Winter! Brian
  17. I think the red LEDs really bring completeness to the model, and they're not that hard to do.
  18. And yea, the Fountain is "groovy", and "far out". Say, does your blog discuss the water effects?
  19. There is a substance known as Polly Scale Easy Lift Off that promises to not eat plastic.
  20. I have also heard that Walmart has a similar item, but have no more intel than that. Thanks MiniWargamer for posting the link.
  21. I found this at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/SunPak-620-EBOX-Port...3268731-9928804 Has anyone used this item or similar items? It looks pretty ideal for mini and model photography.
  22. That is way cool. A possible next step would be to use dry-transfers for the lettering and a mini-LED at the top. Really cool use of a Chessex container. I was just thinking: because the container is transparent, you could light the windows easily as well.
  23. OK, fess up: how did you do the roof??? Me likey, me want to know.
  24. Forgive me if I've said this before, but I think there should be some kind of Reaper Public Service award for doing in-depth tutorials like these. Once again, Mousekiller has advanced the state of our hobby.
  25. I echo Monsieur Remy's sentiments about not being able to go. Will we non-attendees be able to for example get pdf's for some of the workshops? I am willing to pay a few bucks for some distilled wisdom (or whimsy).
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