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  1. Hi All,

    I have two basic questions, and hopefully they won't be stupid:


    1) Are the Pro Paints ready for prime time?


    2) Of the Pro Paints and Masters' Series Paints, which are the higher quality/higher price?


    Not meant to be a loaded question.....my other hobby is painting paintings on canvas, so I'm willing to pay a little extra for the good stuff.


    Please help,


  2. You've got some good advice here already, but you might check out Lazertran transfer paper at Dick Blick art supply. I don't know if you have to spray it afterward or not; I don't think you do.

    Dick Blick's site is www.dickblick.com. There is also a book there called the Complete Book of Image Transfer.


    Also, Micro Mark sells printer decal sheets, but I would look at the Lazertran first.

  3. One thing I like about this mini is that the bomb is an excellent blank canvas for expression.

    Now, if you're going for accuracy with the bomb, I humbly submit the following:

    When I was in the US Air Force, I used to hang these little gems on F-16s.

    The overall color was and OD Green, which itself varied depending on how long the

    bomb had been sitting around. The stripe up front near the fuse would have been a

    cheerful bright yellow, signaling high explosive. The fuse itself was made of

    Beryllium, which you could do as a really pale gold.

    Finally you could have fun with chalk-writing on the bomb's body.

    But this is your mini and your bomb.....have fun!

  4. That is way cool. A possible next step would be to use dry-transfers for the lettering and a mini-LED at the top.

    Really cool use of a Chessex container. I was just thinking: because the container is transparent, you could light the windows easily as well.

  5. I echo Monsieur Remy's sentiments about not being able to go. Will we non-attendees be able to for example get pdf's for some of the workshops? I am willing to pay a few bucks for some distilled wisdom (or whimsy).

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