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  1. Spike, thanks very much for posting this. I build models in addition to doing minis, and the scaleable size makes it very versatile.
  2. Thanks Bunny Puncher. That NMM technique reminds me of some of the early airbrush art circa "Heavy Metal", where you assume a very shiny surface and are painting reflections. Definitely an advanced technique! Non Metallic Metal... using non-metallic paints to simulate the metallic effect. Think confrontation minis or the stuff Ann(e) does for Reaper in the painted showcase.
  3. You have raised a small diorama to the level of art. The connection of the entling with the animals is very engaging.
  4. Compliment and question: 1. I thought the hair was outta-site. Very Elric-like. 2. What is NMM? please advise...... Mr.Willard (real-life paladin, aka physics teacher)
  5. I love the paint job, but the poor girl looks like she's having a "wardrobe malfunction". Indeed, the butt floss seems to be causing her great consternation!
  6. Our colleagues in the model train hobby have something to add here. A company called Floquil makes a line of wood stains that are ideal for your dock. I have used the weathered/driftwood stain and have been very pleased. Just my $0.02. Mr. Willard
  7. Thanks Vaitalla and Spatula for the replies. I'll try the metallics through my beater Paasche before using the nice new Iwata. Flynn, windex does not appear to alter the color of the paint being sprayed. My evidence is anecdotal; several of the lads in my model club use windex, with no color changes having been observed.
  8. Question One: Thinning and media I presume Liquitex Airbrush Medium would work for these paints. Has anyone tried this? Also, has anyone tried airbrushing with the reaper flow aid and retarder? I would think retarder would come in handy to reduce tip drying. Question Two: Metallics Are the mica(?) particles in the metallic paints fine enough to pass through an airbrush? Do I need to worry about the particles eroding my needle? Would an external mix airbrush be preferable for the metallic paints?
  9. TabascoJunkie mentioned the excellent article "The Complete Future", which I believe is at www.swannysmodels.com . It is the most thorough treatise I have yet read on this wondrous liquid. Oh, by the way, this is my first post............hi everybody!
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