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  1. My one complaint as a paintede minature seller is that the e-bay customer seam to demand that I sell the iteam at a loss. E-bay fees and CMON fess add at least 2 dollars to my cost it sell the mini. yest when I add $5 over retail, I get no bids. I really think my work is worth that much, quite frankly if I charges my time I would be adding $50 over retial. I'm I just painting to slow or are mini customer just too cheep?
  2. I got a real nice foldable shadow box for chrismas. It came with two halegen light for the sides and I use 85 w ick flood light above. I will work on posssionaning the side light. but I do have 3 light sources in the newer pic. I will try the grey backdrop I got with the shadow box next time.
  3. They are fantastic!! :) You've done a nice job with the paintwork. The minis look way better than the photographs have suggested :) If anything, it appears that your pictures have done a disservice to the great work you have done on the minis. If you don't mind a little constructive criticism, the photos you used were a little washed out, leaving the colours on the minis too light. Looking at the items on hand, they look way better than the pictures suggested' I don't know what I am doing wrong. The pics I take looks good to me.
  4. Just finished her. I really like how the spear tip came out. Karedwyn, Female Druid with Spear Linked becuase of adult content.
  5. I like this sculpt. Seen worse griffines. I put it on pare with the warlord griffin. Wish I had one to paint.
  6. over all I gove it a 8. the face is a 4 i'm afraid. Don't know if it was sloppy molding from orginally. or to much caked on paint. I do it my self, Fases are hard.
  7. Just put a projector on the top of the cube. Say in hangs from the overhead cieling, and retracts when the field is off-line.
  8. These minies are part of a set of minies given to me as a commision. These minies come from Urban Mammoth for there Urban war game. over all well crafted minies. I only paint, I don't play any of the war games. Urban War web site
  9. I changed the Cool mini or not link. Check it out.
  10. The base is a 5" Wall patch n' guard I bought at Home Depot
  11. The figure is great. The marbel postg needs mor work. More transition colors and deffinision. But a solid peice over all
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