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  1. All I am saying (I hope to be proven wrong) is that this stuff has been announced before and it never gets followed through. So I am not that excited until it is actually out. My scifi figures are all about 30 years old now and there hasn't been anything since (yes I bought them new that long ago). I have been ready for a long time for newer and better detailed minis. rm
  2. I am withholding judgement on the series until they actually get released. We have been told this too many times over the years to get too excited about it now. rm
  3. Thanks!!! I'll give that a shot. Maybe it wasn't clear to me earlier. rm
  4. I am not sure how I feel about the new system. I do miss searching by stock# groups ie. 3200, 2700, etc. Maybe you can fixed the advanced search to do that also. rm
  5. As a parent, I think the dad did a great thing. You have to make them understand that there is always consequences for their actions. Especially when they out grow the traditional punishments. rm
  6. If you can find humor like that today, it is very rare. I loved that show and Match Game as a teenager. rm
  7. There are just people out there that just don't want the rest of world to be happy, have fun, and live their own lives. There is a minority that is trying to force their agenda(s) on the majority. That is the core of PCism. I have always said that being PC means having no common sense. rm
  8. Have you noticed the CRAP people are wearing today? rm
  9. I found a brand new undrilled 14 lb bowling ball in the box at a garage sale for $2.00. I was needing a new ball anyway. My sister was getting in golfing. She bought a starter set of clubs for $10. She was able to get $100 trade in on that set when she moved up to purchasing a complete set about year later. rm
  10. The undead hunter is nice. The ranger is okay but could lose the knife in the left hand. How about a remake of Faramere Ranger Lord 2086? rm
  11. In general, Reaper minis are larger than GW minis IMO. rm
  12. This topic just keeps returning. The companies are going to use scales that they want. Be glad you have minis to use. It is not that big a deal. rm
  13. I don't know. As a home owner, I can't make up my mind whether I would have shot him immediately or made him clean up the place and then shoot him. As long as he is completely within the home, the owner was well within his rights to plant him 6 feet under. rm
  14. AICOM has been an on going saga for almost five years. Right now I hope I live long enough to see something come out. rm
  15. I remember an overladen figure with a sink on his head dating back to the late 70's to 1980. Very humorous. rm
  16. MRE's are much needed improvement over the C-Rats. The Tabasco sauce also improves the flavor of everything. rm
  17. Do they have a website to see them? rm
  18. I saw it with my wife and kids. Overall it was good. The special effects were outstanding. The plot was okay but could have been better. There were some scenes that I felt were funny but that younger children like mine were not ready to see. The actions scenes were sometimes too fast to keep up with what was happening. It should have good shot at winning an Academy award for best visual effects. rm
  19. You shouldn't have any trouble play GURPS then either, because that how they essentially do it. rm
  20. SGT Rock will be good if it is done right. The Batman sequel should be good. The rest "yawwwnnnn" rm
  21. First, get a safe made for firearms and keep your brushes secure. Don't give your wife the combination Second, if she does use them, go get some of her decorative towels out of the bathroom and use them while changing the oil in your car or other maintenance. If she asks why, give her the same response. Seriously, I hope she was not serious when she called about this. If she was, I hope you and your wife work it out. Good luck! rm
  22. He reminds of the character Captain Kronos in Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter. Fun B movie vampire movie. I strongly recommend it. rm
  23. LOL!! That is very funny!!! Great Joke!!! Let's see more!!!!! rm
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