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  1. Hello again, been a while since I have been able to peruse and take a look at your work. I like the ghost idea, perhaps a pearlescent topcoat as well? Maybe? I have no opinion one way or the other on the black prince...cant visualize it for some reason, but am usualy more than impressed with your palette choices. The dawrf...I love the skin blending and the beard...your armor scale is quite wicked, but I am mildly dissapointed in the large area of the fur cloak. It seems rather dull and bland compared to the rest of him. The fur does not have the depth that I have seen in the past from your work. (Not trying to be mean...just my own observation here.) Will keep looking in to see where you take these!
  2. Because they are a rare treat and hard to find! Would you ever eat another human being?
  3. Long time since I posted anything too.... :) Great work, the only feedback I have besides "WOW" is that the cloak leaves alot of area right around the leg and arm, that in my opinion should be a darker tone (or two) to show the shadows cast by the flickering fabric. Outside of that, outstanding. Wish I could paint eyes like this one!
  4. I would rather be off...that would imply that I am at the very least physically healthy. What is your opinion of unemployment bennifits?
  5. Shiraz sounds like a good idea at any time! Favorite wine?
  6. I thought it was an expensive fan belt for my metro...
  7. I plan on moving into the theater when 300 comes out. Read the Graphic novel?
  8. Holy carp...That is Malus Darkblade...not any ordinary drow, but second in power to Maleketh... Ok...I went above and beyond on that one, didn't I...
  9. Hello, Draydon...welcome to the jungle! I absoloutly love this miniature (if you can consider him a mini!) One suggestion I have, that has been repeated to me about my own painting time and time again, is this: More highlights. Stage and step up your highlights more. Brighten the edges almost to the point of being ridiculous, you can always tone back down excessive highlights with an ink wash or two. Good to have you on board and looking forward to seeing much more from you in the future!
  10. Agreed on the skin...Looks like body builder competitions, after Arnold, Lee, and Joe would oil up! My suggestion on the dragon scale would have been to make the chest piece mettalic. It doesn't look scaley like the rest of the armor, so my mind (what little remains) doesn't process the blue color there very well. Good work on the technicals aspects of both miniatures though! ---Todd---
  11. as much as is possible from this great distance. What shall we do with a drunken sailor?
  12. +6 points, but subtract 5 points for the need to point it out. Sadly that leaves you with only 1 point. What should we do when he reaches negative points value?
  13. only a waste of time for those that don't actually need them to be mobile. Unfortunately most people wh ohave them, don't need them. What do you have that you do not need?
  14. dang it...we have done this one several times already.... (Tosses startled woodchuck at Christomeyers) haven't we?
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